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May 012012

Yesterday was a busy day for us. Terry had a dentist appointment at 11 AM, and then we drove over to LensCrafters so she could talk to the doctor about a problem with her new contact lenses.

A few days ago she went for an eye exam, and came out wearing bifocal contacts. At first she really liked the idea, but after wearing the contacts for several days now she is beginning to think it may not work out after all. Unlike bifocal glasses, which allowed her to see well at a distance such as when she’s driving, and also close-up like reading or working at the computer, the contacts aren’t doing a very good job of either. Things like street signs and traffic lights are blurry, especially at night, and she can’t focus very well on the computer or when reading her Kindle. Unfortunately, the doctor was not in yesterday, so she couldn’t talk to her. The tech at the desk looked at her records and prescription, and said that while they may be able to tweak one or the other, to improve one was going to make the other even worse. Terry was pretty bummed out about that, and she will give the doctor a call and talk to her and see if she can offer any suggestions.

With that done, we stopped by the post office to drop off our passport applications, only to learn that there was nobody on duty who knew how to process them. They suggested we make an appointment to come back sometime today, but we will be on the road so we’ll have to address that issue someplace when we stop for a few days.

Our next stop was at Terry’s mom and dad’s place to pick up some mail and a package that we had sent there, and for a final visit. It’s always hard to say goodbye, no matter how long we’ve been at this. But the good news is that we may see them in a week or so when we are in our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona. They keep their Pace Arrow motorhome on a lot at the Hon Dah RV Park a few miles to the east, and they may be there settling in for the summer by then.

Back at our motorhome, Lisa and Jim came by for a visit, and it looks like we may see them again over the weekend. We plan to go to the Verde Valley Thousand Trails near Camp Verde, Arizona once we’re done with our appointment at Redlands Truck & RV Performance Center in Redlands, California. Jim and Lisa are going up to Camp Verde for the weekend, so we made a tentative date to get together.

We plan to be on the road about 10 AM this morning, and it should take us about five hours to get to Redlands. It’s going to be hot crossing the desert, so I think our Onan diesel generator is going to get a good workout keeping our basement air conditioning going on the trip.

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  7 Responses to “And We’re Off!”

  1. I had to wear glasses and tried contacts but they did not work out because of the same problems you are having, so I went with the Lasik operation, man o man that worked out good for me. You might try the Lasik if your contacts do not work out.

    Good Luck

  2. I am assuming that Terry has the same type of bifocal contacts that I do which uses one eye for close and one for distance. If that is the case, and if both eyes have the same curvature (fit,) try putting the lenses in the other eyes. In my case, I am a lefty, which the optometrist did not know, so my dominant eye was reversed from what he was expecting. When I switched the lenses to the opposite eyes, I was good to go!

  3. Bifocal contacts will just not be appropriate for everyone. I have been a contact lens wearer for approx. 30 years. Last year I tried the bifocal lenses at the request of my optometrist as my near vision is fading. Because of the type of work I do, distance vision is more important for me. I tried the bifocal contacts for an extended period of time, but found the same problems that Terry discovered, they just don’t do a great job of BOTH near and far vision. (Note: I had the same prescription in both eyes, so Bob Martel’s suggestion was not an option for me.) I finally went back to my single vision contacts for distance (which work great, BTW) and just wear reading glasses for close work. Terry might want to consider this option if she wants to stay with contact lenses. I really enjoy the use of contacts over wearing glasses. Also, Nick, you’d be able to see her pretty eyes more with the contacts in!
    Just a thought.

  4. I didn’t want to say anything about the contacts, but I had tried them, and found the same thing happening as Terry has. . .hubby wears them and likes them. . .I just couldn’t adjust. ..and went back to my Transition lenses that I love. . .good luck. . .and safe travels.


  5. sorry to hear Terry’s having trouble with her contacts, I was told because of what was wrong with my eyes they would not work. So I am stuck with glasses. Have safe travels and hope that this time they will get your brake problem solved.

  6. Hmmm…are Miss Terry’s contacts the true bifocal kind — more than one power in each lens? They can be tricky. Bob Martel’s situation above, using the monofocal technique, one power in one eye for distance and a different power in the other eye for close-up, can really work well for some people. Your brain just automatically picks which eye to look through. It’s working well for me, anyhow — I just need a cheap pair of reading glasses for close-up work in low-light situations. Good luck, Miss Terry!

  7. Susie, yes they are typical bifocal, not monofocal.

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