Nov 132011

We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet, and already the stores are pushing Christmas shopping. Isn’t that jumping the gun just a little bit? But then again, I guess it’s never too early to start, so here are some of my favorite tech toys for gadget boys. Okay, for gadget girls too! I’m sure some RVer on your shopping list will love some, or all of them.

Amazon Kindle – With prices for the base model Kindle e-books readers down to just $79, they have never been more affordable, and with more than a million e-books (and growing every day) available, how can you not surprise the bookworm on your shopping list with one this Christmas? Hint: A copy of my book Big Lake should be the first one you download! 🙂


Verizon MiFi – Getting online has never been easier, and the new Verizon 4G MiFi devices offer easy, portable internet access anywhere you have a wireless signal, providing a WiFi hotspot for up to five wireless devices at once.

Silverleaf VMSpc engine monitoring system – If you have a diesel engine, you really need a Silverleaf VMSpc. I don’t know how I lived without mine! It monitors my Cummins diesel engine and Allison automatic transmission, is more accurate than my motorhome’s factory gauges, and gives me a lot of extra information that those gauges don’t provide.

Silverleaf screen shot

Garmin 465T GPS – When you’re driving a big rig down the highway, you need a GPS designed for your specialized needs. Developed for the trucking industry, the Garmin 465T is my choice. I can program it for the size and weight of our motorhome, and it alerts me to low bridges, roads not suitable for my RV, upcoming steep grades, lane changes, and a lot more to make my trip safer and easier. Its database also includes truck stops, diesel repair shops, truck washes, and other handy information.

Docuscan portable document scanner – For scanning everything from documents to photographs, this small, light, and easy to use color scanner can’t be beat! I use mine all the time, and find it invaluable.

Panasonic Lumix FZ-40 – People are always asking how Miss Terry takes such incredible photographs. Of course, natural talent has a lot to do with it, but an artist needs good tools too, and this excellent digital camera fits the bill. It has amazing zoom capabilities, fine image stabilization, and shoots videos that are just as good as its still photos.

Tire Monitoring System – I won’t pull out of our campsite until checking my motorhome’s tires with our PressurePro tire monitoring system. While on the road, it alerts me to high and low pressure changes, to help prevent damage to my motorhome and tow vehicle.

So there you have it, enough gadgets and gizmos to make every techie in the campground happy come Christmas morning! Break out that old credit card and go shopping!

Thought For The Day – Insanity does not run through my family, it strolls through slowly, taking its time and getting to know everybody on a first name basis.

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  7 Responses to “7 Tech Toys For Gadget Boys”

  1. Thanks for the mention Nick,,,,We have a super holiday special going on right now, so if anyone wants a system I hope they will give us a call, Its just until our present inventory is gone and its going fast… Take care!!

  2. Do you use a laptop or tablet for the Silverleaf?
    How and where do you mount the laptop/tablet?

  3. Do they have a monitoring system for gas rigs? it sure would be nice if we could monitor ours better? I am amazed at how Kindles have come down in price since I got mine three years ago. do have the top of the line since I wanted all the bells and whistles. The one equivalent to mine is now their $189 model. We love the new GPS for truckers and it has kept us out of trouble. IT is a good investment. Mike loves his new IPAD. I think we have just about everything you mentioned except the engine monitor. We never start a trip without having the pressure pro check and monitor our tires IT is well worth the money for the peace of mind it gives you. Stay safe.

  4. So many toys so little time! I can imagine Left Brain would love any one of these.

  5. Brian, I use an Acer tablet with the Silverleaf, and it sits on the top of the dashboard in our Winnebago.

    Elaine, I am not aware of a monitor for gas engines.

  6. Nick, I sure wish I had a better feeling for my Pressure Pro tire monitoring system like you do. Someone else did most of the installing but I have not had all that good luck with it. I have also had tire stores tell me that they (the monitors) have a bad habit of letting air out of the tires. I have not used them in nearly 9 months and have not been nearly as nervous as now I don’t hear any alarms go off when they shouldn’t. I really need some “expert” help from someone one of these days so I will quit worrying about my tires and sounding like some real dumbo.

  7. Judy, contact Mike and Pat McFall at They are great to work with, and will helk you unerstand how to use yor system correctly.

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