Apr 192012

Yeah I know, on the surface Greg White seems like an easy going kind of guy who’s always ready to pitch in and help where needed. However, things aren’t always what they appear to be. Where is Greg when I need him now?

We have developed a leak in our Splendide washer, and instead of being parked next to me where he belongs, so he can come over and fix the darn thing, Greg is 1,000 miles away hiding out on a gate someplace in West Texas. What a guy! I may be forced to get a tool and do something with it to try to fix the problem. You just know this isn’t going be pretty.

It’s been very hot the last couple of days, and it’s only going to get hotter. The weatherman is predicting triple digit temperatures by the weekend. That’s way too hot for me. We’re booked here at Patio Gardens until the end of the month, and by the time we get the new issue of the Gypsy Journal mailed out, it will be pretty close to that time. Then we’re definitely going to be scratching our hitch itch, and hopefully heading for someplace cooler.

We have been avoiding the heat as much possible. Terry had to spend some time in the dentist’s chair Monday morning and we have spent the last couple of days staying pretty close to home while she gets over all of that. I’ve gotten a lot of writing done, and Terry has been busy trying to master her sock machine.

Yesterday we did go to her folks’ house to drop off some stuff from cleaning out our storage bays, and then we spent a couple of hours visiting with them. From there, we made a stop at Goodwill to drop off a bunch of other stuff, and now we’re officially out of stuff that we don’t need. Well, we are until we start going through the closets and cabinets inside the Winnebago. By then, I’m sure we will have even more stuff to get rid of! Will it ever end?

Yesterday I reached a milestone with my second mystery novel, Big Lake Lynching, which has sold 7,500 copies since I published it to Amazon’s Kindle bookstore on January 31. I’m very pleased with the sales so far, and while I would love to have it explode like the original Big Lake book did and sell thousands of copies a day, slow and steady wins the race. I’m working away at the third book in the Big Lake series now, and looking forward to bringing that out.

Speaking of Amazon e-books, check out a short e-book called Suzy Q, Who Are You? It’s the story of a lady who turns the tables on the bad guy, and was written by a friend of mine’s mother. I think you’ll find it interesting.

Thought For The Day – I’ll never be perfect, but I’ll always be unique.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Where’s Greg When I Need Him?”

  1. I did not think that Terry let you play with tools. Seriously I hope she is feeling better after her dental work and other things.

    Also as I am working on clearing out my four bedroom house and garage after living her for 13 years, it is interesting to hear that you are going through a clearing out of things from your RV.

    I am looking forward to getting out of the hot San Fernando Valley before it really heats up here.

  2. Nick, we are getting rid of lots of stuff too — Suzy’s clothes! With her significant weight loss, she can’t wear her old favorites any more. But the even older clothing is coming our of the bottom of the drawers and the back of the closets. She’s into an new old wardrobe now. And she just bought a new bathing suit yesterday!

  3. We had a leak in our Splendide. Called the service help line, they were great. The water pump is what was wrong with ours and they told us how to replace it. The worst part was getting it out of it’s cubby hole. They weigh a ton! Good luck Nick.

  4. Had our Splendid water pump replaced in Yuma. It too was leaking. The repair guy and factory said they’d never seen a pump that leaked—they work or don’t work. To that I said “BULL”!!!! It’s easy to replace once you get the unit out where you can work on it. Also, if you’re lucky it may be a loose hose connection. I’d call the factory before doing anything.

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