It’s Hot!

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Sep 022011

A heat wave has settled on the Midwest, and yesterday it was 91 degrees and very humid, making it uncomfortable to do anything outside. Fortunately, we had enough to do inside to keep us busy all day long.

We had a couple of orders to fill and mail out, and Miss Terry had a lot of bookkeeping to do. After I came back from the post office, I spent the afternoon working on the schedule for the Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally. I have posted an update on the rally registration page on our website. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to check out all of the great seminars we will have. I still have a few empty seminar slots to fill, and I’m waiting for confirmation before I add them. If you haven’t registered yet, I hope you’ll do it soon. We are really looking forward to seeing you there.

I’ll be glad for the rally to get here, so we can make some more room in our motorhome’s storage bays and in the Explorer! Besides all of the stuff we normally haul around, we are carrying a load of door prizes that include Strongback Chairs, Passport America memberships, an Amazon Kindle, certificates for free camping, books, and all kinds of other goodies. And yesterday, the Sea Eagle 370 Sport kayak that Tim and Crystal Ryerson, owners of Inflatable Boats 4 Less donated, was delivered! Some lucky rally attendees are going to come away with some amazing door prizes!

About 6 p.m. we hooked up with Greg and Jan and went to King Wha for dinner. Greg and Jan were just as impressed with the great food and service as we have been. After dinner we sat around talking for an hour or so, just letting our meal settle and enjoying the company.

Back at the campground, Miss Terry took an amazing sunset picture. That lady is as great a photographer as she is a cook! And RV navigator, and proofreader, and rally hostess, and best friend, and…  you get the idea. 🙂

Elkhart Campground sunset

Around 8 p.m. somebody knocked on our door, and it was our friend Al Hesselbart, historian for the RV Hall of Fame Museum. Al had been out fishing all day, and the heat had gotten to him. He just needed to sit under our air conditioning vents and cool down before he went home. The basement air conditioner in our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage is super efficient, and even on a very hot day like this, you can hang meat in this place. Miss Terry gave Al a bottle of Propel to help him rehydrate and to replace his electrolytes, and we visited for an hour or two. By then Al had cooled down, and felt a lot better. ,

Today is supposed to be another hot day, with a high of 97, but then we are supposed to see a cooling trend, and Sunday, the predicted high will only be 67. That is a dramatic difference!

Meanwhile, I’m not going to venture outside unless I have to!

Thought For The Day – Old age is when you still have something on the ball, but you are just too darned tired to bounce it.

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  8 Responses to “It’s Hot!”

  1. 91 is Hot. Sorry Nick. 91 does not qualify as hot, not after the summer we’ve had in Texas

  2. Bob is right. Houston’s daily100+ temps with our high humidity has made this an unbearable summer. Usually we are up in the Northeast, Canada, or the Northwest for our summers. This year, circumstances have kept us here, but we hope to be cooling off in Maine as soon as possible.

  3. NW Arkansas has broken records as being the hottest summer on record of 103 to 105 degrees in the shade! I am so ready for Fall and please let’s bring in the rain in very large buckets! It is extremely dry here as it is in Texas. I am from Houston, so I know what HOT is! LOL

  4. Sounds like you kinda like Miss Terry, Nick! I think you should keep her!!

  5. Yes Nick Miss Terry is AWESOME.
    We are headed into Wichita, KS this afternoon. I think some sort of retobution is being settled in on me for gloating over the temps we enjoyed in the Colorado Mountains this summer. As they have one more day or 100+ temps forcast and then a 40 degree cooling is forcast.
    Sounds like the Ohio rally folks better be clearing some space for the prizes they will lbe takeing home. When your crack team of gift getters are finished your gift table may need a prop in its center to keep it from falling in.

  6. Terry sounds like my wife. She also is a great GPS, “General Purpose Spouse”

  7. We had to travel the last 3 days across KY, TN and AR, due to a health crisis with my 90 yr old Dad. Yesterday we traveled in 100 degree weather and today only 99 in Grove, OK. Dang, this midwest heat wave sucks!

  8. What a comprehensive line up of seminars for the upcoming rally. Nick, I wish we could be there.

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