Sep 202011

In spite of the fact that it rained hard all night Sunday night and all day Monday, after I announced in yesterday’s blog that the fairgrounds manager said that any Passport America or Good Sam Club members who are coming to our Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally  here in Celina can come in any time, for $15 a day, RVs started arriving.

The office called me first thing yesterday morning, just as I was getting out of bed,  to tell me that they had people there, and by the end of the day, three or four RVs had already arrived. And several others have e-mailed to tell me that they will arrive in the next couple of days. I guess people are eager for the fun to start! 🙂

Somebody wrote to ask if they could have full hookups if they arrived early. As I said in yesterday’s blog, the few full hookup RV sites are reserved for those with special needs. So if you show up early, you may be able too get a full hookup site until Sunday morning when the Early Birds start rolling in, but then you’ll have to move.

Miss Terry was busy all day yesterday, printing out forms we need for the rally, and she’ll be starting on the name tags soon. I divided my time between answering e-mails, meeting  and greeting the folks who arrived early, and making a few last minute changes to the rally schedule. Nothing major, just tweaking things a bit and adjusting couple of time slots. 

I had two different vendors who contacted me yesterday and asked if we still had vending spaces available (yes, we do) and telling me that they wanted a seminar time slot. Both were ticked off because all of the vendor seminar times are filled. One lady told me that it was unfair that the same vendors get a seminar at every rally, and she hasn’t had one yet. I reminded her that we announced the rally dates almost a year ago, and that I sent her, and every other vendor, an e-mail telling them to register early to lock in a seminar time slot. Her reply as that she was too busy to get back to me until now. Really? When all of those other vendors found time in the last eleven months to reserve early? That makes me the bad guy?

A couple of people wanted to know if they could stay over at the fairgrounds after the rally ends next week. I talked to Steve Schulte, the manager, and he said sure, just pay the camping fee. So if you want to hang around for a while, you can. Just don’t come knocking on my door, because by then we’ll be in desperate need of some quiet time.

I also found the time to make a new post to my self-publishing blog, titled Community Newspapers Are Alive And Well. that anybody who has ever lived in a small town can relate to. 

Today we will be back at it again. The last few days before a rally are always hectic. but we’ll get it all done. We always do!

Thought For The Day – Don’t worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older, it will avoid you.

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  4 Responses to “They Are Arriving Already!”

  1. I sure understand wanting to get there early to get the party stared. We attended a Silver Eagle Bus rally in Cody this summer. We were invited to arrive early and stay on the rally master’s property. The fun of seeing old friends as well as making new ones we amplified during the pre-rally days. they ended up with 16 coaches sitting on there land all mst with 20 A. ext cords strung out to them some need more poer and simply ran thier generators to get what they want.
    Your rallies are fun and info packed so the added time will create a larger GJ community.
    Ya’ll have fun out there ya hear.

  2. If we could come this year we’d do it now. We know how much fun your rallies are and we liked the Celina fairgrounds. Have a good one but try not to kill yourself with all the hard work you do so the rest of us can play.

  3. Nick — I’ll offer you a “Thought for the day” — Don’t worry about old age; it won’t last that long..

  4. Nick, you mentioned in yesterday’s blog your favorite Chinese buffet
    in Celina. Could you give us the names of any other of your
    favorites there (in your spare time)??

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