Sep 142011

Yesterday started with a call from our friend Chris Yust, who was in New Jersey and headed toward Elkhart. Chris said that their Norcold refrigerator was at 50 degrees, and she wanted a recommendation to get it repaired locally. I made a couple of calls, got some names and phone numbers for her, and called back. Chris and her hubby Charles are reps for Good Sam Insurance, and regular vendors at our Gypsy Journal rallies. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to visit when they get to town, before we leave for Celina on Sunday. If not, maybe we can at the rally.

The parade of people stopping by to say hello has been pretty much non-stop since we got to Elkhart Campground. For a couple of people who were always kind of the outsiders in high school, Terry and I seem to have grown up to become social butterflies. 🙂

The other day, Charley and Sherry Dilworth pulled in across from us, and yesterday Charley stopped to say hello when he walked past with his two friendly little Dachshunds. Charley and Sherry are going to be joining us at our Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally in a couple of weeks.

Yesterday a Jeep pulled up next to our motorhome, and somebody knocked on our door. It was Jerry and Pam Huddleston, bus nut friends from southern Illinois we have not seen in several years. What a treat! We sat around and visited for a while, catching up on our lives since we were last together. Jerry said they have retired their old bus conversion, and now have a truck conversion. They are staying at a campground in Shipshewana, about 20 miles east of us, so I didn’t get to see their new rig. It’s probably just as well, since I lusted after a truck conversion for many years before we bought our Winnebago, and I don’t need to go down that road again anytime soon! 🙂

After Jerry and Pam left, we hooked up with Greg and Jan and went to Mancino’s Pizza for dinner, and had a wonderful meal and a lot of good conversation to go along with it.

Back at the campground, a vehicle pulled up as we were getting out of the Explorer, and it was Bill and Marilyn Kern, from Arcadia, California, and Jeff and Noreen Totten, from Big Bear Lake, California. They were with us at our Arizona Gypsy Journal rally in March, and were only going to be here overnight, because they are headed for Michigan today to visit Mackinac Island. 

Except when we’re busy putting a new issue of the paper together, or getting it ready to mail out, we always enjoy it when our friends and readers stop by to visit. As long as they don’t come knocking on the door too early in the morning! 🙂

Bad Nick has been a bit busy the last few days, and he’s back with a new Bad Nick Blog titled A Nation Of Wimps. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.

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