We Made It To Tucson

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Feb 072012

We were up early yesterday morning and after spending some time checking e-mails, replying to the most pressing ones, and checking some of our favorite RV blogs, we started getting ready for the last segment of our trip to Tucson.

It was a very chilly morning but since we had only plugged in the electrical cord the night before it didn’t take much to get things done outside the motorhome. However, I did notice a large wet spot on the ground under our sewer bay. I open the compartment door to see a lot of water. That’s not a good thing. Sometimes the best thing you can do is make sure nothing catastrophic is imminent, and then just forget about it for a little while and go on down the road. And that’s just what we did.

We left Coachlight Motel and RV Park in Las Cruces about 10 A.M. and got onto Interstate 10 westbound. Out here in the Wild West there are a lot of wide open spaces and lots of elbow room.

Interstate 10 New Mexico

Somewhere between Las Cruces and Deming we had to stop at the Border Patrol checkpoint. The agent on duty waved us through after asking if we were U.S. citizens. Quick and easy, and only a short inconvenience. It’s well worth it to help stem the flow of illegal aliens and drugs coming into our country from south of the border.

Border Patrol checkpoint

Traffic was moderate, mostly eighteen wheelers and recreational vehicles.

Fiver New Mexico

When this truck passed us loaded with steel balls I couldn’t help remarking that that driver really had more than your standard pair of…… well never mind, you get the idea.

truckload of balls

As we approached the ghost town of Steins, Terry and I reflected on our friend Larry Link, the owner of the ghost town who was murdered there a couple of years ago. Larry’s murder is still unsolved, and though many were quick to blame an illegal alien, I’m not sure that’s what really happened. Larry was an outspoken man who had stepped on some toes locally. After a career in small-town newspaper publishing, nothing would surprise me. But we’ll probably never know.

Steins sign


We crossed into Arizona and I had to deal with some wind gusts that kept me on my toes for a while. The rock formations out here are spectacular, and Terry was doing her thing with her digital camera. Some people say the Arizona desert is ugly, but we believe it has its own harsh beauty. We prefer a nice beach in the Florida Keys, but after living much of our adult lives in Arizona, the Grand Canyon State will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Arizona sign

Rock formation

Rock formation 2

Rock formation 3

Dropping down into the San Pedro Valley we marveled at how much the Benson area has grown just in the last year. Once Benson was just a wide spot in the road, but these days it’s a thriving small city, popular with retirees and RV snowbirds.

Climbing back out of the valley we had to deal with a construction zone. I don’t think you can drive anywhere in America without dealing with road construction.

Construction zone

Anyone looking for a home base? I wonder if the neat old travel trailer goes with it.

Land for sale

255 miles after we started, we ended our trip at the Pima County Fairgrounds just outside of Tucson. The fairgrounds has 400 RV sites, and $20 a night got us a full hook up 30 amp site. This is a pretty good deal for Tucson, and better yet if you stay on the weekly rate of just $100.

Pima fairgrounds sign

 Tucson fairgrounds RV park

We won’t be here that long this trip, I have to go the VA hospital this morning for some blood work, and I’ll know more about our schedule when that’s done. We’ll probably head up to the Apache Junction area toward the end of the week; Terry is eager to see her parents, and her dad’s 82nd birthday is Saturday. We couldn’t get here in time for her mom’s birthday last week, so we will take them out to dinner to celebrate both.

Once we were parked and hooked up at the fairgrounds, I checked the leak in our sewer bay. Fortunately it wasn’t our black tank, we just had the gate valve for that replaced in October. This time around it seems to be the gray water valve, so we will have to find ourselves an RV tech to fix it.

We drove into town to touch base with my cousin Beverly and had a nice visit with her. She and I have been close since we were little kids and I always look forward to seeing her when we come to Arizona.

We covered1,050 miles in the last three days and we’re worn-out. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do. We will be busy over the next few weeks getting the new issue the Gypsy Journal out, visiting with family, and then going over to Yuma for our Arizona Gypsy Journal Rally.

Someday I’ll get myself one of those recreational vehicles and retire and just spend my days driving around the country leisurely. I wonder what that’s like?

Thought For The Day – If tomatoes are fruit, isn’t ketchup technically a smoothie?

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  6 Responses to “We Made It To Tucson”

  1. Well Nick I am hoping someday we will cross paths so I can show you and explain to you what the RV life without working is like. I think we both have some great stories to tell. Looking forward to that day!!


  2. When you get to Yuma give us a call if you have time for some Chinese or some Saint Louis style ribs or ??? Would love to see you and Miss Terry again.

  3. Glad you 2 made it OK. If you have time we would love to enjoy a meal or an ice cream before you take off. Trying to catch up with our working friends is harder that when we all had jobs. since we have .earned to sleep in and go with the flow.

  4. So happy that you made it safely to AZ. I have been worried about you and that long drive. Who said AZ is ugly, it is beautiful especially after Texas and it nothing for miles. Oh well they say beauty is in eyes of the beholder. Terry your pictures are awesome as usual. Be safe

  5. Hmmm, lets see. It is windy, overcast, and they are forecasting 20% chance of rain here in Yuma tomorrow. Welcome back to Arizona Nick. :>)

  6. Well Ed left the same comment I was, the weather is changing, lets see where Nick is, yep he is here in AZ. Glad you both made it safe, look forward to see you soon. We are also in Apache Junction, if you would like to get together while up here give us a call. Been a long time sence we seen you in Florida.

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