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Feb 212012

After pushing hard for several days to get the new issue of the Gypsy Journal finished and off to the printer, I was really looking forward to sleeping in yesterday morning. But at 7 AM somebody knocked on the door, or else I dreamed somebody knocked on the door, I’m not sure which. But whatever it was, it woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I laid there for a while, listening to the guy in the site next to us trying to start a motorcycle over and over and over again without success. I finally gave up and got out of bed to start my day. Miss Terry is a sound sleeper so she was able to stay in bed for another hour or so before she got up. I had a huge stack of e-mails waiting for me, and over 50 of them were forwards. And 40 of those forwards are from the same person! Every couple of weeks he does this, flooding my inbox with junk I have no interest in. I have asked him over and over not to do that, so now he’s banned from my e-mail list. Why do some people think that everybody else wants to hear about abused puppies and kittens, some poor kid dying of cancer somewhere, the latest scam by the Democrats/Republicans/Independents or whoever, and how if I just pray hard enough and forward this missive Jesus will make my whole life perfect? Newsflash, except for your stupid forwards, my life is pretty damn perfect! I mean really, 40 forwards in one morning? Get a life!

I decided to get new tires for the Explorer, so a little before noon I went over to Fletcher Tires. The young man at the counter told me they were closing up early that day, and it would be better to come back another time. Huh? I guess they’ve got a lot of business, because they sure weren’t interested in mine. I drove down the road to Big O tires, but they were swamped; probably because nobody could get work done at Fletcher’s so they came to Big O. The fellow at the counter wasn’t too optimistic about getting to us before late in the day. I’ll just wait until we get to Yuma. Maybe somebody there will take my money.

I went back to the motorhome and picked up Terry, and we ran a couple of errands, then stopped by her parents’ house for a visit. Unfortunately, her mother Bess now has our cold. Yes, Bess, I brought that all the way from Florida to give to you for your birthday! 🙂

We got back home a little before 5:30 PM and Terry’s cousin Carolyn Henley was there waiting for us. While we have talked on the phone a lot in the last few months, we hadn’t seen Carolyn in over a year, so was nice to have a chance to visit.

Today Terry wants to check out a yarn and fiber store in Mesa, and then she tells me it’s time to go to the grocery store and get some serious shopping done. Which means I’ll either sit in the truck and read my Kindle and nap, or stay home and pretend to work, and nap. Decisions, decisions. What will I do?

Thought For The Day – The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.

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  8 Responses to “Monday In Mesa”

  1. While in AZ, we found a great place for tires that is nationwide. You might want to check them out “Discount Tire”. They seem to hire the best employees, and everyone really seems to know their job. Plus, for an addl $15 per tire when you purchase your tires, they will rotate/balance or fix any flat for the life of the tire. This has come in handy a number of times since you can go to any store in the USA. We hooked up Greg White with them and he was really pleased with his results/price.

    Discount Tire in Yuma is at : 820 E 32nd St ·

  2. I’ll second the vote for Discount Tire.

    I’ve bought at tires for at least different vehicles there and have always had great service, including service at “on the road” stores for repairs and rotations.

    PLUS, their prices are always very competitive and I believe that they will price match.


  3. EDIT,
    That was supposed to say: I’ll second the vote for Discount Tire.

    I’ve bought at tires for at least FIVE different vehicles there and have always had great service, including service at “on the road” stores for repairs and rotations.

    PLUS, their prices are always very competitive and I believe that they will price match.


  4. I concur with all of the above about Discount Tires. They are the best in the country. Only problem with them is they do not do large RV tires, only cars and small trailers.

  5. I’ll throw in my 2 cents worth for Discount Tire as well. I’ve been buying tires from them for years, and found the service and prices to be good. Last RV trip we went on I had a flat tire on my pickup caused by a puncture out near the edge of the tread, which could not be repaired. I had bought the replacement certificates with the tires 3 years ago, and Discount replaced the $200 tire for $32. They have locations in Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma. Recommended.

  6. It sounds as though the Discount Tire guys have it all together. With all of the recomendations,it may be a good idea to call first…..
    Waiting in line for something with your money in your hand and being turned away is pretty frustrating to say the least.
    I experienced that Monday morning in Tucson for a look at the brakes on our Toad. I did find a small shop and they were very accomodating and did the repair.

  7. John,

    Although they don’t “DO” large RV tires per say, our local store did provide me with a very good “cash & carry” quote on 315-70R-22.5 tires for our bus conversion.

    No install or no warranty, but the price was exceptionally good.


  8. Several folks beat me to the punch in recommending Discount Tire! They are wonderful and we have always been very pleased with them. Several years ago we stopped for lunch at a road side rest stop in west Texas and found all the tread missing from one of our trailer tires (still had the air in it thankfully). We changed it there and then looked to see where there might be a Discount Tire and found one in Midland,TX. We pulled in around 5 PM and were out with a new tire replacement in less than an hour and the only cost was for a new tire replacement certificate. The tire cost was $385 so we figured $65 was cheap insurance!

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