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Feb 122012

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I spent most of the day being a slug, just napping on the couch. The slugfest continued Saturday. I tried to get some work done but my head was just too foggy to concentrate. So it was back to the couch. I shouldn’t be tired, because pretty much all I’ve done is sleep for the last two days, but I still feel worn out.

I did get a couple things done yesterday, including sending out rally info letters to everybody who is registered for our Gypsy Journal rally in Yuma in a couple of weeks. If we have your e-mail address, check your inbox and you should find a letter. If not, contact me at and I’ll send one out to you. For folks whose e-mail addresses we don’t have, we mailed out hard copies of the letters.

A couple of people have contacted me worrying that the rally registration page had been hacked, because when they click on the PayPal link it takes them to a page hosted by There’s no problem, we moved the PayPal links to Greg White’s server because for some reason we couldn’t get them to work on the blog. PayPal is far from perfect, but it’s the best solution we have found so far for most online transactions. If you really don’t feel comfortable using PayPal but want to register for the rally, please just pay us when you arrive. There’s not a lot of time for mailed in registrations to get to our mail forwarding service and then back out to us. Don’t worry, the fairgrounds is a big place and will have lots of room for you whether you are registering ahead of time or just show up on parking day.

I’ve had a number of people asking about handicapped parking at the rally. We only have a few handicap sites and they are reserved on a first-come basis for those with official handicap license plates or a tag. To be assured of getting the best parking opportunity, consider showing up on Sunday as an early bird. Even if you are a registered for the regular rally dates, you can pay the additional $15 early bird fee when you arrive.

Now let’s talk about pets. I know you love your dog, cat, orangutan or whatever critter lives with you. But that doesn’t mean I love it, or that the rest of the rally attendees will. Only service animals with appropriate validation are allowed inside the fairgrounds buildings. That’s a requirement of the fairgrounds and of our insurance company. End of story. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but this comes up at every rally. Somebody insists on coming into the buildings with their animals. It just can’t happen, folks. I’ll be happy to love and pet your critters, yes even French poodles, outside the buildings, but they can’t come inside. And don’t tell me that’s your baby! First of all, that’s biologically impossible, and even if it was possible, I’m pretty sure it’s breaking all kinds of Biblical and man-made laws. And please be considerate pet owners and pick up after your animals.

Since yesterday was Terry’s father’s birthday, and her mother’s birthday was last week, we had a family dinner at a very nice Mexican restaurant called Rancho de Tia Rosa. Here is a picture of the birthday crowd – that’s Terry’s sister Dani on the left, her brother-in-law Jim Clay, and Jim’s wife Lisa, who is Terry’s youngest sister. On the other side of the table, from the rear we have Terry’s dad Pete and her mom Bess Weber, and of course the lovely Miss Terry.

Family group

And here are the three sisters together, Danny on the left, Terry in the center, and Lisa on the right. Those Weber girls sure are pretty!

Terry Lisa Dani 2

We had a very nice dinner and enjoyed talking and joking while we ate. Afterward we went back to Pete and Bess’s house, along with Jim and Lisa, for another hour or two.

After a quick stop at Basha’s grocery store for some things we needed, we got back to the motorhome about 9 P.M. I gulped down some more Alka-Seltzer cold medication and spent the rest of the evening trying to actually get something accomplished. I’ll tell you what, if they were paying me what I’m actually worth right now I’d be one flat broke little fat man!

Thought For The Day – People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.

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  5 Responses to “Slugfest”

  1. “I’ll tell you what, if they were paying me what I’m actually worth right now I’d be one flat broke little fat man!”

    Oh Nick, you are too funny!! You made me LOL. I hope you are feeling better
    real soon. But it hasn’t effected your sense of humor at all.

  2. Enjoyed seeing Terry’s sisters and they sure look alike! Feel better soon, Nick!

  3. That’s a nice looking family. You must have picked up quite a “bug” as you don’t usually stay down this long. It’s a shame you don’t drink as a strong whiskey might be just the thing. Maybe I’ll have one for you this pm so let us know tomorrow if it worked.

  4. Nick, this is probably politically incorrect…..but how does it feel being in a family where all the women are “babes” ? 🙂

  5. No complaints here, Jack. The scenery is great! 🙂

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