Bye Bye Hitch Itch!

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Jan 182012

We’re scratching our hitch itch, and it sure feels good! We’ve enjoyed the almost four months we’ve spent in Florida, but too much of it was spent sitting still, either at the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve, or at the Escapees Sumter Oaks campground. Both are nice places, but I tend to get bored seeing the same old scenery day after day. I guess that guarantees we’ll never hang up our keys, doesn’t it? 🙂

Yesterday we left the Escapees Campground and came to Ocala, where Cummins Coach Care installed the new heater core in our Winnebago, and then we spent the night parked in one of their RV sites, which have 30/50 amp electric and water. Today we’ll take the two lane roads into the Florida Panhandle, our favorite mode of travel. We may stop at Mexico Beach, or we may keep on going, and stop wherever we are when we’re tired of driving. It’s nice not to be in a hurry, and to have no place we have to be.

We experienced something weird at Sumter Oaks. We were there a few days, when suddenly the little keychain fob remote control device I use to lock and unlock our Ford Explorer stopped working. At the same time, Miss Terry’s did the same thing. We assumed that through some strange coincidence, the batteries in both happened to die at the same time. But if we were in town, they worked. In fact, they even worked on the other side of the campground. Just not at our site, or within about 200 feet of it. Anywhere else, both key fobs worked.

Since he’s a lot smarter than me, even if he isn’t nearly as pretty, I called my pal Greg White and asked him if he had any idea what was causing the phenomena. Greg said he suspected there was something near our site putting out a signal that was blocking the key fobs from working. Then, a couple of weeks later, the problem disappeared! Well, that was strange!

A couple of days ago, the fellow from the fifth wheel parked next to us, and another guy from a couple of sites down, came by to ask us if we had some kind of electronic device operating that might block the signals on their remote controls! Is that the Twilight Zone theme I hear playing in the background?

Here’s another strange thing – twice now, a comment has turned up here on the blog from me, but I didn’t make them. They had my avatar, my e-mail address, but they were not from me. After some research that really didn’t get us anywhere, I mentioned the first incident in the blog, and Butterbean, a regular reader from Texas, wrote to say that he had posted the comment, but we still don’t know how it showed up as being from me.

The same thing happened again yesterday. A blog comment that appeared to come from me, but that I didn’t make. Neither Greg nor Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour think anything has been hacked, and the posts were not malicious. Heck, I don’t think Butterbean has a malicious bone in his body. Well, except for apparently assuming my identity. In return, I think it’s only fair that he send me all of his credit cards info and pin numbers, so I can assume his identity! :) 

I have had some inquiries about RV driving lessons at our Yuma Rally. George Mayleben, the owner of the RV Driving School, will be doing a couple of seminars at the rally, and will also be offering individual behind the wheel driving classes in your own RV. To schedule your private class, contact George directly at the RV Driving School.

Thought For The Day – A committee is an organized group that keeps minutes and wastes hours.

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  5 Responses to “Bye Bye Hitch Itch!”

  1. I know about scratching that itch. We’ve been home since Nov. 1 and had planned to hit the road for AZ right after New Year’s Day. Health issues put a hold on our travel plans until late this afternoon. Doc called and I’ve been quoting another famous Dr, “I am free at last, free at last, thank God, I’m free at last” — until he wants to see me in three months to repeat all my Valley Fever tests. We’re hitting the road tomorrow afternoon. See you in Yuma!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful news, Judy! Travel safe and we’ll see you soon.

  3. Hi Nick and Miss Terry
    I had a weird incident happen while living in Portland TX. I hopped in my 06 Dodge Diesel to pick up some friends at the Corpus Christi airport one weekend. I had the truck on cruise until about a mile from the airport when the cruise kicked out! I tried to reengage it several times to no avail and it remained off until I got about a mile away from the airport headed back to Portland. I got on the Turbo Diesel website and found that several folks had this problem and they blamed the strong radar signals for disabling the cruise. Strange deal indeed.
    Best wishes for safe travels.
    Don in Oklahoma.

  4. Nick, regarding the key fob problem, we had the same situation happen at a RV park neat Fort Myers last year. I replaced the batteries and still nothing. Assuming the key fob went bad, I didn’t worry about it and left the park several days later. Tried the fob while hooking up at the gate and it worked again and has worked flawlessly since. Someone suggested the WIFI signals and we were by an antenna but I really don”t know. Bob

  5. Itch,itch,itch,scratch,scratch,scratch. Rolling wheels will cure that. Wewill be leaving FL soon also. Gotta scratch that itch!

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