I Accomplished Nothing

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Apr 072012

I would like to tell you that I got a lot done on the new issue the Gypsy Journal yesterday, but the truth is I accomplished nothing. That’s right, nothing. Nada, zilch, zero. Nothing at all. And I don’t even have an excuse!

We slept in a little later than usual, and then laid in bed snuggling and talking for an hour or so after we woke up. That’s something we do a lot when we don’t have somewhere we have to be or something we have to do. It’s kind of our little treat to ourselves.

When we did get up I checked my e-mail, responded to a few that needed an answer, deleted 15 or 20 forwards without opening them, and checked a couple of my favorite blogs. Then I lay down on the couch and took a nap. Talk about being useless!

I woke up in time to sample a nice warm brownie that Miss Terry had just taken out of the oven, and declared it delicious. This was a new gluten free recipe she was experimenting with, and I liked it. It seems like everybody in the world is on a gluten-free kick these days, and supposedly it’s good for you to avoid wheat products. I never like things that are good for me, so either Terry goofed up on the recipe or I still wasn’t awake enough to be sure. So I had to eat a couple more just to check. Yep, they were good!

A little before 5 PM, we drove over to her sister Lisa’s house for dinner with Lisa and hubby Jim. We don’t get to spend a lot of time with these two because we’re on the road so much and they are both busy with their jobs. But when we come to town we always try to get together at least once. Dinner was good and the company was even better.

It was after 9 by the time we got home, and I had a couple dozen e-mails to deal with. Of course, more than half of them were more stupid forwards. Why don’t people get the message? I really don’t need or want all of this junk mail. I never open them, they go directly into the trash. So why do they keep sending them?

One of the real e-mails I had was from a couple telling me that they had stopped at Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton, Texas because bad weather forced them off the road. We had a really bad experience there a few years ago when a couple of pit bulls running loose came charging up to me as I was getting ready to unhook. The owner, who lived in a dilapidated trailer there, assured me they were just challenging me and were harmless. Yeah, right! The folks who wrote me yesterday said the place is just as run down and nasty as I reported a couple of years ago, and if there would’ve been any room at the WalMart they would have stayed there instead. We have stayed at a lot of Passport America affiliates from coast to coast over the years, and most have been a good value. But this place is a dump and the good folks at Passport America really should remove them from their listings.

We are having a family dinner at Terry’s parents’ place this afternoon, so Terry will go over there early to help her mom get everything ready. I plan to stay home and work, to make up for all the goofing off I did yesterday. If I don’t earn my keep Terry just might kick me to the curb. And who could blame her?

Thought For The Day – The United States is a nation of laws badly written and randomly enforced – Frank Zappa.

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  9 Responses to “I Accomplished Nothing”

  1. It’s always nice to hear about good parks, but just as helpful to hear about the ones to avoid, especially since we’re headed for Texas in May. Don’t know what to do about those forwarding emails, hate ’em, too.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the bad park and good for you to take some time to snuggle and eat brownies…sounds like it’s been long overdue!

  3. Our Roadrunner has a feature that allows us to block e-mail senders we don’t wish to hear from, especially those “winners” from Nigeria.

    Block those tiresome dopes, if you can, and maybe they’ll just go away and stop educating everyone.

  4. This is a park in Ft. Stockton that I highly recommend. It’s a bit more than others at $27./night but, it was clean and the people who run it were very friendly. It’s the Ft. Stockton RV Park at I-10 & Exit 264, 264 Warnock Rd. The phone number is 432.395.2494.

    The big bonus is the “Roadrunner” cafe that they have right in the campground. No driving to find food if you’re too tired to cook. Carlos is the cook and does a fine job at the grill. We had the ribs the evening we arrived and a wonderful breakfast before leaving. The prices were very reasonable.

    We would stay there again. It’s more than worth it when you’re that far west in Texas. We were able to push on through to Las Cruces the next day…during high winds and rain.

  5. As far as the gluten-free way of eating…while some people it is a choice, my husband has no choice. He has Celiac’s disease. If he were to continue to eat wheat products, he would do permanent damage to his small intestine. When the intestine is damaged, it no longer takes nutrients out of the food and you slowly starve to death. Belonging to a support group, we know people who can no longer eat in restaurants because they are so sick if any of the food is even cross contaminated with a wheat product. We have learned that there many, many people undiagnosed and remain sick all of the time.

    By the way, the gluten-free “diet” is NOT a diet to lose weight. Those brownies are proof of that !!

  6. Hilltop RV Park in Ft. Stockton is excellent, too.

  7. If you do not want to stay at a park I highly recommend the new Wal-Mart there in Ft Stockton, they are very RV friendly and only ask you do not block the main area of the lot. It is a bit tight for big rigs and you may need to be friendly with your neighbor, but I do not mean to friendly. It has a bit more room than the old one.

  8. When I read your comment about the dog owner assuring you “they were just challenging me and were harmless I bristled. What gives an owner the right to think that scaring anyone is acceptable behavior. Just because they want to be lazy and act as if the dog is harmless doesn’t mean that it is. Even normally well behaved animals sometimes do the unexpected.

    About three weeks ago I was walking down a public sidewalk when a woman walking a German Shepherd Dog approached from the other side. Now, I’m not afraid of dogs, I do the no talk, no touch, no eye contact thing with them as I approach but this bugger got to about 2 feet away from me and lunged and tried to dig his teeth in without any warning at all. Luckily I had heavy weight jeans on and he ended up just barely drawing blood and no actual puncture.

    The owner was all apologetic and offered to go with us to the hospital and such. But animals have a mind of their own just like we do and sometimes they’re having a bad day, just like we do.

  9. I have friends who do the forwards too, good friends in every other way. Some people just don’t get the fact that forwarding all that junk is SPAM and clogs the Internet as well. I feel the same way about those on Facebook who put out comments saying they know who loves them or “care” by those who “share” their post. If that is what it takes for you to know something about me, guess you’ll never know.

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