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The other day I wrote a blog about Tech Toys For Gadget Boys, suggesting some neat high tech things that would make great Christmas gifts. Yesterday a blog reader told me that I either had to stop writing blogs like that or she had to stop reading, because thanks to me, she has a Kindle, an iPad, and now a Panasonic Lumix camera. I wrote back to tell her to think of it this way, between the two of us, we were going to kick start the nation’s economy.

The other day, I asked Terry what she wanted for Christmas, and, as she often does, she turned the question back on me, to ask what I wanted Santa Claus to bring me. Now, there was a time in my life when I could always come up with a long list of things I wanted, from cameras to guns, to classic cars, to motorcycles, but those days are long gone. I’m not that person any more, and my wants and needs have changed.

I tried, but I have to be honest, I cannot think of one thing I really want that I don’t have. Sure, I’m always fascinated by the latest tech toy, but I’ve got more toys than I can ever use, or have room to carry, and I never have time for them anyway. There are a couple of computer programs I need for my work, and I guess I could use a new chair, since the one I sit on all day at my desk is worn out and falling apart, but that’s about it.

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Fulltime RVers are usually into downsizing, not adding more cargo to their usually overloaded rigs. So we get to the point where we don’t want much that we don’t already have. Over the years we’ve had people give us some nice little decorative items, but it’s really hard to find a place for them. I always tell people who ask what I want for Christmas to spend the money on themselves, or if they insist, I say a gift card to one of the restaurants we enjoy. Another thing fulltime RVers have in common is that we all love to eat!  

But let me turn  the tables on you. Whether you be a fulltimer, a snowbird, a weekend camper, or an armchair traveler, what do you want for Christmas? And don’t cop out and say “peace and joy throughout the world.” If you had to name just one or two, or even three material things that you would like to find under your Christmas tree, what would they be? It’s fun to see what everybody else wants, and who knows, if you print out this blog and the responses and leave it on the table, you might even get lucky and get it.

I’ll start – if I had to choose a couple of things, I’d say a new six point attachment kayak fishing seat, and maybe a gift card for iTunes to download a few of Jimmy Buffett’s latest CDs.

Miss Terry was a little harder to get an answer out of, but she finally said an e-spinner mini spinning wheel and a set of Tunisian crochet hooks and/or a set of double ended crochet hooks.

Okay, we’ve told you ours, now you tell us yours. Don’t be shy!

Bad Nick is never shy, but I’ve been spending so much  time writing lately, that he hasn’t had a chance to get to the keyboard. I finally gave in yesterday, and he posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled We Never Know. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Why should I lower my standards to accommodate those who will not raise theirs?

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  20 Responses to “What Do You Want For Christmas?”

  1. We also have our wedding anniversary on Dec. 19 so gifts are often combined with Christmas or tied to the start of our winter travels. In 2008 we bought a new motorhome… won’t be doing that again for the next 15-20 years. This year Luke is suggesting (and I’m in) that our family/anniversary gift will probably by a big screen HDTV for our stick house (spoiled by the one in the RV). I need to replace my 7-yr-old portable printer with a Canon Pixma iP100. This winter I would also like to add 1 or 2 solar panels to our motorhome.

  2. A sincere buyer for our business.


  3. I’l like new, speedy laptops for my husband and myself, large screen tv, new dishwasher, restaurant gift cards.

  4. How about a Silverleaf Engine Monitor. Talk about a gadget toy….those look sooo neat! :=)

  5. I received an email a few weeks ago that asked me to look around at my business neighbors, the barber, the hair dresser, the local mechanic, the corner bakery, the mom & pop grocery down the street, the several restaurants that serve our community and all the people who work in those truly American enterprises. And then, match those services to the people for whom I usually buy presents. Gift cards or certificates for local businesses will help keep our dollars local too.

    For those who absolutely must buy some material good, check this source:

  6. Dear Santa, Eldy wants a Silverleaf, and Sparky wants a Panasonic Lumix just like Terry’s! Sparky is already getting her first grandbaby, so she’ll be fine with that!

  7. I would like a new computer or a dish washer. Our family totals about 30 when we all get together. Last year I sent all of them a card and said their Christmas that year from us was a donation to the Senior Center and I hoped theirs to us would be the same. The Senior Center never knew that all those donations with different names came from our family and what a great feeling to know that Meals on Wheels gave a Senior a good day, I plan to try it again this year, how about you? Mary 80 yrs

  8. Hmmmm, Shirley and I were talking about the samething yesterday, and like you, we didn’t have a answer. As fulltimers, we have everything that we want right here in the mh. As for me, the jury is still out on a ipad, smartphone and tablet. I have 4 computers in the mh, but can only use 1 at a time. I already have silverleaf (i love it), so many different types of ham radios, the radio bay looks like a police dispatch or mobile command center. Shirley says she has everything that she could every want. (wonder if I’ve done something right over the last 33 years). So guess between now and Christmas, we’ll see.

  9. My Christmas wish list. New laptop & wireless printer.
    Thou space is limited with living in a rv one thing I would really
    Love is a nice easy chair where I could sit with my feet up and crochet!!
    You see I’m a crafty person and so miss my comfy spot!! The last
    and very near to my heart is being with my grandbabies
    I so miss them! With all that said material things
    are just atimit object’s I can live with out the most
    important thing is the Love of my Family .

  10. As fulltimer’s our rig is pretty full. So, DIAMONDS are a girls best friend. I guess that makes Bob a diamond.

  11. I would like Garmin to build the perfect RV GPS

  12. The best present of all for America would be: to have God install 535 HONEST POLITIANS in Washington DC.
    Yes I know ! There isn’t such a animal in existance on this earth ..
    And there isn’t any Santa Claus either.
    But there is a God..Who performs miracles

  13. Dave K, well said. But I’m not holding my breath on the 535 honest politicians.

    Like many other full timers, our rig is filled with enough stuff already. I think I’d only like a couple of movies to add to our collection at this point for sure. A tablet computer would be nice if I knew that I’d use it as much as I use my McBook, but I just can’t see it happening. Maybe some free gas? Katie would like some kind of meal planning software that does all that she wants, probably a Nook Color to do it on also.

  14. I was corrected, Katie wants a Nook Tablet. Are ya getting all this, Santa?

  15. We are currently working toward retirement,to be debt free and do the “snowbird thing”. I am intrigued by the idea of boondocking and our rig is basically stock…the only inverter is a 300 watt unit to run the entertainment center. On my Christmas list is a “real” inverter and increased battery bank and maybe Santa could throw in a couple of solar panels to boot!!

  16. I want my health back and win the lottery so I could buy myself a big rig and hire someone to drive me around the country. Had to sell my big RV. Nice to dream.

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  18. Better health which can actually be bought by getting: A membership to a health club so I’ll feel guilty if I don’t go workout and gift certificates to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s so I don’t feel guilty about buying better food. I already joined Weight Watchers to get the support system.

    Dave wants a MacAir and a new iPhone.

  19. Dee definitely wants a wireless printer and maybe some gift cards for ebooks or music I can download. We’re trying to downsize, too, so no other stuff except more time with Bob!

  20. No more stuff for Steve and me, but gas cards and restaurant cards would rock! 🙂

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