Dec 052011

The latest news out of the Camping World/Good Sam crowd is that Camp Club USA, the highly touted discount campground membership program that Camping World has been selling for several years now, seems to be going away.

In a recent message to members, Marcus Lemonis (remember him from yesterday’s blog?) has announced that Camp Club USA members will be “transitioned” to Passport America memberships for the remaining period of their memberships, plus one extra month. I’m not sure how that will work out for members who already have a Passport America membership, but overall, I think Camp Club USA members will be much better off. Passport America is the oldest, largest, and in my opinion best, of all of the discount campground memberships. Everything else is a poor imitation, at best.

But for me, this only reinforces my opinion that I want to stay as far away as possible from anything Mr. Lemonis touches. I think he seems to want to be the Sam Walton of the RV world, but without the esteemed retail pioneer’s business sense or ability to get the job done.

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Moving on to other topics, late last night we finally got the new issue of the Gypsy Journal finished. But not without our share of frustrations. When I went to print out a proof copy for Miss Terry, our printer decided to go haywire. First it was printing the pages out two on a sheet, which made them much too small to read, and then it started tiling them, which means the pages were so large that it took four to cover a single page. I got that to stop, and then the printer jammed and had to be reset twice. What fun.

Hopefully I’ll be able to upload it to our printer’s web server this morning with a minimum of hassle, and still have time to get to the flea market over in Webster, which I have been promising Terry we’d do for a year now. If all goes well, the paper will get printed this week, and then trucked down to us from Michigan sometime next week, so we can get it mailed out. Because of holiday mail delays, we want to get it moving as soon as possible. Once the printer gives the paper a once over and pronounces it okay, I’ll be getting the digital issue formatted and sent out to our digital subscribers.

And then, when all of that is finished, we’ll actually have a little bit of time to play! How cool is that?

Oh yeah, I still have to finish my new book, don’t I? But that’s kind of like playing to me too!

Thought For The Day – A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you’re in deep water.

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  8 Responses to “Camp Club USA Going Away?”

  1. Nick
    Found it humorous that one of the ads below your first paragraph was for Good Sam!

  2. I just spent two days transferring back-up files on CD’s copied from my now-defunct PC to my Mac laptop. *heavy sigh* Re: your printer: You have my sympathy. 🙂

  3. If you had a PC I could help you better. It sounds like a printer driver issue.
    Try powering off the printer and the computer. Then powering them both back on. That may reset the printer spool.
    If not try to reload the printer driver.
    If that does not work, maybe you can call Apple.

    Or better yet, go back to a PC. 🙂


  4. If writing on the new book is play then play hard for you have many readers waiting on the new book. 🙂 This is only after take Miss Terry to the flea market as you should.

  5. Dennis, the ads are automatically generated by Google, but I agre, it’s amusing.

    Roy, the problem was with the printer. I put the file on a jump drive and tried to print it from my old Dell with the same problem. This happened once before, a year or so ago.

  6. Always thought that Camp Club was another example of Camping World or the old Affinity Group trying to rip off a tried and true product. Seems like when name brand product is selling well they bring out a “clone” at the same or slightly lower price. We never fell for the Camp Club con. But we have had both Happy Camper & Passport at the same time, getting our money’s worth out of both.

  7. Hope this switch over to PA memberships does not mean that Affinity/CW is buying PA !

  8. I wonder that too. I hope not.

    Marvin says:
    December 5, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Hope this switch over to PA memberships does not mean that Affinity/CW is buying PA !

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