A Foggy Day On I-10

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Jan 232012

It rained again Saturday night and it was still raining when we got up at 7:30 yesterday morning. Why must I keep getting up so early if it’s too ugly to do anything? What’s up with that?

Fortunately, by 9 a.m. the rain had stopped and all we had was a heavy overcast. We took our time getting ready to leave Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale. About 9:30 I unhooked our utilities and went over to the office to pay our bill. When I came back, Miss Terry had already started the engine, pulled in our slide rooms, had the jacks up, and was putting away the wooden jack pads. I sure like having a wife who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and help with the chores when we’re getting ready to roll. But don’t get any ideas honey, that doesn’t mean I’m going to help with any chores when we’re parked and sitting still! 🙂

My friend Jack Mayer came by with his dog Poppy, to wish us safe travels and so I could get my puppy fix before we hit the road. As we were hooking up the Explorer to our Blue Ox tow bar, Jay Lester stopped to say hello. We have not seen Jay in a long time, so it was nice to see him, even if it was for such a short time.

We left the campground a little before 10:30 and when we got onto Interstate 10 in Daphne, we were surprised at how heavy the traffic was for a Sunday morning. It was very foggy crossing the causeway over Mobile Bay but traffic moved along at a steady pace with no problems. I was hoping to see the battleship Alabama, which is permanently on display in Mobile Bay, but it was hidden by the fog.

Foggy Mobile Bay casusway

I’m always amazed when we take Interstate 10 through this area. You’re driving along and the city is there in front of you, then you go through a tunnel and when you come out the other side, the city is behind you! How cool is that?

Mobile tunnel 2

Traffic was heavy most of the day, but there weren’t many slowdowns and we made good time.

Busy Alabama I10

We stopped at the Flying J in Gulfport, Mississippi for fuel, which was $3.66 a gallon with our Flying J/Pilot frequent fueler card. Back on the highway, we continued west into Louisiana, running under heavy clouds and occasional patches of fog.

Foggy Louisiana

We took Interstate 12 north around Lake Pontchartrain to avoid the New Orleans area and reconnected with I-10 in Baton Rouge, where we crossed the Mississippi River on the high, wide, Horace Wilkinson bridge. This is the highest bridge on the Mississippi, but it is three lanes wide, so I just stayed in the middle and stared at the rear end of the camper in front of me until we were down the other side.   

Bridge over Mississippi

Bridge over Mississippi 2

Terry got a picture of this riverboat as we were crossing the bridge.


Between Baton Rouge and Lafayette, we crossed the Atchafalaya Bayou on another long causeway and had more fog to deal with. This area always looks flooded, but I guess that’s just its natural state because it always looks the same every time we travel through here.

Louisiana wetlands 2

Louisiana wetlands 3

Louisiana wetlands

People talk about how rough Interstate 10 is across Louisiana, and there were a few rough patches, but overall it’s no worse than Interstate 40 across northern Arizona and New Mexico, or a lot of other roads we have traveled. It’s sure a lot better than it was back when we first started fulltiming 13 years ago!

Water, water, everywhere.

Louisiana River

Louisiana bayou

We were not sure where we’d end up at for the night but had several options, including the RV friendly WalMart at Beaux Bridge, the Passport America campground at Rayne (better known as Frog City), or several truck stops and casinos along the way. But it was a good day for driving in spite of the occasional fog and mist and we decided to push on for Lake Charles. The last 40 miles or so, a stiff wind had come up and we got bounced around a little bit, but nothing too bad.

We had to cross another high bridge in Lake Charles, but there was construction on the bridge and the traffic was down to one lane in both directions. Fortunately it was the inside lane, which I appreciated.

Lake Charles bridge

Here is a bit of trivia I just discovered; a fellow told me that metal dueling pistols are incorporated into the design of the bridge and help support the guardrails. In fact, there are supposed to be 10,572 of the pistols on the bridge. Here is a picture of them he sent me. I have driven over this bridge many times and never knew that! Did you?

Lake Charles bridge guns

We parked at the Isle of Capri Casino, just under the western edge of the bridge. They have RV sites with electric for $5 a night, or you can dry camp for free in a paved, well lighted lot. I talked to the security guard, who said they are on duty in the lot all night long to keep anyone out who doesn’t belong. There is some traffic noise from the bridge and highway, but it’s not too bad.

Under Lake Charles bridge

We covered 355 miles, which seems to be our style even when we say we‘re going to travel at a slower pace. What can I say? It works for us. We’re only about 145 miles from our destination, Galveston Bay RV Resort, in Dickinson, Texas. We’ll hang out there a few days visiting our friends Greg and Jan White, and with any luck at all, I’ll break something while we’re there and Greg will get to fix it. 🙂

Thought For The Day – An apology is a good way to have the last word.

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  12 Responses to “A Foggy Day On I-10”

  1. Hey NIck. Keep on coming! You’re getting close to Houston now, and as you get closer on the east side, RAIN is getting closer on the west. We are having a severe drought, so really need that RAIN. If we buy you all the Mexican food you want, would you be willing to stay around for a while??? Greg says Dickinson is a really nice place. 🙂

  2. The tour of the Battleship ALABAMA, the Submarine DRUM and the Air Museum located at Mobile, is DEFINITELY worth the time and small admission fee.

    I encourage everyone to visit there when they are in the area, it gives you a whole different perspective of what our sailors endured through their tours of duty.


  3. We had heard one time that Louisiana would be building a new bridge over Lake Charles and would be selling those pistols. Don’t know if true.

    Leonard’s childhood home was moved as it was right in the path of I-10 right under the exit ramp of Exit 4, the last Louisiana exit.

    We visited friends a few years ago at that park in Dickinson. Nice park!

  4. The pop up for a subscription to the travel letter has a response site that does not work. I continue to get “unknown address” response….

  5. You got out of Alanama in time to miss the tornados! Y’all were lucky or good planners!

  6. OK Nick Fess up !!! We all know that there are your share of the chores you help with around the house. We are married too, and know how all the work is Shared !

  7. I just had a thought. Does the fog make it easier for you to cross a bridge?


  8. I am proud of you no sniffling crossing so many bridges. the tunnel freaks me out every time we have gone thru it. We have traveled over the pistol bridge and never saw the guns. We have had to deal with fog the past few day and it is unusual. Bring sunshine not rain when you get here. Travel safe

  9. Looks like you left a string of tornadoes in your wake!

  10. Paul, we are trying to get the problem resolved now.

    JC, actually it does soemtimes, I can’t see over the sides.

  11. Nick, we know you “love” bridges, but this recent image of the Mackinac Bridge would even scare me away:


  12. I would take the mighty Macinaw Bridge over a tunnel any day! I dont like tunnels!

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