Oct 232011

When Miss Terry is in envelope stuffing mode, the best thing I can do is stay out of her way, except for carrying the filled plastic mail bins out to the Explorer. She has a system, and doesn’t let anyone help her, because all they really do is slow her down. I know, because I’ve tried! 

A little after noon, Terry sent me off to the RV Museum to get me out from underfoot. My buddy Al Hesselbart, the museum’s historian, wanted me to see their latest  addition, a beautiful 1930 Model A Ford and an accompanying 1946 Kit Teardrop travel trailer. They were donated to the museum by Charles and Carolyn Gray, from Tennessee, and are beautiful! The Ford was judged Best In Show at the last car show where it was entered.

Old Model T 3

Teardrop trailer

The car looks like new inside and out, and while a guy my size might find the little teardrop a bit snug, it sure is cool!

Car interior

Trailer door open

Trailer inside

The back of the trailer opens up to make a little kitchen, complete with gas stove!

Camp stove

Along with the car and trailer, the Grays also donated a picnic table, picnic basket, and hand cranked ice cream maker!


The neat thing about the picnic table is that, when not in use, the table and two benches fold up into a tidy little package! How cool is that?

Table folded

I’ve been to the RV Museum many times, and I never get tired of seeing all of the early day RVs they have on display. This futuristic looking Hunt Housecar is my favorite.

Copy of Hunt housecar web

But this neat old housecar is really nice too.

Old Housecar

After I drooled over the antique RVs, I stopped in the parking lot to check out the Famously Found geocache that our friends Tom and Barbara Westerfield placed at the museum a few weeks ago. Geocaching is the perfect hobby for RVers, and we have found caches everywhere from Florida to Virginia, and Arizona to Mississippi. If you haven’t tried this fun hobby, check it out!

Whatever glitch Yahoo had in their system seems to have been resolved, because after I returned from the RV Museum, I was able to get the new digital edition of the Gypsy Journal  uploaded, and sent out the link to our subscribers.

I’ve been thinking about getting a Verizon 4G  MiFi for a while now and canceling the AT&T service on my iPad, which has never been reliable. With my veteran’s discount, the MiFi is only $10 a month more, and we can use it as a backup to our regular 3G air card, or Terry can bring it inside the registration booth at rallies if she needs a wireless connection.

Yesterday evening I picked up the MiFi at the local Verizon store, and this baby really screams! Back at Elkhart Campground, I ran a speed test on my iMac. I tested with the Verizon 3G air card in our Cradlepoint MBR1000 router, then with the campground’s WiFi, and with the MiFi. Results are as follows:
3G Air Card & Router
Ping 108
Download 83.1kb
Upload 52.7kb
Campground WiFi
Ping 15
Download 212kb
Upload 462.9kb
4G MiFi
Ping 52
Download 1639kb
Upload 98.6kb

I have the MiFi on a fourteen day trial, and we’ll know by then if it’s worth keeping, but if these speeds are any indication, I like it! I know we won’t find 4G service everywhere, but where we do, it will be nice.

Bad Nick hasn’t had a lot to say lately, mostly because I’ve occupied the keyboard so much getting the new issue of the paper finished. But he’s back with a new Bad Nick Blog post titled If You Weren’t There, Shut Up! Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Some people come into your life as blessings. Others come as lessons.

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  5 Responses to “Old Campers, A Geocache & MiFi”

  1. Nick, you can get an adapter cable from 3GStores so you can hook your Wilson Trucker to the MiFi Hotspot. That’ll get you a better signal in fringe areas.

  2. Nick –
    We just upgraded from our VZ USB modem and Cradlepoint router to the VZ MiFi — the Novatel 4510l. It’s working fine for us out in the Texas Hill Country, but we haven’t been able to try it on 4G yet.
    Our son, who supports about a hundred of these for his company strongly suggests making sure that you have installed the latest firmware — version 2.16.07. VZ has a PDF on their website detailing the process, which requires loading a driver on your PC/Mac and then directly connecting the device to upgrade its internals.

  3. I just had to get a MIFI because my desktop does not have wireless, just needs an adaptor. Not sure if I like the MIFI yet. As you, I am in my 14 day trial period. The thing I do not like is that the battery only lasts approx 5 hrs and then needs charging. I need to find out if I can use it plugged in. I have been and I hope it won’t hurt it. We are in the 3g area, but hope to get 4g in a year. That’s what Verizon said!

  4. Pat, according to the Verizon store here, yes you can leave it plugged in

  5. Very cool photos of the old RVs. Just got my T-Mobile 4G router, am going to set it up tomorrow — wish me luck!

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