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Oct 192011

I am tempted to just write a one word blog post – “Ditto” -  with a link to yesterday’s blog. Because if you read what I did the day before, you’ll know what I did yesterday, too. When its time to put a new issue of the Gypsy Journal together, our entire focus is on the job at hand, and we don’t do much else except get up, work on it all day and all evening long, and go to bed.

So that’s what I did, all day long, and by midnight I had five pages left to go.  While I pounded away at the keyboard, Terry was kept busy proofing, and updating our mailing lists. At midnight she told me to knock off, because I was getting more typos than real words on the page. If I really hustle today, I can get it finished and off to the printer by the end of the day.

Hopefully I can do it, because my cousin Berni and her husband Rocky are coming down from Muskegon, Michigan for a visit tomorrow afternoon, and I would like to be done before they get here.

We did take a break long enough yesterday to grab dinner with Greg and Jan at Culver’s, which is, in my opinion, the best fast food burger place in the entire country. While mostly located in the Midwest, they now have a couple of restaurants in Arizona, and I am looking forward to them expanding into more areas.

As were were leaving the campground, I saw our friends Dave and Jean Damon, 303 vendors who are hanging out here for a few days before they take their Heartland fifth wheel into the shop for repairs to the damage they sustained a while back when a young woman rear ended them. Typical of so many accidents, the dimwit who hit them was texting and driving. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the last few years, it seems like young women drivers have a worse attitude than guys their age. A while back, one ran a red light and almost hit us, then blew her horn and flipped us off for having the audacity to get in her way. Go figure.

Apparently the list of new seminars we are developing for our upcoming  Arizona Gypsy Journal Rally that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog are going to be a hit, judging from the e-mails I received. Barbara Westerfield and Judy Rinehimer will be doing a seminar on smart phone apps, and I also hope to have some craft classes, possibly by Jodie Spiller, Mabel Becker, Jeannie Griffin, and Sharon Del Rosario, who all helped us out last year. I have not had time to talk to any of them about it yet, but I thing they are all regular blog readers, so ladies, if you’re out there….

Okay, time to get some rest and get back at it first thing in the morning.

Thought For The Day – A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.

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  8 Responses to “Ditto”

  1. We can do the “Smartphone Apps for RVers” discussion workshop but suggest you get a techie to do an earlier workshop on “How to Shop for a Smartphone”. I’m also willing to facilitate the “Ladies Only” or “Women on the Road” discussion that I substitued for last year. That was fun.

  2. Ditto to Culver’s!!

  3. Love Culver’s. Did you know they have a free app at least for IPhone? We know we will get a decent meal quickly in a non-smoking restaurant-a big thumbs up for us here in the smoking state of Indiana. We refuse to patronize any restaurant that allows smoking.

  4. I’ve been saying that the young aggressive women drivers are definately the worst out there. It’s not watch out for the other guy, it’s watch out for HER !

  5. Same here for Culver’s – and their custard is awesome!

  6. Oh, one caveat on Culver’s. On the southwest side of Chicago there is one just off of I-80 at Harlem (Il 43). Their sign on I-80 says something like “buses welcome”. Sounds like room for an RV – don’t believe it. We stop there often as it is close to my SIL’s house, but the lot is tight and there is no room for an RV and nothing nearby where you could park.

  7. Will do “Crafters Show and Tell” which is always popular. Also I really enjoyed doing the crochet workshop last year for a max of ten folks. Having it over two sessions seemed about right. Let’s call it “Beginning and Brush-up Crochet for Righties and Lefties.”I am trying to think of another workshop I could teach. I will get back to you if I come up with something. Also, can we set aside an area for open crafts like we did last year?

  8. Of course we read regularly. The session on smart phones was very popular. We could have used even more time for the ‘sharing’ session.

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