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Sep 292011

I’m sure glad we didn’t get rid of the two hard kayaks we carry on the roof of our Ford Explorer, because if we get any more rain, I just may have to turn the darned SUV upside down and paddle out of here! I’m not sure if it will ever stop raining. Every day, more falls, and the ground just keeps getting more and more soggy. We need a couple of clear days before everybody starts pulling out when our rally ends Friday, to help dry things out.

All of our vendors seem to be doing well, and everybody I have talked to has said they are having a lot of fun at the rally. That’s all that matters. And last night was probably the most fun of all!

After a long day of seminars, our pizza party was scheduled for 6 p.m., yesterday, and just like at our rally in Yuma back in March, the pizza shop got the timing wrong and showed up a half hour early. And just like she did in Yuma, Miss Terry sprang into action and got her crew working at high speed, setting things up. I don’t know how she does it, but when the crowd showed up, everything went like clockwork. 200 people were seated and fed in just minutes. Talk about organization!

As soon as the last bite of pizza disappeared, it was time for our Buckeye Beauty contest, and oh, what a collection of cuties we had this time around! But there was a conspiracy going on, and before I could introduce the first lady, Dennis Hill snuck up on me.

Nick Dennis

Using some kind of black magic or hypnosis, he put me into a deep trance while he did some sort of transformation that made a new man (or something) out of me.

Nick trance

To say I was a changed man would be an understatement.

Nick Bikini 1

But the show must go on, and I started introducing some of the finest fillies to every hit the streets of Celina, Ohio!

Nick bikini

The crowd clapped and laughed as the contestants made their way to the stage, on the arms of their volunteer escorts.

Ken and girl

Butch and Dennis

Girl and escort

Once I had the “ladies” up on stage, there was the occasional lack of proper etiquette that needed to be addressed, but it was kind of like herding cats. About the time I’d find one sitting with her legs spread and make her get her knees back together, there was a balloon boob popping out somewhere else. What’s a guy to do?

Legs open

Nick girls

But it was all in good fun, even if it was juvenile humor, and by popular vote, judged by the audience applause, the winner was Rachel Repugnantus, aka Dennis Haddix from Makarios RV, one of our faithful vendors. Here I am with our brand new beauty queen.

Nick queen

Yeah, it’s silly and not at all dignified, but if we can’t just cut loose and have a few laughs now and then, life would be downright boring.  And judging by the reaction from the crowd, a good time was had by all!

Today is the last full day of the rally, and we’ll be having even more seminars, more fun, and we’ll make even more memories to last us until the next time.

Thought For The Day – If I had my life to live over, I’d dare to make more mistakes next time.

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  6 Responses to “Buckeye Beauties”

  1. Nick, Did you know that if you seal the edges of that apron-like disquise you were wearing that you will have a blow-up doll? Uh-oh — I don’t think Miss Terry would like that.

  2. Nick,
    It sounds your rallies are a good combination of information and fun….just what a rally should be. I hope we can make it to one soon.

    Selene, NC

  3. Beings we are not there, it is soom much fun to read of all the antics going on and just laugh and laugh. Have fun.

  4. I’m sure I speak for many who could not get to Celina when I say, please, please, please, wear that sexy outfit in Yuma!

  5. See, kids — this is what your grandparents do for fun!

  6. Jodie S. I’m sure Nick is sleeping with that top on. LOL I do have to say it looks rather nice on him.

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