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Apr 142012

Miss Terry finished proofing the new issue of the Gypsy Journal yesterday, and about 5:30 PM I made the last of the corrections and uploaded it to the printer’s web server. They will go over it again this weekend, and plan to print it on Monday. Then it will go onto a truck Tuesday, and make its way to us here in Arizona Thursday or Friday of this coming week. That’s assuming everything goes according to plan and there are no problems.

This is issue 78 of the paper, which makes it our 13th anniversary issue. That’s a lot of stories over the years, and there is still so much we still want to see and write about. We will never run out of material, that’s for sure.

So we have a few days off before we get the paper back and start all the mailing chores. Terry is looking forward to getting a little more familiar with her sock making machine, and I’m looking forward to getting back to work on my new Big Lake book. I’m a bit disappointed in the sales of Big Lake Lynching, but sales of all e-books seem to be down quite a bit for every author I know, and have been since Amazon started its Select program of giving e-books away. Why should a customer buy a book when Amazon is giving thousands of them away for free?

A major cold front is coming through the West, with strong winds and rain predicted here in the desert today, and several inches of snow in Arizona’s high country. So much for April showers up there! It will be a while before we head in that direction, and hopefully they’ll start getting into some warmer weather before we do.

Watching the news reports of all the tornado activity in the central part of the country is really scary. A lot of our RVing friends are traveling in that region and we hope they will be safe until the storm systems move onward.

Which reminds me, if you are starting your summer travels, or are headed home from your snowbird roost, please send us an e-mail with your summer mailing address. The post office does not forward Standard Rate Mail, and we want to be sure your Gypsy Journal gets to you.

In response to yesterday’s blog, I received e-mails from two or three people wanting to know why we would drive all the way to Redlands, California to get the exhaust leak fixed on our motorhome and decide what we are going to do about upgrading our exhaust brake, when there are all kinds of shops here in the Phoenix area, or Yuma or Tucson, that could do the job. It’s simple, we trust the folks at Redlands Truck & RV Performance Center, we have a long-established relationship with them, they are always vendors at our Western rallies, and they always go the extra mile for us. They even sponsor the morning coffee and donuts at our Yuma rallies, an expense of several hundred dollars out-of-pocket, in addition to their regular vendor fees. We believe in doing business with the people who do business with us and support us. It just makes good sense, don’t you think?

Thought For The Day – I’m reading a book about anti-gravity, and I just can’t put it down.

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  9 Responses to “Another Issue Done”

  1. Support those that support you is always a good idea. Hope the winds aren’t too bad today.

  2. I agree with you about the free books. I think authors should get maybe 3 free days and that’s it for that book – forever (to allow a little exposure). Amazon is going to have to do something eventually or at least revise their select program. I just released a new book and I am not giving this one away. Marketing isn’t easy, but it is very possible with hard work and a little smarts.

    Hope all the people on the road stay safe with the weather this weekend.

  3. Nick, I have to get your blog back where I can easily find it in the morning, as if I can easily find ANYTHING in the morning! We miss reading you regularly. We do check in once in a while, but I fear we’ll lose track of you guys. Don’t wanna do that!

  4. I agee with you about suppoting those that you trust. We will wait until we get to the SE fo repairs at Tony’s RV in Lexington, SC if at all possible. I have been going there for 17+ years. Totally trust worthy, honest and fair value. I also go to Pecision Painting in Bremen, IN for a lot of work for the same reasons. Now if I can find places in the SW and NW I will be ecstatic. Chassis work at Scotts RV & Truck Repair in Rockford, IL can’t be beat anywhere. I don’t run rallies like you do, but we travel extensively and use the RV Service Review web site a lot. A recomendation like yours for Redlands Truck & RV Performance Center is just what we look for. I will certainly stop there when we are in CA this summer. A long-established relationship with a business can really pay off when they know you will spread the word about their customer service. Spreading the word about service good or bad contributes enormously to their success or failure.

  5. We always go back to Triple T in Lake Havasue AZ. They do great work and are honest. We trust there work and will always recommend them to anyone needing work and will be in the area. If the weathers system heading your way is the same one that has blasted us for the past four days batten down the hatches it is a rough on. We even had a tornado touch down 10 miles from us doing damage. No one was hurt, lots of hail and wind. We were watched over by our guardian angel and it missed us except for the rain and wind. Travel safe and be aware of the weather.

  6. Nick ,
    How does Amazon give your books away without your permission ? Do they pay you your royalty if they give it away ? How do they expect you to make any money ?
    I guess there is lot of stuff I do not know !
    Stay Safe !

  7. Now theres a concept!! Support those that support you. That and supporting American made products. Good going Nick!!!

  8. Marvin, they don’t give an author’s books away without permission. But a lot of authors are willing to join Amazon’s Select program and give their books away on Amazon with the hope that readers will like their writing style and purchase other titles by the same author.

  9. Nick, To back up your comments about Redlands, read todays blog from Dennis and Carols RV Adventure. Dennis is pretty tough on vendors, however he sings praises about Redlands standing behind their work. Bob

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