A Couple Of Moles

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Apr 202012

Yesterday you would have thought we were a couple of moles, hiding inside our motorhome with the blinds closed and the air conditioning running. We don’t do extremes of weather, either hot or cold, so we were happy to just hunker down inside for the day.

I spent most of the day working on my new book, Crazy Days In Big Lake, and by the end of the day had written over 4,000 words. That’s a lot for one day, but when things are all coming together in my head, it just seems to roll out and onto the keyboard pretty easily. I’m really liking this new story and I’m looking forward to getting deeper into it.

Miss Terry was busy piddling. At least that’s what she called it, but it sure looked like work to me! She was back in the bedroom sorting through closets and dresser drawers, and by the end of the day she had a huge pile of stuff that needed to be dropped off at Goodwill. By the time she gets done with spring cleaning, we could probably fit everything we own into a B van, and still have plenty of elbow room!

Finally, sometime around 7 PM, we loaded everything into the back of the Explorer and drove to the Goodwill a couple miles away to donate them. Then we made a quick stop at the grocery store, and were back home. Like I said, a couple of moles.

Today we have to drive up to the commercial mail service in Scottsdale that will handle mailing the new issue of the Gypsy Journal to pick up the envelopes and mail tubs. If the shipment arrives in time, we will also pick up the papers at the FedEx truck terminal in Phoenix. We were told we could probably expect delivery on Friday, although the tracking number says by Monday, so I’m not sure when they will actually get here. Hopefully it will be today, so we can have the weekend to get started stuffing envelopes.

After reading yesterday’s blog about the leak in our Splendide washer, a couple of people wrote to tell us that it may be coming from the water pump. No it’s actually in the drain pipe connection or the connection. Apparently after it was pulled out to have a new switch installed while we were in Tucson, something worked loose somehow. I think it will be a simple fix, the hard part will just be manhandling the heavy thing out so we can get to it.

I found it interesting to read over the responses to Wednesday’s blog. It would seem that most of my readers share my mindset, live for today and not be a Chicken Little, buying into every claim that the sky is falling. But longtime reader Ron Butler reminded me that all of those things like elections and the economy and high fuel prices don’t matter anyway. Ron said that according to the Mayans, the world is going to end in December anyway. So I guess we don’t have anything to worry about after all!

Before I close, I want to wish two very special women happy birthday. My cousin Beverly McKiddy down in Tucson, and my other favorite cousin, Berni Frees back in Muskegon, Michigan, both celebrate their birthdays today. Happy birthday ladies, I love you both.

Thought For The Day – Thank the ones who walk away from you, because they are making room for the ones who won’t.

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  1. HI, Nick! I just finished Big Lake Lynching – I really enjoyed it. I would like to make an observation without sounding condescending. The writing of this second book is (in my opinion as an “experienced” novel reader) much more professional than in Big Lake. (And Big Lake was pretty good, too). I can’t wait to read the next installment in Sheriff Weber’s story. If you ever DO make it to Redlands, California, I hope my husband and I can meet you and Miss Terry. We live in the mountains above Redlands.

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