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Feb 032012

In the last week I’ve had three different people tell me that $5 a gallon gas is coming this summer, which will put an end to the RV lifestyle as we know it. One gentleman told me he can’t decide if he should sell his RV now while there’s still a chance to get something out of it, or if he should just hold onto it in the hope that someday prices will drop back down to normal levels. Whatever normal is.

It seems like every year about this time there’s a new panic; gas is going to $4 a gallon, gas is going to $5 a gallon, the oil cartels will cut off the supply and there won’t be any fuel available at all! Why do people listen to the naysayers running around like Chicken Little yelling that the sky is falling? Yes, gas may go to $5 a gallon, but then again it may drop to $2 a gallon. Naaa, probably not. But the point is, fuel prices are going to do whatever they’re going to do. As I always say, you can pay it or you can park it.

I remember back years ago when gas first went to a dollar a gallon and people were never going to drive again. They were going to park their cars and walk, ride bicycles, heck maybe they were going to ride pogo sticks for all I know. Well, gas went to a dollar a gallon, and then $2 a gallon, then $3 a gallon, even $4 a gallon or more sometimes in some places. And guess what? People are still driving cars!

We can always find something to worry about; fuel prices, upcoming elections, crime in the streets, the state of the economy – it’s enough to make you just want to stay in bed and cover your head with your pillow. Of course, if we did that we would probably all get bedsores and die from some weird flesh eating disease.

Here’s an idea, how about we enjoy life today and stop worrying about tomorrow, or next week, or next year? Nobody knows if we’ll even be around that long. Live for today.

After yesterday’s blog about our frustrations at the Flying J in Edinburg, which I mistakenly said was in Mission, I got an e-mail from Jay Stinnett, a blog reader who also happens to be a Senior Regional Sales Manager for Flying J, who helps oversee the company’s RV programs. Jay apologized for the difficulties we had, and assured me that he would be bringing them up at a general managers meeting in a couple of weeks. I appreciate somebody who goes the extra mile like Jay did. American business needs more people like him.

Folks here in Mission, Texas know I’m in town even if they haven’t seen me and don’t read the blog. Why? Because it rained! Texas needs all the water it can get, and I’ve heard rumors of an underground movement to have me elected governor. If I stayed in the Lone Star State long enough, Dallas would probably have more canals than Venice.

I have uploaded a revised schedule to our Arizona Gypsy Journal Rally page. We’ve pretty much filled in all the time slots except for a couple on Thursday. There still may be a change or two, but I think you’ll agree we’ve got a lot to offer.

We’re going to have some great door prizes at this rally. Strongback Chairs has donated another of their excellent chairs as a door prize, we’ll be giving away an Amazon Kindle e-book reader, and yesterday I got an e-mail from Tim and Crystal Ryerson from Inflatable Boats 4 Less telling me that they wanted to donate one of their excellent Sea Eagle 370 Pro kayaks as a door prize. How cool is that? Thanks Tim and Crystal!

Rally registrations are coming in daily and if you haven’t made plans to attend the rally I hope you do. We’d love to have you join us in Yuma.

Thought For The Day – Believing in yourself is the first step toward success.

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  20 Responses to “$5 Gallon Gas”

  1. You have the right attitude on fuel prices. We went to Alaska in 2008, the year of the highest fuel prices in American history. Diesel in Canada was close to $6 per gallon. We survived and had a great trip. That same year, I was randomly selected by a local TV reporter in Billings, MT, for an interview regarding the high cost of fuel and RV’ing. I told her “This is what we do; we just adjust for it”. So if fuel goes up again, stay longer in one place and make fewer/shorter day trips and be grateful you don’t have to commute 100 miles a day to and from a job.

  2. Update Mission Texas, it’s been raining since 4:30 AM…when are you leaving? Not real happy about possible delays for our Texas room project because you’re in town. We need rafters and a roof! On the plus side the digging ought to be easy for sewer, water & power lines.

  3. Nick, you are totally unqualified to be Governor of Texas, or of any state for that matter. You are way too principled & level headed!

  4. We have friends in Montana without RV’s who have always joined us for a week or two wherever we happen to land for the winter–Mexico, Arizona,Texas etc. This will be the third year they haven’t joined us strictly because of the “sky is falling” principal. Too worried to leave their homes, buying gold, nay-saying such things as “the presidential election will never happen this year.” I refuse to live my life that way, I refuse to lay awake worrying at night, if it happens it happens and I will deal with it then!

  5. Can’t get to the rally this year, darn it! We’re really sorry we can’t make it in. Can I register in name only for the kayak giveaway? Ha ha… 🙂

  6. Nick There is a rumor going around Arizona that all the snowbirds here have started a fundraiser to keep you out of Arizona for the winter. We dont want rain here, we want sunshine, please stay in Texas where they need the rain, then head to New Mexico, I am sure they are having a drought also, what about Alabama, Tennesee, Georgia wasnt too long ago they were suffering from lack of rain!! Anywhere but Arizona!!

  7. I agree about fuel prices. We just adjust accordingly. It amazes me that people would stop RVing because of fuel costs. Are they running their finances that close to the bone?

    If people haven’t noticed, everything is going up: camping fees, food, insurance, etc. Prices ALWAYS have gone up. Inflation has always been with us. All you have to do is look at prices from 10, 20 30, etc years ago.

    We find a way to make it happen. I have said it before and I will say it again, I think that the people who stop RVing because of fuel prices, don’t want to RV anymore. This is a convenient way to stop. If you REALLY want to continue to RV or do anything for that matter, you will find a way. That includes finding a way to get more money: work part time, workcamp, go on a budget, lower other costs, stay in one place longer, etc.

    If you want to RV, you will. Period. If you want to stop RVing, you will. Period. Just don’t tell me it was because it was the fuel prices. I don’t buy it. You didn’t want to continue to RV so you found a way to stop. Plain and simple.

    My opinion. Connie B.

  8. From 40 years of rving of which 16 years full timing. I have always said that if people kept records of there real expenses they would realise that fuel is one of there least expenses, unless they drove and unusual amount of miles. When you park that rv think what it cost you to own it and when you sell it you will find out what a true expense is. I agree with Connie

  9. Keep in mind if you drive your RV ten thousand miles a year at 7.5 mpg which I do and the price of fuel goes up a dollar a gallon ie $4 – $5 that equals only about $25.00/wk. Now I don’t see it as a big problem coming up with an additional $25 a week. I agree with all the above comments about fuel prices and why stop RVing for that reason.
    Ever since Nick left FL the weather here in South GA has improved every few days as he moves further West. Please keep on moven on down the highway.

  10. Just vote for your Obama again ! and you will find out just how high fuel prices can
    get!! Or mount a tall windmell on your rv . I think his trying to do away with the pipe
    line may have been his waterloo! I sure hope so!!!!! Ken

  11. The sad thing about rising fuel prices is that it costs each one of us more. Meanwhile the oil companies are making windfall profits. That is, so much profit that it is extremely huge. Some people are getting really rich because there is no way for us to fight it. You got to have it and they know that. Our usage is way down this year so they up the price to offset it. He who has the gold rules!

  12. worrying about gas prices will give you a ulcer. When gas prices go up we just stop longer or may alter where we go. We need that pipe line that Obama keeps rejecting, well maybe after we get rid of him in Nov it may happen. Folks in California are paying the highest prices in the states at over $4 and in some places in LA it is over $5 and millions are still driving. Hang up the keys, no way we love this life style to much to be held hostage by the oil companies, and yes we live on a budget, we just adjust it when needed.

  13. Why must so many insert political leanings to make their political case regarding a column which is basically saying that we should go with the flow and adjust ourselves accordingly. It is about time that folks realize how limited a president’s powers actually are and take a longer look at the folks they send to congress.

    It is about time we all started respecting the presidency, whether or not any one of us likes or dislikes the current president. Hatred and fear (regardless of political party) cause nothing but hate and bigger rifts. Time to agree to disagree and work to help each other as we can.

  14. Prices are what they are. If the cost of food goes sky high I’m still planning on eating. You pay as you go and if you can’t pay anymore you don’t go as far. Keep it simple…that’s our motto.

  15. Hey, Nick, when will you upload the new Big Lake novel to Smashwords for us Nook readers?

    I agree with Connie about fuel prices and with Dale about the presidency. Let’s face it, the roots of our problems here in America go back a whole lot farther than our current president’s term, or even his life span! Our problems in this country didn’ t happen overnight, and they’ re not going away overnight. Nor is one man capable of completely turning everything around in four years ( no matter what is promised). Let’ s all grow up and do what we can to make a life in the midst of these problems, even as we all strive for some answers.

  16. I love your blogs. It feels like I’m out traveling. If the price of gas goes up, there about eighty RV campgrounds whitin a hundred miles of me, that should keep me busy for a while

  17. Dee and Bob,
    It’s been uploaded to Smashwords, but thay can take two weeks or more to make it available. I’ll have a announcement in the blog once it is online.

  18. Thank you Dale, Dee and Bob!

  19. I bought gas at Costco in Orange County, CA yesterday — $3.589 per gallon, same as last week, and the week before. Just saying. (We’re between L.A. and San Diego). Nobody’s happy about it, but nobody’s freaking out, either.

    Steve and I will be heading out again this spring regardless of gas prices. We’ll cut costs elsewhere if need be. Traveling is just too interesting to give up!

  20. As the price of gas goes so does all petroleum products. Does that mean that people who heat their houses with oil should sell their homes? No! Like home owners we will adjust. Home owners lower thermostats. RVers drive slower or park a little longer. Maybe we travel alittle less farther or find a work camping job to help with the added cost. Bottom line is the sky is not falling! Make the best of a bad situation or as the saying goes”when life gives you lemons make lemonade”.

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