Nov 122011

Yesterday was strange. We started the morning with our basement air conditioner on, and by the end of the night, we had our furnace on. Yes indeed, it’s official, Nick’s in Florida! 🙂

The more time we spend here  in Titusville, the more we like it. We are not close to being ready to get off the road, but like a lot of fulltime RVers, from time to time we say "You know, if we had to to stop traveling and live someplace, this might be it." Titusville is one of those places. The pace is slower than Daytona Beach, which is 50 mile north, Orlando, which is about 45 miles east, or even Cocoa Beach, 25 miles south. Yet it has, or is just a short drive from, anything you could want or need.

And there is water everywhere. The Indian and Banana Rivers make up the town’s eastern border, and just past them and the barrier island that makes up the Canaveral National Seashore, lies the Atlantic Ocean. To the west is the Saint Johns National Wildlife Refuge, which contains lakes, wetlands, and small rivers. It’s a fisherman’s and kayaker’s paradise.

Yesterday we spent some time just poking around town, checking out some of the area RV parks, and driving out the causeway that crosses the Indian River to connect with the National Seashore. It was  a windy and chilly day, but that didn’t stop these windsurfers from having a great time as they zipped across the water. They were really flying, and I told Miss Terry they must be exhausted by the end of a day on the water.  We enjoyed spending some time watching them playing, and on a nice day we’d have happily stayed there for an hour or two, but yesterday it was too cold for us to stay out there very long.

Windsurfer 2

Windsurfer 5


Next we drove a few miles north on U.S, Highway 1 to Mims, where we stopped at a couple of RV parks to drop off bundles of sample copies of the Gypsy Journal. From there, we came back to Titusville, then took State Route 50 west ten miles to Christmas, which is just a wide spot in the road. We didn’t see Santa or Rudolf, but we did stop at the Christmas RV Park, and spent a few minutes chatting with the nice manager.  

Along the way, we passed Jungle Adventures, home of Swampy, the World’s Largest Gator. There are still a number of these old time roadside attractions scattered around Florida. 

Swampy alligator 2

Heading back to town, we stopped at a boat launch to see if we could spot any wild alligators. I’m sure there were some around, but it was too cold, so they were hiding somewhere. But we enjoyed watching the scenery, and the many shorebirds.

Twin palms

We also saw a couple of airboats heading out to explore the marsh. If you’ve always wanted to go for an airboat ride, there are several places locally where you can take one.


Airboat 2

According the the Cgeo geocaching app on my Droid phone, there was a cache very close to where we were parked at the boat ramp, but we couldn’t find it with the phone’s GPS. So I got my Garmin Map60cs out, but for some reason it would not lock onto any satellites. This can happen if you are under heavy tree cover, but we had a nice clear shot of the sky, so that wasn’t the problem. It worked just a couple of days ago when we found a cache in Titusville, so I’m not sure what gremlins have gotten into it since then.

We have dinner plans for this evening, but today we’re going to hang around the motorhome all day. I want to get some writing done, and our friends Peter and Connie Bradish are going to drop over for a while. We always enjoy getting together with them, and though we’ve been on their lot here at The Great Outdoors for almost two weeks now, we’ve all been too busy to make our schedules work for a visit until now.

Thought For The Day – A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

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  5 Responses to “Wind Surfers And Air Boats”

  1. (Insert smiley face here!) Yep, Nick’s back in Florida: The weather has taken a cold turn, and Orlando has jumped into the ocean. Welcome back, Snowbirds.

  2. I always say a long marriage requires never falling out of love at the same time.

  3. After 17 years fulltiming, our friends chose Melbourne, FL, to settle down. We like that area, too.
    But this winter we are going to spend time around Rockport, TX.

  4. Next time you’re in Christmas be sure to visit Fort Christmas.

  5. We visited Fort Christmas and did a story on it a couple of years ago.

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