Chainsaw Massacre

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May 122012

I was surprised by how many people left comments or e-mailed me after reading yesterday’s blog to say that they carry chainsaws with them in their RVs. Most said they use them for cutting firewood, or for trimming the occasional tree limb that is too close to their home on wheels. Who knew?

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’ll be getting myself a chainsaw. Can you imagine how messy that could be? I actually bought a chainsaw one time and was going to cut up some firewood. I was out in the backyard trying to figure out how to get the darned thing to work when a friend of mine, who was a sheriff’s deputy, called. My wife at the time told him what I was up to and he said “Oh damn” and hung up the phone. Seven minutes later he was pulling into my driveway (and he lived ten miles away). He grabbed the chainsaw away from me, slapped my hand, and said “Bad boy Nick, bad!” My fragile male ego was bruised just a little bit, but probably not as bad as my fragile body would’ve been torn up if I had ever gotten the damn thing started. It would look like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the Washington coast.

And believe it or not, I also got an e-mail yesterday from longtime blog reader David Burkeholder, who told me that a couple of times he has actually taken his Rototiller with him when they went south for the winter. But David said he had an excuse; his daughter and her husband have some acreage near Plant City and he was helping them with some work there. Okay David, you get a pass, but don’t make a habit of it. 🙂

I’m sure glad my buddy Greg White talked us into joining the Amazon Prime program a while back. It costs about $80 a year as I recall, so we quickly made up for it in savings on shipping, and the convenience is wonderful. Wednesday evening I ordered a training DVD for the Dragon Dictate software I use, and also some bookkeeping software. Yesterday (Friday) morning about 11 AM the guard shack here at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails called to tell me that it had been delivered. That’s fast service!

I watched the Dragon DVD and it actually did help me by showing several features of the program that I wasn’t aware of, as well as how to do additional speech and vocabulary training. Hopefully it will increase my productivity with the Dragon software. So far, while writing this blog post in the early afternoon after doing the additional training, it does seem like things are a little easier. There were still some corrections that needed to be made, but I did see some improvement. According to the DVD, the more you use Dragon the better it gets.

Since it has gotten pretty hot here the last couple of days, I’m not in any hurry to be outside doing much, so maybe I can get some serious writing done. Or should I say, dictating?

Thought For The Day – We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time – Vince Lombardi.

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  5 Responses to “Chainsaw Massacre”

  1. Ah, Nick don’t feel bad. I am a woman, but still were I a man, a chain saw or drill, or saw or whatever it was would be so dangerous for me. Some of us are just not coordinated enough!! I am safe in the kitchen and I am safe with my sewing machine…but that is about it!! We have our expertise in other areas!! You are wise to have come to know what is best left alone!! HA!! (I get very nervous with some power tools hubby uses too…I keep a sharp eye on him!!) I appreciate the advice about NOT bringing too much…we are not on the road yet, but well could be ere too long…retirement is near!!

  2. Amazon Prime is good for 4 family members, dont forget to sign up your kids or other family members.

  3. Reminds me of the story of the old Swede who bought a chainsaw for the first time. After using it for a few days, he finally had to take it back to the place he bought it. He told the guy that it just wasn’t performing as well as advertised…he could only cut about a cord a day with it. The shop owner took it into the back and started it up…the old Swede ran in shouting “What’s that noise!!”.

  4. I thank both you and Greg for suggesting Amazon Prime. I was not an Amazon shopper prior to paying for the Prime membership. I had faith in what you and Greg shared so many times about not only the fast delivery service, but the pricing of Prime-qualified products.

    So the first 30 days during the trial period, I started shopping to see what I needed (wanted!) that qualified for Prime shipping. I spent more than I had planned to, but did purchase items that were on our “When we get near a Best Buy or well-stocked Super Wal-Mart” shopping lists.

    And just as you guys said, the prices were very competitive and I had the items in my hands within 48 hours! EZ, fun and much more convenient than in-and-out shopping.

    The Amazon Gold Box daily specials have been a really good service too. I often save 50% or more on the item.

  5. please at the start of ypur daily blog put ypur location so I can follow and know where you are we are from Wa living in Yuma and want to travel north soon but would like different routes or scenerey places to see or stay

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