Dec 032011

Yesterday was more of the same as I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. Yeah, I know, it’s just the same old story, day after day. The good news is that I should be done by the end of the weekend, and we may be able to start having fun again! This working for a living really cuts into my playtime! 🙂

I did take an hour or so off yesterday to go into town with Miss Terry. We dropped off some orders at the post office, and then stopped at Winn Dixie for some groceries. It was a nice day, so while Terry was inside shopping, I sat outside in the Explorer with the windows down, reading on my Kindle and eavesdropping on the people in the parking lot ,as they stopped to greet folks they knew and exchanged holiday greetings, or a bit of gossip. Don’t you just love small towns?  

I’ve always said that if you have lunch in a small town cafe and keep your ears open, by the time you’re finished eating, you’ll know who’s cheating on who, who got their truck repossessed, and who’s pregnant. Somebody once said people in small towns never use the turn signals in their cars, because everybody already knows where they’re going.

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A couple of readers have written to ask if, now that my mystery Big Lake has taken off and I have a sequel almost finished, I will get tired of publishing the Gypsy Journal. Don’t worry about that, I know that I’ve got a pretty good gig going on here, and I’m not going anywhere. Who knows, Amazon could stop selling my books tomorrow, and then what would I do? I might have to actually work for a living! 🙂

Speaking of Big Lake, while the book sales have exceeded my wildest dreams, I have never been happy with the rather bland cover. Yesterday, Dale Roberts, another Kindle author whom I met online on Amazon’s Author and Publisher forum, offered to design a new cover for me. What do you think?

Big Lake cover

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It looks like the cold front has moved on out, and it’s supposed to start warming up over the next few days. Once I get the paper done, we want to take advantage of the good weather to clean out and rearrange our motorhome’s storage bays. Even after thirteen years of fulltiming, we still keep finding things we have been carrying around for way too long, and not used. So it’s time to do some sorting and discarding, something  we seem to do every year. You’d think that eventually we’d be done with that once and for all, wouldn’t you? But somehow, new junk seems to slip in the bays from one side while we’re taking the old junk out on the other side of the Winnebago. How does that happen?

Thought For The Day – Don’t punish the people you will meet in the future for the actions of those from your past.

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  14 Responses to “I’m Not Going Anywhere”

  1. That cover looks great,nice job.

  2. Can’t remember what the old book cover looks like, but I will remember this one!
    Very nice.

  3. The new cover pops! Aren’t sunsets some of our favorite scenes? Love it.

  4. This book cover is MUCH better, great job.

  5. Two thumbs up on the new cover Nick. Looking forward to your next one. How many have you sold now?

  6. How much of your junk accumulated is due to having a need for it at one time or just something you thought was a good idea? We have a stick home and MH, I have a ton of tools (that may be literal) due to projects or making a repairs. For example, there are tube cutting tools in the MH that I have not used for at least for 4 years since replacing the stool, but who knows when and where the next plumbing repair will be necessary 🙂

  7. We like the new cover for the Hidden Lake.

  8. Agree…like the new cover.

  9. Yeah where does all the stuff come from? The other day I was sorting throughout stuff in a bay and found a boot. Just one boot. But I absolutely remember throwing that pair of boots in a dumpster. Did one crawl out and come back? Did I throw just ONE away? Why would I have done that?

  10. We are in our stick home through the holidays and my big pack-rat items are related to Electronics: chargers, coax, all sorts of connectors and cables (USB, audio, RCA, etc.) Amost daily I dig through the various staches I have in old popcorn cans, guest bedroom drawers, rally bags, etc. looking for something. I have one bag that goes back in the motorhome with each trip. If you ever need a cable or connector, check out your local thrift store (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.). I might just donate some while home.

  11. Great cover, Nick. Really enjoying your book.

  12. Nick,

    The new cover design is really great. However, since I read your book on my Kindle I don’t recall seeing a cover on your book or any other book for that matter.

  13. George,
    Most Kindle books have a cover, but the Kindle tends to start them on the first page of text, ignoring the cover and front matter (title page, table of contents, etc) When you open a book, click Menu, then click Go To, and you will see a place to click to go to the cover.

  14. “Thumbs up” on the new cover design – your friend did a fine job! And thanx for the tip on viewing other covers on Kndle.

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