Sep 122011

Yesterday, I finished what I hope is our final schedule for our Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally, and posted it on the rally registration page. Unless there is a major error that both myself and Miss Terry have missed, or we have a last minute cancellation, there won’t be any further changes. We have a couple of vendors who still have not registered, and we have held the seminar time slots open as long as we can, so I’m afraid they won’t get a seminar this time around.

I also loaded the Parallels program into my iMac, as well as Windows 7, which will allow me to use my Windows programs on the iMac. Eventually I plan to get all Mac software, but hopefully this should work for now, and save me from laying out hundreds of dollars all at once. We had ordered an extra four gigs of memory for each computer from Amazon, which arrived on Friday, but when Greg White tried to install them yesterday, we discovered that they apparently sent us the wrong ones, because they won’t fit. Hopefully we can get them exchanged without too much hassle.

Speaking of Amazon, a thread on the Escapees forum reminded me of a question I got a few days ago from a blog reader, when we were so busy with visitors, and I’m not sure if I replied to her or not. She wants to buy either an Amazon Kindle or an iPad, and plans to use it strictly for reading e-books. For whatever reason, she said a Nook is not in the running, and she asked me which I would choose. The iPad has a much larger screen, but the Kindle is much less expensive.

I have both, and prefer the Kindle for reading because it is smaller and weighs a lot less than my first generation iPad. I’m starting to be troubled with arthritis in my fingers, and the difference in weight makes for a decided difference in comfort. The iPad also has a very shiny screen, which makes it hard to read in bright sunlight, if you do any reading outside. The Kindle’s page is more like a printed book, and easy to read outdoors. I love my iPad for a lot of uses, but strictly for an e-book reader, the Kindle wins hands down, in my opinion.

During the evening, our friend Al Hesselbart from the RV Hall of Fame Museum came by to visit. A few years ago, Al wrote an interesting book on the history of the RV industry, called The Dumb Things Sold …Just Like That! Like many new authors who self-publish, Al got ripped off by the folks who designed and printed the book for him, and that company is now out of business. Somewhere along the way, they made some changes to the book that needed corrected, and Al had no way to get any more copies printed.

He did have a CD from the printing company, which included the manuscript and cover, but not the corrections needed. Fortunately, I was able to use one of my publishing software programs to get into the file, convert it into something I could edit, and make the changes for Al. Then I saved it in a PDF file that any printer can use. This week I’ll help Al set up an account with Lightning Source, who prints our books, and he’ll be good to go. And as a bonus, the cost per copy will be maybe 1/4 of what he had been paying. Hmmm…. I think my buddy Al owes me a nice dinner someplace, don’t you? 🙂

Speaking of the RV Hall of Fame Museum, our friends Tom and Barbara Westerfield are dedicated geocachers, and when they visited the museum the other day, Al gave them permission to establish a cache there. If you are an RVing geocacher, stop by the museum the next time you’re passing through the area and log their Famously Found cache. The museum is an easy off/easy on break from the Indiana Toll Road, they have plenty of room for RVs to park, and if you haven’t visited the museum yet, you really owe it to yourself to spend a couple of hours there. You won’t regret it!

Thought For The Day – Sometimes we know we shouldn’t, and that’s exactly why we do something.

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  4 Responses to “Final Rally Schedule Posted”

  1. Sometimes you need to get creative when adding memory to computers. Kitchen scissors or tin-snips can help to trim to fit. Liberal application of duct tape may be used, as well as a small sledge hammer to persuade those pesky chips into position. Greg knows all about those advanced techniques on PCs. I think he just doesn’t want to work on the Macs.

  2. I love my kindle, it works great inside or out. We sit outside a lot when we are in our site in Hondo both Milk and I have no problems with lighting since there is no glare on screen. I have the first generation kindle and Mike has second generation and they work fine, I would recommend buy the more expensive $185 since it has more features on it. The $114 is fine if you want the advertising that comes with it. they also have a mid range priced at $135 that does not have the adverts,but fewer options than the high priced one.

  3. I like that my iPad let’s me read any format. But, I don’t read outside. Also, be aware that the iPad 2 is a lot lighter than the 1 but it is still larger than a Kindle. Which is nice when you want to enlarge the print.

  4. I always have good luck buying RAM memory from Jim’s methods of getting a good fit sound a little EXTREME. LOL

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