Jan 092012

We sure are glad to see warming weather in central Florida. Now if we can just stop working and get out and have some fun!

After a leisurely morning, we spent much of yesterday working at our desks. Terry was busy proofing my new book, and I was busy trying to format Big Lake for a print edition. I thought I had it pretty well taken care of, but then I ran into a problem setting up the margins in the gutter, which is the space in the center of a book where the pages come together. I tried this and I tried that, and by the time I was done, I had really butchered the darn thing, to the point where the best option is to just go back and start over. So it’s back to square one on that project.

A little before 4 p.m., we walked over to the campground’s activity center for the weekly ice cream social. One thing about RVers, we never miss a chance to eat! There was a nice crowd, and we spent some time chatting with different folks before it was time to get in line for our goodies.

After an hour or two of fellowship, we walked back to the motorhome, and soon after we got there, Russ Johnson came by to purchase one of our 7-in-1 CDs with our guides to free campgrounds, fairgrounds with RV parking, RV friendly casinos, RV good guys, and more. We first met Russ a while back, when we were teaching at Life on Wheels, and he was a student. Now he’s a fulltime RVer, enjoying life on the road.

After Russ left, Miss Terry made a delicious dinner of anchovy aïoli, and fresh hot cheesy garlic bread. Oh, was that good! That lady sure knows how to cook!

Today being Monday, wer’e headed back to the Webster Flea Market, to see what kind of goodies we just can’t live without. Terry is looking for some single loaf bread pans, and some replacement pieces for her Corlle dishes. Her oatmeal flax bread has become a big hit with many of our friends, and she can’t seem to keep up with the demand.

It seems like we never have time to get all the things done we want to do. Before we start heading West, I would really like to go through our storage bays and do some sorting and discarding. And I definitely want to get our kayaks wet!

Somebody asked me at the ice cream social if we ever saw ourselves slowing down, either hanging up the keys, or becoming RV snowbirds, with a base in the Sunbelt during the winter, and someplace up North the rest of the year. I told him I just didn’t see that happening. We’ve got too much wanderlust in our souls, and so much we want to see and do while we still can. Besides, if we stay in one place too long, they might catch up with us and put us back in the home!

Thought For The Day – Everybody makes mistakes. But admit your own before you point out someone else’s.

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  3 Responses to “Who Doesn’t Love Ice Cream?”

  1. Get ready my friend,,,,,,cause I ‘m here to tell you its gona happen and when it does you just have to deal with it. Meanwhile give ‘er hell and GO, Go, GO!!!

  2. We just cleaned our basement compartments this weekend and other than cleaning and organizing the only thing we tossed was an empty 2 buck Chuck box.

  3. Yum…..Terry’s oatmeal bread sounds like something she should share in Yuma (hint hint). Check’s in the mail so we’ll see you in a couple of months.

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