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Feb 182012

In a blog post back in December, I mentioned the Amazon Prime program, which my buddy Greg White turned us on to. The program gives special discounts on Amazon purchases and free two-day shipping on anything stocked and sold by Amazon. While it costs about $80 a year, the savings quickly added up and it paid for itself over Christmas.

Just how fast is Prime? Let me give you an example: Thursday afternoon about 4 P.M. I ordered some books from Amazon and clicked the button for Prime shipping. At 4:45 A.M. Friday morning I got an e-mail saying that the books had been shipped. And by noon yesterday (Friday) the books had already been delivered! It usually takes a couple of days, but since they were shipped from the Phoenix warehouse, they were delivered in less than 24 hours. Now that’s fast!

Chris Wilson, at Southeast Publications, e-mailed me yesterday to announce a new free app for android phones and tablets called MobileRVing. RVers can use the new app to find campgrounds by searching by name, state, zip code, or just asking it to find a campground near you. Using the app, you can view the campground site map, a list of amenities, and contact information. It’s like having a campground directory right in your smart phone! Chris said there will be a release of the app for iPhones and iPads coming soon. Check it out, it could come in very handy for RVers looking for a place to spend the night.

I also had an e-mail from someone yesterday asking me to tell you about a workkamping gig at a bluegrass festival grounds in Missouri. They are asking for couples to work 20-25 hours a week each (40-50 hours total) in exchange for a 30 amp full hookup RV site on grass. There are a couple of extra benefits that come with the job, but that just seems like a lot of hours to put in to me, and I wrote back and told him that.

Browsing through Workamper News, I found many opportunities where all that is required is 18 to 20 hours per week total for a full hookup 50 amp site. We have friends that are currently volunteering at Mustang Island State Park in Texas who are only required to put in 18 hours total a week in exchange for a full hookup site one sand dune away from the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll admit that we have never taken a workamping job because we are busy running our business on the road. For those of you who have, what do you consider a fair exchange of hours per week for a full hookup RV site?

The weather is starting to warm back up here in Mesa, and hopefully Miss Terry and I will soon be feeling well enough to take advantage of it. I think we’ve both got cabin fever to go along with all the aches and pains of our colds. Maybe just being out in the sunshine would help a lot.

Thought For The Day – The man who says his wife can’t take a joke forgets that she took him.

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  14 Responses to “Now That’s Fast!”

  1. No way I’d take that job Nick! The most hours we ever worked for a site was 22 total, and that was only because it was in a resort in Alaska where we also had free use of a boat, free use of the laundry, free internet, and cable TV at our site.

  2. In seven years workamping in campgrounds in New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida, and Branson, Missouri, we’ve never been asked for over 20 hours total in exchange for our site. We are currently on the Texas coast and put in 18 hours a week for a full hookup site (50 amp) and also get free laundry. All excess hours are paid at $8/hour.

  3. As a single rver 30 hours a week is just a bust. By the time you work and rest what’s the point? Too tired to go out and see the area. Right now I work 24 a week and get free wi fi, free laundry, and frankly seldom work the 24 as things have been slow before this weekend. Been given a lot of free time to go explore the Okefenokee or beyond. Working for good people makes a difference. If it gets busy and they need me 30 hours next week I’ll do it because I know when it slows back down they’ll give the hours back. Can’t always find that. But nope, I would never go in for 30 hours a week on the front end.

  4. We are currently working in Bonifay, FL for a combined 24 hours/week. We both work three 4-hour days each week for 50amp FHU, $10/week laundry allowance and 20% discount on propane. The owners are great folks who are very flexible and work with their workampers on scheduling and time off. We are very happy with our situation.

  5. Dittos on the Amazon love. I finally paid a graphic artist to design a new cover for me and it all went through the Amazon system yesterday, and the proof even shipped! That is pretty impressive.

    I hope you and Ms. Terry are starting to feel better. My wife is going to make her cinnamon roll recipe this weekend. Yummy!

  6. Let’s assume you had a job for $8 a hr. If someone or both of you work 40 hrs a week, that’s $320 a week or $1280 a month. Is this guy kidding? He wants you to work 40 to 50 hrs a week for just a full hookup site on grass? I could get a greeter job at WalMart and be better off.

    We average about $18 a night for a campsite. Times 30 days and that’s $540 a month for a campsite. And that’s with moving around a lot. Finding a nice campground and getting the monthly rate would be cheaper than that.

    We have a campsite (on concrete) in a 10-10-10 facility, during the SEASON in Florida I rent it out for $888 a month + electric.

    I suggest that this guy rethink his position on hours worked for a monthly no frills grass campsite.

  7. Understandably, the MobileRVing app by Southeast Publications is good at showing campgrounds who use their maps. Campgrounds not using their maps probably won’t show up. The app should be used in conjunction with other search tools to find desirable places to stay.

  8. Now if I can be smart enough to load the app on my smart phone we’re in business. I also appreciate everyone’s comments on the working issue as that’s something new we want to explore when we start fulltiming – hopefully SOON…just need to sell that house!

  9. I work 24 easy hours a week during the season to pay for my full hookup site in South Florida. That is acceptable to me. We are close to family and friends. The manager is flexible, allowing us to work our own business.

  10. We have been full-timing for over 7 years and do not have any other income so we have always worked at places that pay for all hours worked and includes the RV site with many other perks.

    We are currently in the process of finding a summer job and have had many offers, but once they mention working any amount of hours for site we begin the negotiation. We negotiate our pay, we negotiate our hours, we negotiate every part of the job, but we never negotiate any trade that is not beneficial to both of us. Calculating always end up being for the employers benefit, if they pay us for all hours worked and we will pay for our site we end up paying less, but we won’t do that anyway. We believe if we have to stay on their property while we work then they should have to pick up the tab.

    We are great employees and many employers want us, so why on earth would we pay them to work for them? It all boils down to what you are willing to settle for, or feel you deserve. We never take advantage of our employers and we do not expect them to take advantage of us either.

    Can you imagine while living in the sticks and bricks home you went for a job interview and they suggested you work a few hours without pay to cover your parking expenses, or any other idiotic thing? Same difference, you wouldn’t do it then, why should you do it now?

  11. We did 20 hrs/each once, but it was a volunteer job in a Kartchner Caverns near Benson, AZ. It was something we both wanted to do (tour guides), and our “work” was more like play — we loved being in the caves and showing them off. But 20 hours is a lot for a free site, and I would pass if it truly was work.

  12. The people asking for that many hours for just a 30 amp RV site on grass are whacko Nick. We worked at Branson last summer, did 25 hours a week total, and got a full hookup 50 amp site, use of a golf cart, free laundry, free breakfast or lunch every day (not just out working days), $9 an hour for any time over our 25, plus we got free or half price tickets to great shows every week, AND a $500 bonus at the end of the season!

  13. Nick if you had just the 3G aircard from verizon, knowing you have a 4G card also, would you give up your 3G to have just the 4G. I have been keeping up on your blog, but just wanted to see your view on one or the other. Right now we have a 3G and it works pretty good all the time.

  14. Wil – No, if I had to choose, at this point, I’d stay with the 3G unlimited air card. It is much more stable, and the 4G MFi has gone over its 5 gig limit every month, even with the 3G card also being used daily. The 3G card only went over 5 gig once in years.

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