Last Day In The Desert

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Apr 302012

Today should be our last day in the desert, and we’re sure looking forward to getting someplace cooler. It’s been 99° the last couple of days, and while that’s a step down from the triple digit temperatures of last weekend, it is still way too hot for me. People who love the desert will tell you “yeah, but it’s a dry heat.” It’s dry inside an oven too, but I don’t spend any time in one of those either!

About noon yesterday we went over to Jim and Lisa’s house to help Terry’s sister and her husband set up the security encryption and password on their wireless router. We helped them pick out their first computer the other day, and while Lisa uses a computer at work, it’s all black magic to brother-in-law Jim.

I know a little bit about computers, basically enough to do the jobs I have to do on them, but I also know the right people to call anytime I get in over my head. And that didn’t take too long at all. Fortunately, my buddy Greg White and his wife Jan, who are gate guarding in West Texas, just moved to a new gate where they finally have Internet and cell phone access. So I called Greg for advice, and after a false start or two and a few more calls back to Greg, I managed to get everything set up and working properly. Now Jim and Lisa don’t have to worry about some acne ridden hacker in the neighborhood using their system to do whatever it is that acne ridden hackers do. Or at least he will have to work a little bit harder to get the job done.

Back at home, I spent much of the afternoon working on my latest Big Lake mystery novel. For a couple of days I’ve been hung up on which direction to take with the story because it just wasn’t flowing like it should. Sometimes my books seem to take off in their own direction, and I need to learn to just put aside how I think they should go and let them choose their own path, and follow along. Now that I have it’s moving right along and by the end of the day I had knocked out about 2,500 words. I could have kept right on going, but it was getting late and I still needed to write a blog.

Today we have quite a few errands to run, and some things to do here at the motorhome before we take off in the morning. We also want to spend some more time with Terry’s mom and dad before we leave. While we will be happy to be back on the road, and hopefully heading for someplace cooler, it is never easy to say goodbye to the people we love.

Tomorrow we plan to drive to Redlands, California to have the folks at Redlands Truck & RV Performance Center repair our exhaust leak and install the new PakBrake. Keith Shomaker from Redlands said that if we get in Tuesday afternoon sometime, we can park there overnight with a 50 amp electrical hookup, and they can get started on the job Wednesday morning. Keith expects it to be a one day job, and we will be back on the road Thursday. But we don’t have anywhere we have to be for a while, so we will just play it by ear and see what happens.

Thought For The Day – Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

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  1. I like your comment about dry heat and an oven. I grew up in Oklahoma and have lived in California for 20 years where I have heard many time the comment about ‘dry heat.’ For me even the mid to high 80’s is getting into my discomfort zone for activity requiring much more exertion than making iced tea and reading or computer work.

  2. Nick, if you still don’t have plans after you’re done with your rig, I’m gonna suggest ya find a place to blow up your boats and put them in the water (with you and Terry in them, preferably). I don’t think it’s supposed to be too warm down there in the next few days. We’re gonna go to Alamitos Bay by Venice and put our boat in the water there on Thursday. Regardless of where ya go, safe travels.

  3. At Redlands, if you wind up with one of the on-street spots, think about putting down blocks under the levelers on the gutter side; it’s a long way down if you get into the gutter itself. We broke one of our levelers there which may or may not have been caused by overextending it.

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