A Bevy Of Beauties

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Mar 082012

Yesterday was another busy day at the Gypsy Journal Rally here in Yuma, Arizona. I did three seminars; Laugh Your Way Across The USA, Highway History and Back Road Mystery, and Birth Of A Bestseller. Presenting seminars is one of my favorite parts of an RV rally and one of the things I really miss from the old Life on Wheels program.

I have heard lots of comments from folks here at the rally about how well everything is going, and lots of compliments about the quality of the seminars. Miss Terry and her crew working the registration/information desk are responsible for a lot of that. Terry is one of the most organized people the world and it amazes me how she keeps track of all the details, but between her and Barbara Westerfield they always have a handle on what’s happening, who needs to be where, and what equipment each room needs for the seminars.

Yesterday we had our pizza party and the Cactus Queen Beauty Contest. At every rally, Terry dreads the pizza party because she’s always worried that something is going to go wrong. Of course, nothing ever does, and even if something were to go wrong, we’ll handle it and roll with the punches. Terry has this down to a science and people are always amazed at how fast she can feed hundreds people.

As she does with every big job, Terry has a system and a hard-working crew who follow directions very well. We had about 120 pizzas delivered, and in less than six minutes, over 300 people have gone through the line, gotten their pizzas, and were seated and eating. I think that’s a new record!

Pizza crew

That’s a lot of pizza boxes!

Pizza boxes

After everybody had stuffed themselves on pizza, it was time for the big event of the night, the Cactus Queen Beauty Contest. We had five “ladies” competing for the crown and the honor of being the 2012 Cactus Queen. And what a bevy of beauties they were! Or maybe not!

Dancing girls

Have you ever seen a sight like this? Trust me, it’s even worse when you’re up there on stage with them!

Queens 2

I’m not saying some of the girls were crude. I don’t have to, one picture is worth a thousand words. But could you come up with a thousand words that describes this? I’m a wordsmith, and I could only come up with three words – wrong, so very wrong!


Nick queen

It’s always hard for me to make the contestants act like ladies. I mean really, how hard is it to keep your legs crossed or your knees together? Apparently, pretty difficult.

Five queens

When these darlings come flouncing across the stage about all you can do is stand back and hope you don’t get in their path.

Barnb posing

Queen see thru

Judging by the hooting and hollering and the shrieks of laughter from the crowd, I think this year’s contest was one of the best ever. I would have more pictures to share with you, but everybody who had a camera said they were laughing so hard it was impossible to get anything in focus.

Taking a look at all the fun we are having here, you have to hope that our kids and grandkids never get to see all of this. Because if they did, the next time we came to town they might take our keys away and stick us in a home somewhere! In the words of the great singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett, we are the people our parents warned us about!

Today is the last full day of the rally, and since I don’t have any seminars scheduled, I’ll be able to relax a little bit, spend some more time mingling with the crowd, hanging out and getting underfoot, and just having a good time.

Hosting an RV rally is hard work, and every year I tell myself we are just not going to do it anymore. It just takes too much out of us. But then we see the smiles on everybody’s faces, we hear their kind words, we get hugs from so many wonderful people, and we are energized and ready to do it all over again. Or maybe, we’re just getting old and our memories are failing, and we forget how hard all this is until the next rally rolls around!

Thought For The Day – Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

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  1. Reading all the posts about the Yuma rally makes me anxious for the one in Celina! Can’t wait! I hope you can have some of the same seminars, like about working on the road, at the Celina rally. Looking forward to it already!!

  2. It’s the first time I wished I were a man so I could be one of the cactus beauty queens! You may have just inspired a whole new line of dolls. I will naturally be developing a “gypsy” line, but may have to toss in some cactus beauties.

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