Warm Is Good!

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Nov 022011

We could have spent weeks exploring Savannah, but we were expected in Florida, so about 11 a.m. yesterday morning we left Hardeeville RV Park, just across the state line in South Carolina, and hit the road for our final run to Titusville. When we pulled onto Interstate 95, I told Miss Terry that I didn’t plan to shut down the engine in our motorhome until we hit 70 degrees!

We had an easy run south, passing lots of waterways that ranged from small canals, to rivers, wide open bays, and extensive wetlands.Who knew Georgia had so much water?

Georgia wetlands

Georgia bridge

We crossed the Florida state line, and almost immediately, my wish was granted. The digital thermometer on my dashboard was showing the outside temperature was 76 degrees! YES! 🙂 I celebrated by stopping at the State Welcome Center, where I had a sip of their complimentary orange juice and picked up a handful of tourist brochures. And yes, I shut off the hard working Cummins diesel engine while we we were stopped! 🙂

The trees along the highway in Florida sure were different than what we had seen in the Smokey Mountains just a couple of days ago!

Florida trees

It was a bit windy all the way, and the wind really picked up between the state line and Daytona Beach. We took the I-295 bypass around the west side of Jacksonville, and when we crossed the bridge over the St. Johns River, one strong gust hit us broadside right at the top and gave me a thrill I really didn’t need.

I295 bridge

When we are not going to be traveling around a lot for a period of time, especially in colder weather, I prefer to have a full tank of fuel to eliminate the possibility of condensation. We stopped at the Flying J near St. Augustine to fill the tank, and once again I wonder why I keep forgetting that the three cent a gallon discount they give on fuel with their customer loyalty card is not worth the hassle.

The pump at the RV island was so beat up that we had to try several times to get it to read our card, and when it finally did, it was incredibly slow. But eventually I got up to $150, then it cut me off. We tried to activate the pump again, and it wouldn’t do it until Terry went inside to pay the cashier. It took us over a half hour before we got done and out of the place! And then, when we finally got filled up and back out on the highway, we discovered that we didn’t get the RV  discount on the first (and largest) transaction! I pumped in a total of 57 gallons, so even if I got the discount on all of it, we’re talking $1.71. My time is worth more than that.

We got to The Great Outdoors in Titusville at 5 p.m., having covered 305 miles by the time we got backed into Peter and Connie Bradish’s lot. I was worn out from fighting the wind all day, and the 1200 miles we had traveled since we left Elkhart, Indiana on Thursday. Once we were parked and hooked up, Terry drove us into town for dinner at Dixie Crossroads, one of our favorite seafood restaurants anywhere. Their rock shrimp are delicious! After dinner, it was back home to answer e-mail, watch some television, and just relax.

We’ll be here a couple of weeks, and we’re looking forward to visiting with some friends in the area, doing a little sightseeing locally, and just hanging out. But today, we plan to do a whole lot of nothing. We’ll sleep in, do a couple of chores around the motorhome, and not much of anything else.

Oh yeah, we’ll also soak up a lot of that Florida sunshine! It feels good to be warm! 🙂

Thought For The Day – As we grow older, we find that it is less important to have more friends, and more important to have real friends.

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  12 Responses to “Warm Is Good!”

  1. Soak up the ‘warm’ quickly.

    With you there, it won’t last long.

  2. Just read Greg’s comment….nice to have friends huh? Your arrival timing is perfect..been very rainy till yesterday. You could say you & Terry brought the sunshine…Thanks. Unfortunately we’re leaving Ft. Lauderdale for the Midwest. Enjoy Florida.

  3. Nick, nick, nick….why oh why do you torture yourself by using the “RV island” at the truck stops? Why don’t you just use the truckers’ lanes? You could have been in and out in less than 10 minutes once you start pumping. And the pumps are so much faster as they want to keep the trucks moving thru.

    Welcome to FL!! We have been enjoying the sunshine state for the past week. Now don’t go and jinx it for us.

  4. The last time I used the loyalty card I didn’t get a discount. I don’t use FlyingJ anymore. I find other station’s that cost less.

  5. The loyalty card works in the truck lanes. swipe the card – it starts the pump – then when finished go inside and pay with your CC you will get the cash price and the discount.


  6. Nick, the week before last, we fueled the Pilot truck pumps at the 201 exit on I-95 (Cocoa) using the Flying J RV card. Limit $450, we got $230 of fuel with the 3¢ a gallon discount. We also got our receipt at the pump and didn’t have to go inside at all. The only place we don’t use the truck pumps is Indiana due to added use taxes and people who telling us to use the “automobile pumps”, but then again we haven’t fueled the motorhome in Indiana for about 18 months….One more reason we’re now from South Dakota. BTW with our Cabela’s Visa our discount amounted to about 6.7¢ a gallon with the “Club” points and discount at the pump.

  7. We also stayed at the same resort…the one with the security people with the little white car with lights on top- that actually stop people for going over 25 and give actual tickets! They have little arm bands for the pool and fitness areas…and they have pool monitors to check your bracelets. They close their facilities up at 6 pm so the opportunity for use is not relaxed. Every where you look there’s signs that say “dont do this and dont do that” We stayed in a lot right behind the office on the main road in. Although a beautiful place, much too stuffy and made us feel as if we were in jail! I love the area though, we did a lot of exploring. Loved Dixie Crossroads…if you get the chance and they have it, try the red shrimp, its better than the rock shrimp…it melts in your mouth. Hope you get the opportunity to go for an airboat ride and see the gators on the river. West on the highway there at the gate…about 7 miles. It was a wonderful relaxing ride. You’ll get great photos!

  8. We learned long ago that 3 cents per gallon for us is just not worth it…after all our tank only hold 36 gallons and that is less than a dollar if we ever let it get that low, which we hardly ever do.

    We loved Dixie Crossroads…whenever we are in the area we always stop in for their huge platter with a taste of everything. LOVE IT!

    Were you driving when you crossed that bridge? Thought that was not a possibility for you, are you getting braver, or was it that the bridge surprised you?

  9. Glad that you made it safely to Florida. Now just remember to thaw out slowly. to fast would be a shock to your systems. On the fuel thing. I guess we just get lucky and have not had any problem other than at times having to go inside to pay. I am amazed at the difference in fuel prices by state. Mike corrected me about where we got gas for $3,19 it was here in TX. He was given a new savings card for both the Flying J and Pilot. We usually get between 2 & 3 cents discount. Here you want to warm up and we are hoping our temps. go down. It is suppose to be 87 today with windy conditions. They say ti is supposed to rain tomorrow but we do not hold out much hope for it. Hondo usually gets by-passed. I am proud of you no sniveling over the bridge. Relax and enjoy your down time. Be safe

  10. I agree with Jean. No problem at the truck pumps. Swipe card to start pump then go inside to pay. Give cashier both Flying J card and credit card. Get cash price with credit card and discount. Works at Flying J and Pilot. I know there were some problems during change over, but seems to work for me now.

  11. Dixie Crossroads is one of the best in FL for seafood.

  12. Next time try 9A around the EAST side of Jacksonville. It is just a little longer than going through the center. It’s basically an interstate without the I designation. I-295 around the west side of Jaks is longer and more traffic. Sorry but 9A has a tall bridge too.

    Glad you are here at TGO. Enjoy the warmth, sunshine, the green vegetation and the slow pace of Florida. It’s a wonderful place to be in the winter.

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