Yes, Terry Drove

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Aug 012011

Several blog readers have been asking me if I was going to drive over the Mackinac Bridge, or if I was going to wimp out and have Terry drive our motorhome over the bridge. High bridges terrify me, and last year I debated whether or not to drive the bridge, finally deciding that sooner or later, I really needed to man up and face the things that scare me. So I did it. This year, I decided what the heck, I have nothing to prove. I know I can do it if I need to, but I don’t have to, so I didn’t. Is that a step backward? I don’t really care. 🙂

We left the Sault Ste Marie Elks lodge about noon, stopped at the Soo Locks Campground just down the street to dump our holding tanks and hook up the Explorer to our Blue Ox tow bar, and then promptly got lost in the construction zones that seem to stretch from Maine to California. Eventually we managed to find our way onto Interstate 75 southbound, and about 30 miles north of the bridge we stopped and changed drivers.

There was a bit of a breeze, but the predicted thunderstorms had not developed. Weather on the bridge was clear and calm, with a 100% chance of sniveling. Actually, it wasn’t too bad. You’d be amazed at what you can’t see when you wrap the window curtains around your head! 🙂

Mackinac Bridge up high 3

Miss Terry did a fine job, just like she does with everything else, and soon enough the bridge was behind us and we turned onto U.S. 31, which winds its way along the Lake Michigan shoreline, through the busy resort towns of Petoskey and Charlevoix, and on to Traverse City. Dozens of sailboats dotted the water, and as we drove along the waterfront in Traverse City, the beaches were crowded.



We stopped for fuel, and arrived at my cousin’s house, a few miles south of town a little after 4 p.m. We got parked and hooked up water and electric, and settled in, then had dinner.

There are a lot of trees on my cousin Terry’s property, and this is the first place where our Winegard Trav’ler automatic rooftop satellite TV dish has not been able to lock onto a signal. I have been teasing my pal Greg White for months, every time I saw him setting up his portable dish, that all I have to do is push a button, so I thought that it was only fair to call Greg and admit that we couldn’t get a signal. Well, that, and because we have never used our crank up air antenna, and I couldn’t remember how to switch the TV over to get the signal, and I needed Greg to walk me through it. 🙂

We’ll be driveway camping here for the next week, living on 20 amp electric, so I hope it cools down. I don’t think we can run our air conditioner on the limited power we have.

Thought For The Day – Cling to your imperfections, they are what make you unique.

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  10 Responses to “Yes, Terry Drove”

  1. You should be able to run your ac on 20a, provided that nothing else that draws significant current (e.g. microwave, toaster, hair dryer, large tv, etc.) is running at the same time. Put your refrigerator on propane and watch your voltage. If it drops below about 105, shut the air off. Or, open the windows and enjoy the lake breezes.

    Enjoy, and hope the checkup goes well.

  2. Thanks for the laugh this morning, “curtains around your head” and kudos for Miss Terry driving, since she doesn’t get to drive very often, I wasn’t sure if she was up to the task. But glad that she was.

  3. Nick, I never doubted that Terry could drive just fine. She can do it all! You are a lucky man.

  4. My ‘sniveling’ moments are really steep drop offs – I’ll remember the ‘curtains around the head’ solution. Thanks for the chuckle. 😉

  5. thanks for the suggestion of curtain around the head. Like you I have a very real fear of bridges and tunnels. there is no shame in admitting you have a fear of something. Just picturing you with the curtain around your head gave us a good chuckle. Thanks I needed one this morning. Enjoy your visit with your cousin.Be safe.

  6. Nick, I need to borrow the curtains this week. We are leaving Gloucester and heading down to Virginia Beach for a week and there is a tunnel to go through. Am not looking forward to seeing that tunnel.

  7. and here I was whining about 30 amp service. ..seriously, can you even run one a/c on 20 amp? hopefully you can!

    I also got a kick out of the curtains wrapped around the head word picture. . .good one!

  8. Well somebody has to be the man of the family, even if its Miss Terry in your case! 🙂

  9. If it gets really hot, disconnect the 20-amp and use your generator. It sounds like you haven’t run it for more than a month so it needs to be used.
    We just got to use ours when we camped in a Corps of Engineers park near Hot Springs, SD. I think this is the first time we have seen 3 digits on our engine thermometer and it’s a 2002. I sure hope it is cooler in Gillette for the Escapade.

  10. Marlene, we used our generator just a few days ago, when dry camping at a casino in Minnesota, and a few days before that when underway, to cool the coach down.

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