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In spite of my buddy Greg White’s misgivings about our switch to Mac computers (see his The Gates Of Hell blog post), we are already getting the feel for our new iMacs, and I have to tell you, Terry and I are both very impressed! I used to always think of Mac fans as almost a cult, and a snobbish cult at that; always looking down on those of us who are just not smart enough to “get it.” Darn, now I’m afraid I’ll have to learn the secret handshake and join them. 🙂

We spent much of yesterday just playing with them, getting used to the different controls and how they work. I managed to copy and transfer all of my music from my Dell to the iMac, by way of a thumb drive, and we are working on our website bookmarks. We imported them to the new computers, now we are working on figuring out how to configure our Bookmarks folders.

We bought a Teach Yourself Visually book for the new Mac OS X Lion operating system, which has helped a lot. And all of the tips you blog readers have left as comments or e-mailed to me have been invaluable. Instead of a typical mouse, we opted for the Trackpad, which surprises me with how well it works. Just before I started to write this blog (I am still doing the blogs on the Dell at this time), I discovered that I can pinch my fingers together on the Trackpad and spread them open to make the screen image larger, or compress them to make it smaller, just like on my iPad!

One tip the folks at the Apple store gave us was to add Miss Terry’s computer to my online Apple iTunes account. That way, when I purchase something online, we can install it on both computers. That can save some money. Stay tuned, I’ll have more updates as we progress along.  

Moving on to our Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally, which is coming up fast, several people have asked if the $125 rally fee is per person or per RV. The rally fee covers two people in one RV. Reservations are coming in fast now, but don’t worry, we still have plenty of room for more. If you haven’t registered yet, do so and come join the party! It’s going to be a lot of fun! If you would like to teach a craft class at the rally, please contact me ASAP so we can get it on the schedule.

For you book lovers, we will have a book swap table, so bring your old books and drop them off, and take some new to you reading material home with you.  

We will also have a craft sale one afternoon, so bring your handcrafted items and display them for free. I still have a couple of seminars to add to the rally schedule, but check it out by visiting our Rally Registration Page, and scrolling to the bottom of the page. I think you’ll find that we have an excellent lineup, with something for everyone.

We will be mailing out a rally information letter this week, with information on the rally that includes directions to the fairgrounds in Celina, local restaurants and other valuable information,  so watch your snail mail or e-mail inbox.  

One final thing before I close today’s blog; from time to time we are approached by companies that want to buy our customer mailing list, because they have some great offer that they just know you want to know all about. Be assured that we NEVER release our customers’ personal information, and we never will. Not your phone number, e-mail address, not your mailing address, not one thing. We value your privacy just as much as we do our own.

Thought For The Day – Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?

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  7 Responses to “Mac Progress & Rally Info”

  1. Tip of the day: Vertical screen real estate is at a premium, compared with horizontal real estate (screen is wider than it is tall). Therefore, it makes sense to reposition the Doc from the bottom of the screen to the side. I prefer the left side because I have my Desktop icons lined up down the right side. To move the Doc, right-click on the bar in the Doc that separates program icons from folder icons. From the context menu, choose Position on Screen -> Left. It’s a personal choice thing, but this is the way it works out best for me.

  2. Check out, it’s a free download that will keep your bookmarks in sync between the two Macs (and even the PC for that matter). As soon as you add a bookmark or move it, it will instantly change on the other computer as well. I have used it for years.

  3. When you get ready to toss the Dell – see if you can hook up the old monitor as a second monitor to your Mac. I love working with two monitors (even on my lowly PC 🙂

  4. Nick, if you are going to dispose of your old computers check with the local school they are always looking for computers for the students.

  5. Nick, i don’t know about sour cream, but Ed’s still (desperately!) searching for the one on the Marriage license! 😉 Stevi

  6. Nick-the biggest thing that I missed when I switched to Mac several years ago was left click. Then I learned that you can get the left click menu on a Mac using control-click. Try it if you haven’t already.

  7. I think Mark means right click.

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