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Apr 222012

That’s right, it was 102° here in the East Mesa/Apache Junction area yesterday. And it’s supposed to be even hotter today! This is no place for a chubby RVer like me to be. 🙁

We spent most of the day at home yesterday, trying to avoid the heat. We have been pleased to discover that the basement air conditioning in our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage has proven to be far superior to the rooftop air we had in our previous motorhomes. It’s much quieter, and even on a hot day like yesterday, it gets cold enough inside here to hang meat.

About 4 PM, we drove over to Terry’s sister Lisa’s house for a family dinner. Lisa and her husband Jim had prepared a wonderful meal of roast pork and all the trimmings, and it was delicious. Just as good was the company, as we all sat around visiting and enjoying family time together. Here is a picture of Terry’s dad Pete, her mom Bess, Miss Terry herself, her sister Dani, and sister Lisa. What a good looking bunch!

Weber family 3

Back at home somewhere around 8:30 PM, I had a bunch of e-mail to go through and a couple of orders to log in. Then I spent some time reviewing some changes I had made for my new Big Lake book. Sometimes when I’m writing, I get to a scene that just doesn’t seem to work, and rather than get bogged down in it, I just go with what I’ve got and wait a while. Usually I’ll come up with something else that seems to fit better and go back and drop it in.

Speaking of books, a while back I downloaded Shadow of the Flags, the first book in the Black Knights of the Hudson series, which is the saga of a military family from the early days of the Civil War through World War II. I read a lot, and I have to tell you that this is absolutely the best book I can remember reading in many, many years. If you like reading historical fiction, and like a story that draws you in from the very first page, do yourself a favor and download this first book in the series. I guarantee you are going to like it, and it’s even free in the Amazon Kindle bookstore! What more could you ask for? Seriously folks, it’s a great read.

A couple of different blog readers have asked me what’s happening with Greg and Jan White, since Greg hasn’t updated his blog in several days. They’re working a gate guarding gig in West Texas and haven’t been able to figure out a reliable way to get online, or even to make telephone calls without driving several miles to pick up a signal. I haven’t talked to Greg since his last blog post, but I’m sure everything is okay with them and sooner or later he will come up with a way to get back into contact with the rest of the world. Or, maybe he already has and is just hiding out so I don’t call and bother him. 🙂

Thought For The Day – I tried to be normal once. It was the most boring five minutes of my life!

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  6 Responses to “102°!”

  1. 102 sounds good! Yuma broke the old record of 103 yesterday with a 104, and out here in the Foothills we hit 106-107. Inside of the bus we had a high of 110 in the living room. (can only run one ac at a time). On the outside i took a surface temperature reading of 182 on the darkest part of our paint job, will have to send you a picture of that…….might have to think about painting her white. :>) So it is 4:34 am and here we are finishing packing up and heading north to cooler climates…..should be out of here by 6 at the latest. LOL

  2. Maybe Greg could spring for Skype and the DIRECTWAY system or even a Sat Phone. How does he contact authorites or the oil company should they encounter a reportable problem? I think you are correct in assuming he is just hidding from you.
    Wish we had some of your heat here in Indiana while we wait for our RV renovation and paint job to be finished.
    One more thing, how do you ever find the time to read as much as you do? With all the writting, preparing, organizing and visiting of your fan base I can’t imagine how you accomplish half of what you two do. Terry must do the majority. LOL

  3. John,
    Like everything else in life, one has to make sacrifices to accomplish everything they want to do, because there are just not enough hours in the day. In my case, I gave up diet and exercise.

  4. Presently 70 degrees F in Orewa, NZ as we look out from our front window of the RV at our campsite and see the ocean. Life is tough here but someone has to do it. Hugs from Peter and I. Sounds like it’s time to move for you!!!!!!!!

  5. What I do is avoid looking at the temps in the summer. It does you no good. Yeah, I’m still hot and I still know it’s really up there. We’ve been living in the Valley for going on 17 years now. Stay cool, my friend.

  6. Terri you look great! and so does the rest of your family. How nice that you got to take that photo! Cherish!

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