Dec 282011

The weatherman was predicting thunderstorms for yesterday afternoon, with some of them possibly being severe, so we planned to stay close to home all day. As it turned out, we had some rain for about ten or fifteen minutes mid-day, but then it cleared up and we had blue sky for most of the afternoon. Nobody around here was complaining about that. About midnight, the wind picked up for a while, but no rain came with it.

After I wrote a while back that we had decided to sell our hard shell kayaks, now that Miss Terry has fallen in love with her Sea Eagle 385 Fast Track from Inflatable Boats 4 Less, a couple contacted us and said they were working at Amazon for the Christmas season, but if we’d hold on to them, they’d buy the kayaks from us when they got to Florida.

They’re coming to pick them up today, so yesterday, we took the boats off the roof of the Explorer and spent a couple of hours cleaning them up with 303 Protectant. My pal Dave Damon, who sells 303 at RV rallies, has been nagging me to put a coat on the boats ever since we saw him in Indiana last fall. So now Dave can relax. Of course, he’ll be on me to treat our Sea Eagles now! But it’s great stuff, and we need to put some on the next time we inflate them. Nothing like protecting your investment! 🙂

After I wrote about our heater core leak in yesterday’s blog, three people wrote to tell me that instead of re-plumbing the intake and outlet heater hoses together to bypass the heater core, I should be able to  turn off the water from two valves in the engine compartment. But they all had Freightliner chassis, and ours is a Spartan. Once we were down with the kayaks, Terry and I spent some time trying to find the water shut off valves on our Winnebago, if we even have them. We could not locate any, and had about decided we don’t have them, but later in the evening, I talked to Charles Yust on the phone, and he said he had the same problem, and told me where they are on his Spartan, which was nowhere near where the folks with Freightliners have theirs. So we’ll see if we can find them again, now that we know where to look.

About the time we were done with all of that, a very nice young couple named Kyle and Lisa Henson were passing by with their four year old daughter, Kylee, and we got into a conversation with them. They are new fulltimers who plan to home school Kylee as they travel, and they have a very nice blog, House Truckin’ to document their adventures. Did you know there are wild monkeys running around near Ocala, Florida? You will after you read House Truckin’! We always enjoy meeting new fulltimers and getting to know them. I hope we get to visit with the Henson’s again while we’re here.

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned a book I had just finished reading called Redfield Farm. Miss Terry, being a traditionalist, has resisted the e-book revolution up until now, but last night she started reading Redfield Farm on my Kindle. I suspect Amazon will be making a delivery to us sometime between now and our anniversary in mid-January. 🙂

Thought For The Day – Why must we argue? Can’t we just agree that you’re an idiot, and let it go at that?

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  8 Responses to “The Storm That Didn’t Happen”

  1. We just downloaded the Kindle app onto our ipad, and of course the first book we bought was Big Lake. My husband, who has not read a paper book in a year, did nothing else for two days but read it straight through. Now it is my turn.

    Seriously, Nick, you can write! It’s great!

    Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you, Susan. I’m glad you are enjoying my book.

  3. After reading your blog I downloaded Redfield Farm. Read to Rpm on our way to Sacramento and last night too. Almost done. Being a Quaker makes this even more interesting . Tom now has a Kindle of his own. 🙂

  4. On your recommendation I just downloaded Redfield Farm…another good one I just read was King of Colored Town….a remarkable book.

  5. Why do you think we bought a Kindle in June? It is because of you and Big Lake! My husband ordered the Kindle and I was very hesitant about getting one because I am like Miss Terry. I love to feel the book in my hand, even if it weighs 10 pounds, haha. But now, I am the one who is in charge of the Kindle. I do offer my husband the chance to read it when I have a “real” book in my hands so he doesn’t feel left out. But, Miss Terry will really like the Kindle. Good luck!

  6. And now, you are committed to buying a Kindle for Terry, since you wrote about it in the blog…You know, there’s the Kindle FIRE, which looks really great, too! 🙂 (I had to do my part to help Terry, don’t ya know?!) Happy New Year, guys!

  7. […] 2 rallies each year to bring RVers and wannabes together to learn and fellowship. Turns out Nick mentioned meeting us in his blog and kindly linked to our blog, thus the 4000 hits yesterday. We had a good chat with […]

  8. I have been using the regular Kindle up untill Christmas day… Just got the Kindle Fire and love it.

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