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Oct 032011

With our Ohio rally over, we are starting to get back to normal. Or at least whatever the heck passes for normal with us. 🙂

Yesterday morning about 8:30, we heard our friends Mike and Elaine Loscher getting ready to pull out, and we were going to go outside and wish them well, but I guess it was just too warm and cozy under our covers, because the next thing I knew, we were waking up again after drowsing back off. Sorry Mike and Elaine.

It was a cold morning, and we were in no hurry to get going, so we stayed under the cover snuggling for quite a while before finally getting up. I had the usual load of e-mail to work through, a couple of blog comments to reply to, and two orders to log in. About the time I got done with that, Charley and Katie Dickson came by to visit. Charley had asked me to sponsor him in the Elks and Moose, so I filled out his applications, and then we visited for a while. They are relatively new fulltimers, and said they learned quite a bit at the rally. It always makes us feel good to hear things like that. It tells us we’re getting the job done that we set out to do.

After they left, I walked across the street to Greg and Jan’s motorhome, and we spent some time talking about how nice it was not to have anything to do except relax.

Not that Miss Terry was doing any relaxing. She was busy working on the paperwork from the rally, logging in the money we took in and then making sure that all of the rally bills got paid. The objective is to have a little bit left over when she gets all of that done. We’ll see how that works out. 🙂

During the afternoon, I stopped down at Ken and Paula Lougee’s fifth wheel trailer and chatted with them for a while, and then they came up to our Winnebago to continue the conversation. They wanted me to look at their websites, Sustainable Living Outdoors and Pedal Car Riders, and we got into a discussion about website and internet marketing, my self-publishing blog and website, and making a living on the road.  

Our poor Ford Explorer is a muddy mess from driving across the soggy fields here at the fairgrounds all week, and we have to make a date with a carwash sometime soon. I think if I can get a few hundred pounds of caked up mud washed off of it, my mileage might improve. Meanwhile, it was packed full with coffee pots, rally registration supplies, digital projectors, and other things that we had crammed into the back end so we could get the fairgrounds buildings cleaned up when the rally was over. So after Ken and Paula left, Terry and I unloaded it and packed everything away in the two basement storage bays of our motorhome that we reserve for rally equipment.

We finished that just in time to get into Greg and Jan’s truck for a ride to St. Marys for dinner at Lost in the 50s Diner. We all had the broasted chicken, and it was delicious. After a leisurely dinner, we spent some time checking out all of the 1950s memorabilia, and remembering the good old days. Then we took our stuffed bellies and waddled out to the truck for the ride back to the fairgrounds.

Today we are taking our motorhome over to Cruising America RV Service, a few blocks away, to have Kevin Mallory replace our black water valve. Then we’ll come back here for the night, and Tuesday we plan to head to Smith’s Campground near Loudenville, Ohio for a few days. The nice folks who run this family campground have invited us to come by several times, and we decided that we’d better get there while the weather is still halfway decent.

We’ll hang out there a few days, stop in Norwalk to see some family there, and then head back to Elkhart to get the next issue of the Gypsy Journal printed and mailed, and then we are headed south as fast as our wheels can carry us. If you are headed to somewhere warm for the winter, please remember to send us your snowbird address, so you won’t miss an issue of the paper while you’re away from home. We have some great stuff that we are looking forward to sharing with you!

Thought For The Day – Holding a grudge is letting somebody live rent free in your head.

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  1. The Smith’s look forward to your arrival. The weather is going to be great! We are so happy to have you explore the Mohican and Amish Country area of Ohio!

  2. Sorry we woke you up when we left, we tried to be quiet as we could,we are now in Oklahoma and we will spending a couple of weeks at Red River RV. It is a nice park and it is close to the casino that has a free full breakfast buffet two days a week for seniors with a players card, we cannot beat that.Be safe my friends and we will hopefully see you later in the year in Hondo.

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