Apr 092012

We must have been really tired Saturday night, because sometime Sunday morning Miss Terry got up and turned on the basement air conditioner because it was getting warm inside the motorhome, and then came back to bed. I was vaguely aware of it and snuggled up against her, and the next thing I knew she was sitting up in bed saying, “Nick, do you know it’s 12:30?” Wow, I think we were both dead to the world. We normally sleep in a bit later than most folks because we go to bed later than most, but this was overdoing it even for us!

Once we were up and about, I was pleased to see that I had a bunch of orders for our new restaurant guide. In case you missed the announcement in yesterday’s blog, in response to requests from a lot of readers over the years, I compiled a guide titled Favorite Restaurants RVers Will Love. It’s going to retail for $7.50 either in print or as an e-book, but as an introductory offer, I will send a copy of the e-book to anybody who wants one and orders online within the next 24 hours for just $5. Just log onto www.PayPal.com and make a $5 payment to me at editor@GypsyJournal.net. This is for the e-book version only, due to printing and postage costs. Again, this special introductory price ends tomorrow morning, so if you want a copy, order it today and save.

It’s spring cleaning time, and Miss Terry spent a lot of time yesterday sorting through our medicine cabinet and getting rid of things that were expired or we don’t need anymore. Then she tackled the closets, and made a dent in things. It’s amazing how much so many of us fulltimers seem to cram into our homes on wheels. When the nice folks from RV Weigh Portable Scales weighed our Winnebago at our rally in Yuma a few weeks back it confirmed what we are ready knew; we are overweight and need to shed some pounds. And so does the Winnebago! 🙂

While Terry was doing that, I was busy at my desk working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. It’s coming along very well and I should be able to easily wrap it up and send it off to the printer on time.

Once that’s done, I’m looking forward to getting back to work on the next Big Lake mystery. I’m glad people have fun reading my novels, because I sure have fun writing them. And I’m always just as interested as everybody else to get to the end and find out whodunit.

About 5 PM, we decided to run over to Number 1 Eastern Buffet for dinner. Just as we were getting ready to go, I got an e-mail from our friend Ed Allard asking if we were free to go there sometime later this coming week for dinner. The great thing about this place is they have such a wide selection that you can go there two or three days in a row and still not sample everything. So I wrote back and told Ed we were looking forward to it whenever he had time.

Our dinner was very good, and after we were finished we stopped at WalMart to pick up a few things,and then came home. I worked on the paper a while longer, and knocked off about 9 PM to watch an episode of Finding Your Roots, a genealogy show on PBS that we had recorded previously. We’re not sure we like this program as much as we do Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC, because they keep jumping back and forth between two celebrities on each episode. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to keep track of who’s who.

For you genealogists out there, the 1940 US Census was released a few days ago, and while it’s not searchable on Ancestry.com yet, I was able to find a listing for my maternal grandparents and several uncles and aunts in Maumee, Ohio. The good folks at Ancestry are working hard to get the entire census online and searchable, but it will be a while yet. In the meantime, with a little extra effort, you may be able to find a lot of folks in your family tree if you have an idea of where they lived during that time period.

Thought For The Day – If it makes you smile, giggle or laugh, do it again.

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  4 Responses to “We Must Have Been Tired”

  1. Loved the new restaurant guide Nick! We happened to be in Gulf Shores, Alabama and it s our first visit to this area. Now we have some places to eat that we found in the guide. Many thanks!

  2. I was one of those who who was asking for the restaurant book so I was one of the first to order. We saw some of our favorites there and a lot more we are looking forward to trying. Thanks for the effort Nick, I think it will be a bestseller. And by the way, cannot wait for the next Big Lake book! I devoured the first two and really liked them.

  3. Appreciate your links!! Just watched a portion of the Finding Your Roots this AM. Learned some things that may help in our own searches.

  4. Haven’t watched Finding Your Roots yet but am a BIG fan of Who
    Do You Think You Are? Just letting you and Terry know that I enjoy reading your blog and yes, I suscribe to the Gypsy Journal.

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