May 182012

It sure is nice sleeping with the windows open, instead of being all closed up and having the Winnebago’s basement air conditioner running day and night just to be comfortable! And it’s nice to be out of all of the smoke and haze in the Verde Valley.

After sleeping in yesterday morning and then spending some time catching up on e-mail, we set out in the early afternoon to visit some of our old friends from before we started the fulltime RV lifestyle.

Lyle Worman owns Pinetop Sporting Goods and we go back over 25 years. In that time we’ve had more fun and adventure than is probably healthy or socially acceptable. We spent some time with Lyle talking about the good old days, sharing a few laughs, and catching up on our lives since our visit last year.

Another longtime friend, Jim Lewis, owns Pinetop Book Exchange, and again, Jim and I have been the closest of friends for so long that I think Daniel Boone was in preschool when we first started getting into mischief together. Jim’s pretty wife Shar was at the store when we arrived, and the four of us had a wonderful time visiting. In fact, we were enjoying ourselves so much that when Jim closed the store, we adjourned to a nearby restaurant for dinner and more laughs. We love our friends here in the White Mountains and it’s always nice to come back for a visit.

Speaking of laughs, I just finished reading a fun little e-book called How NOT To RV, by Jennifer Flower. I found myself chuckling at almost every chapter. This is a very funny book, and the few mistakes author Jennifer Flower writes about that I haven’t actually experienced myself, I’ve seen other RVers do! And after over 13 years of fulltiming, I still make them occasionally.

A couple of items on our upcoming Ohio Gypsy Journal rally. I’ve had two inquiries from people who are going to be at the Mercer County Fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio before the rally begins, asking if they will have to move when the rally starts. We will try not to relocate you, but I cannot guarantee it because the few full hookup sites are reserved for those with special medical needs. But everybody will have electric, and there are water bibs all over the place to fill your holding tanks.

There have also been a couple of e-mails from people asking if the RV Driving School will have a vendor booth at the rally. I got confirmation from George Mayleben yesterday that they will indeed have a booth, and I’m sure we can call on him to give us a seminar or two.

Today we have a bunch of orders to get packaged and into the mail, and I’m sure we’ll have some quality time with my daughter Tiffany and her family. Those granddaughters of ours need a lot more spoiling!

Thought For The Day – Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up? Wow, were we stupid or what?

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  3 Responses to “Touching Base With Old Friends”

  1. Welcome to Northern Arizona you two! Weather’s fine in Flagstaff too. Just hope the “idiot factor” keeps us from another wildfire season from hell.

  2. We absolutely love sleeping with the windows open also and I imagine that is one of the main perks of fulltiming. Thank you for the link to the How Not to RV book, I just downloaded it and am sure I will enjoy it.

  3. I have been reading your blog as well as a number of others for around 5 years. I am wanting to go RVing in a big way but it is not possible right now. So I learn about RVing and all the great places to visit in a vicarious way through the blogs. Now for my big pet peeve. I have trouble keeping track where people are. I wish that in the heading title of every blog, everyone would put the town and state that they are close to. A small item maybe, but would end lots of frustration for me and perhaps other blog readers.. Since I imagine most RV bloggers read your blog, how about a polite word suggesting this to the RV blogging world. Thanks.

    Marc in Denver

    P.S I love to eat and I really envy your resturant exploits.

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