Feb 262012

We hit the ground running yesterday morning, and never stopped until late at night. And the pace isn’t going to ease up until after the rally is over.

Our day started with a telephone call from the screen printer in Casa Grande who makes our rally T-shirts. We had not been able to connect earlier, and I wasn’t sure if they would still have time to get the shirts done and to us in time for the rally. But the owner assured me that they will be delivered on Monday, the regular rally parking day. We usually get them a week or so before, but this will work. We may need to draft a volunteer or two to help Bill Becker get them all folded and ready for display. I’ll leave that for Bill to describe.

As always, there was a large pile of e-mail to be dealt with, and we worked our way through that. I appreciate everybody who wrote to tell us not to fret over the goof-up in the printing of the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. As one reader wrote, breathe in, breathe out, move on. Life goes on.

About the time I got the last e-mail answered, Charles and Chris Yust arrived, and we had a nice visit with them, talking about the rally, life on the road as working RVers, the various insurance services they provide for RVers, and everything else under the sun.

There is a gun show going on here at the fairgrounds this weekend so Charles and I went over to look at all the goodies and see if they had anything we couldn’t live without. As it turns out, they didn’t, and I came home empty handed, which was probably just as well.

After Charles and Chris left, Terry worked on last minute updates to our various mailing lists, and I caught up on the e-mail that had come in while I was at the gun show. I got that done and decided to take a short nap before dinner, but only a few minutes later, Tom and Barbara Westerfield arrived to check in with us. They are part of our advance staff, and have been staying at a nearby RV park. They will move their motorhome here to the fairgrounds tomorrow to start helping us with rally details. Poor Barbara somehow managed to break one of her toes earlier in the day and was really feeling the pain. But I know Barbara, she’ll soldier on and get the job done.

Soon after Tom and Barbara left, we took off to meet Charles and Chris Yust, and Daryl and Cheri Lawrence for dinner at a fantastic German restaurant in Yuma’s old downtown area called Das Bratwurst Haus. We had a good time laughing and telling lies, and the food was absolutely delicious. I’m glad we discovered this place, and we’ll definitely go back again while we’re in town.

Back at the fairgrounds, Terry spent the evening dealing with paperwork, and I got the new digital issue mailed out to our subscribers. By the time that was done, and I had written my blog post, we were more than ready for bed.

Today will be more of the same, as well as stuffing envelopes to get the new issue mailed out. Both Tom and Barbara, and Greg and Jan White will be pulling in today, and we sure have a lot of work to keep them busy!

Thought For The Day – There are people who have money and people who are rich.

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  1. What would you do without your volunters. Dont fret the misprint

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