Shiver Me Timbers!

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Jan 032012

Baby, it’s cold outside! How cold is it! Damn cold! Last night the temperature got down to 34 degrees, and today’s high is only predicted to be 49! But that’s not the worst of it, tonight it’s supposed to go all the way down to 25! I highly disapprove! 🙁

Yesterday morning we were up long before our usual time, because it was Monday, and Monday in this area of central Florida means it’s time for the Webster Flea Market. The flea market covers several acres, and you can find vendors selling all kinds of trash and treasures. Need a vintage Archie comic book, a lid for your Tupperware bowl, a torque wrench, a cast iron frying pan, a box of shotgun shells, or a fishing rod? I know you can find it there, because we saw all that and more yesterday, along with antiques, modern guns, knockoff designer sunglasses, carnival glass, and a lot more that I can’t remember, because who would want to?

Other things I don’t want to remember are the number of women of all ages, shapes, and sizes with tattoos. Apparently they’re very proud of their ink art in this part of the world, because even though it was a cool morning, I never saw so much flesh on display without first having to put a quarter in a slot. Do you realize how many young women had roses tattooed on their boobs, and how much longer those stems are getting every year? And it wasn’t just young women. I mean really, if your Depends cover up part of your tramp stamp, you may want to rethink your fashion statement! I’m telling you, it was more than the cold weather that made me shiver!

But we had a good time wandering around looking at all of the goodies. Terry picked up a couple of kitchenware items she was looking for, and some wooden bobbins that looked like they were used in a woolen mill. She wants to use them to wind her yarn on. Speaking of yarn and things like that, do any of you blog readers have a Hansen miniSpinner? Terry has been researching them online, and would love to talk to somebody who has one and get their feedback.   

We’ll be on the road this morning, driving up to Ocala for our appointment at Cummins Coach Care to have them look at our heater core. Yesterday afternoon, when we got back from the swap meet we (okay, Terry) bypassed the heater core, and then I ran the engine for ten minutes or so to see if we had any leaks. Not a drop, so we’re good to go.

The Cummins shop has an RV parking area with electric, but I hope they’ll be done early enough that we can drive back to Bushnell before dark. And once we get back and hooked up, I plan to settle in, put on my comfy sweats and my Teepee Creepers, and not poke my nose outside unil the thermometer hits 70 again!

Thought For The Day – I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day. – Frank Sinatra

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  9 Responses to “Shiver Me Timbers!”

  1. I have a Hansen! I just love it, and bought it with the idea that I will be spinning across America while my husband drives our (yet to be purchased) RV in 3 1/2 years. I have the Woolee Winder, too (I think that attachment is the bees knees.) You can rest the thing on your dashboard and spin on the road, with the plug that fits in your lighter. It weighs practically nothing. It takes up no space. I have had mine for a year, no problems, and would recommend it heartily. The company stands behind their product with fabulous service. If Jan has specific questions, she can email me.

  2. Who’s Jan?

  3. What are bees knees?

  4. Nick — I also do not understand the attraction or need for all of the skin art. Several members of my family have many $$$’s worth of tattoos and then bemoan the fact that they do not have money for other much more important things. I feel the same way about all the strange piercings and ear lobe enlargements. Do these people think that these sort of body alterations make them more attractive? Certainly not to me. At a recent VA physical, I was asked if I had any tattoos. I responded in the negative and asked why the question. The nurse responded that there probably be an explosion of hepatitis cases in the future do the possiblity of tattoos and piercings done with contaminated equipment. My skin may be wrinkled, but it is not a piece of low grade art. Love your blog and sympathize with you on the low temps. I am in Magnolia Springs, Alabama where it was about 33 this am. But was 15 in Wisconsin, so I will take what I have.

  5. My fondest memory of the Webster Flea Market is the booth selling corn on the cob (roasted?). They had a gazillion different shakers of stuff to put on it, but the best was the all-mixed-together shaker. Plus, you can buy all sorts of extra little trains for Mexican Train there. Only place I’ve seen them.

  6. Whoops! Guess I had a senior moment there, Nick! Sorry about renaming your wife! LOL! Forgive me, Terry?

  7. Trisha, could it be that the Russells spend a lot of time with Greg and JAN White?

  8. That may be it! Or the fact that I responded at 5:11 am may have figured in somehow…

  9. Absolutely loved your comments on tattoos. As a former massage therapist you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen. Often I’ve pondered them for several minutes wondering “what IS that anyway?” and why they wanted to do this to themselves.

    In addition to the roses, there are some tweety birds that are starting to resemble vultures and are sure to scare the grandchildren!

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