Holiday Weekend

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Sep 032011

The Labor Day holiday weekend is here; the last blast of summer, and Elkhart Campground is starting to fill up with campers. Sure, there are a lot of RVers here too, but holiday weekends really bring out the campers and weekend warriors.

You can tell the difference between campers and RVers by just walking around the RV park. Yesterday, Greg White and I ran a couple of errands, and the temperature on the bank clock sign downtown said it was 102 degrees. But when we got back to the campground about 3:30 p.m., we saw some folks sitting outside their rig around a campfire! Yep. Those are the campers. RVers have more sense, we stay inside with the air conditioning on! 🙂

I don’t mind the campers, even if they do show up with a dozen rowdy kids that they allow to run wild, along with a couple of barking dogs, and those campfires we talked about. I know that by Monday afternoon, most of them will be gone back to their lives and jobs, the kids will be back in school, and we’ll have the campgrounds to ourselves until next summer.

An update on the couple who wrote me about their workamping job that went sour, asking for advice, that I told you about in a blog post titled Call Me Dear Nicky a couple of days ago. Here is the e-mail I got from them:

“The day the blog came out, we told the campground owner that we were leaving the next morning. As my husband was unhooking the electric, the owner came by in his pickup, blocked us in, & demanded we pay him for our camping since we had been there. He called the police & when the policeman arrived, he claimed we had been there 8 weeks and had not paid. He never mentioned that we were workampers, just implied that we were campers. We told the policeman the situation & showed him the letter on the campground’s letterhead explaining our job and duties. He went back outside & asked if we were employees & Carl (the owner) said no we had just showed up & taken a campsite. The policeman showed him the letter & then Carl said we had stolen a bunch of stuff & it was inside our RV. We told the policeman he could search our RV & he said that wasn’t necessary. He talked to Carl a few minutes, then he moved his truck so we could leave. We also showed him our checks the bank had stamped NSF & he gave us the prosecutor’s name and number to call to file charges. He stood by while we finished getting ready to go & we were out of there in 10 minutes, & out of Colorado in 3 hours! If this is workamping, we’ll never do it again!”

I don’t know both sides of the story and I don’t want to get embroiled in a lawsuit, so I am not naming the RV park, but I urged them to leave a comment on RV Park Reviews and to contact Workamper News about their experience. I also assured them that their horror story is not the normal workamping experience, and to give some other RV park owner a chance, down the road, because they are not all like this idiot.

I appreciate all of the comments from folks about switching from a PC based computer to a Mac. You and my research have convinced me that, in spite of the learning curve with a new platform, it is the right choice for my publishing needs. But I have a question for any of you Mac users who also have blogs. I use Windows Live Writer to compose my blog posts, and then publish them to WordPress. Live Writer is not available for the Mac, so what do you use? And how many of you use one of the crossover programs to use Windows programs on your Macs, and if so, what do you use?

Thought For The Day -  Money cannot buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than it is on a bicycle.

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  12 Responses to “Holiday Weekend”

  1. I use a MacBook and publish a blog on blogspot. I do it live on the web, and the Mac does that seamlessly. On the rare occasion I need to create the blog and don’t have web access, I write it in “Open Office,” a free program for Mac that works similarly to Word, then cut and paste.

    Open Office allows you to save in multiple formats and so I save so that I can read it in Word. I have word on my Gateway and all my apartment files are done in Word, Excel, in the Office Suite. So far I have been able to work back and forth from the Mac to the Gateway with documents that are even several years old and haven’t had a problem. Open Office has the suite like MS Office, so you have the spreadsheet, word processor, presentation, etc., programs. I use a thumb drive to move docs back and forth.

    I don’t use Windows simulation programs on the Mac, so I cannot speak to that. It just has not been necessary. I do all our financial and tax stuff on Quicken on my Gateway and purchased a Mac version of Quicken to accomplish the same.

    I went to the Mac when my Gateway screen went dead after one year of service. I have a small monitor I hook to the GW when I need to use it. Our internet security engineer son is going to change out my screen when we get to Florida this fall. I will not give up the Mac, however, for my main computer. It just works so much better and has fewer issues than the windows based machines.

    You won’t be sorry you made the switch, Nick.


  2. Hey Nick, I haven’t seen any mention of T-shirts for the upcoming Celina rally. Gonna have ’em? Taking orders ahead of time? People wants to know!

  3. Nick,

    Here’s a brief article touting Parallels, which is the tool I use for my Windows emulation needs on my Mac.

  4. NIck – Purchased our first Mac in 1979 and have been a Mac user at home ever since. I use Parallels Desktop with Windows Vista and it works fine. A new version (v7) for Parallels Desktop just was announced a couple of days ago. I have v6. You might look at Mac for “deals”. You can generally get Parallels Desktop and an HP printer “free” with the purchase of a new Mac. I know you do not need an HP; but, it would make a good “door prize’!

  5. To the workcamper: We have been work campers for 3 years now. We have never had a problem with any of palces we have worked. We have never worked for pay, just site. All of the managers have worked with have been pretty easy to work with. Don’t give up if. You just got a bad one.

  6. Rick,
    We won’t have T-shirts for the Ohio rally, unfortunately. At every rally, we lose money on the shirts because we can never sell enough to meet the minimum numbers we must have printed

  7. I write my blogs directly on WordPress on either my Laptop or my iPad. I can’t add the photos on my iPad, though, just prepare the text there. I save them as drafts until I am ready to publish them. I have also written them in Open Office but that just feels like an unnecessary extra step to me.

    I use Parallels to run Street Atlas USA. Everything else I use has a Mac equivalent but I have not yet found good trip planning software for the Mac. Of course I stopped looking once I realized this works just fine for me.

    My in-house computer guru keeps me up to date on anything he thinks I need to upgrade. He actually told me I don’t have to install the newest OS yet. I think that’s a first. 🙂

  8. Nick:

    I’m confident you are making the right decision in switching to the Mac Platform. I know that when I was forced to use an IBM compatible platform, I spent more time chasing down computer problems (viruses, bugs, lockups, etc.) than I did actually getting my work accomplished.

    Something you might look into is finding a Macintosh User Group. They call themselves “AppleJack User Group”, and can be found all around the country. Their members truly enjoy helping fellow Mac Users solve all kinds of computer and/or software problems free of charge. There is an on-line version, but to access the local group, insert the City’s name in front of AppleJack and you can find them in telephone directory or internet. For example, I live in Jefferson City and the Jefferson City AppleJack User Group has a great group of members willing to help fellow Mac Users, and the same is true in other cities and towns around the nation. They also, generally have monthly meetings to share Mac updates and provide various educational training programs for their members and the general public.

    Oh yes, I think you will be one up on Greg, and after he sees how much you enjoy your new Mac, he just might eventually make the transition too!

    Wish you the Best.

  9. Nick,

    Thanks for the follow up to the work camper who did not get paid. You were wise not to publish the name of the park.. We both know that truth is the ultimate defense againt libel, but in this case you don’t want to waste time and money defending yourself against someone with no morals and no sense of right and wrong. The owner of that park is a social misfit and a liar and a cheat. IMHO.

  10. Parallels is great, I just downloaded the brand new released version tonight. Installed seamlessly and works great. You’re gonna love your Mac, I used to hate computers and now that I have Macs I adore them. There’s just no B.S. with a Mac.

  11. Nick, as ores have indicated either VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop will handle any Windows only apps just fine. Generally speaking Parallels is better I think. For blogging the best pay app is probably MarsEdit for $30. If you’re good at HTML yourself then Bare Bones SW Bbedit(pay) or it’s free sibling TextWrangler a the best text editors going…although the Open Office recommendation is fine as well. Don’t forget that you can swap your Windows license for a Mac one usually for apps like Photoshop, etc.

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