Aug 032011

Heavy thunderstorms were predicted for Grand Traverse County yesterday, and about 7:30 a.m. it rained really hard for about 15 minutes, and then it stopped. It was strange, because there was no light rain or wind as a prelude; it just suddenly started to pound on the roof of our motorhome, and just as suddenly it stopped, without tapering off. Well, good morning to you too!

It rained lightly on and off all day long, but the severe storms never developed, though south of us they got hit pretty hard. The rain cooled things off a bit, but it also raised the humidity to where, when we stepped outside, it was like walking into a sauna. But at least our air conditioner didn’t run all day long, like the day before.

Over time, I have been phasing out our old website at and moving everything to our new site at Chris Guld at Geeks on Tour has been invaluable in helping me get things set up, and eventually we’ll transition all of our websites away from the Yahoo servers and onto

One change is that we are dropping the free ads on our website for RVs and RV property for sale. In fact, we have already stopped posting new ads. For several years now we have run the ads, though they have never caught on as well as we had hoped. However, a continuing problem, which has gotten worse over time, is that we make it plain that the ads are free for private parties only. From the very start, we have had RV dealers sending in ads, and then complaining because we expect them to pay, as well as RV resorts that sell private lots doing the same thing.

One fellow sends me a dozen or more RV ads a week, and I have continually rejected the ads and told him they are for private parties only. His response is that his dealership is selling them on consignment for private parties, so the ads are free. It turns into an never-ending argument. Another fellow sends two or three different ads a week, always with the same phone number. I have contacted him, and he insists he is selling his privately owned RV. Do you know anybody who currently has 3 Class A diesel pushers, a Class A gas powered motorhome, 4 Class C motorhomes, and a fifth wheel trailer for sale?  So, to the folks who were taking advantage of the offer legitimately, I’m sorry we will not be able to accommodate you any longer.

I’ve had some folks ask if we will have anybody weighing RVs at our Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, Ohio. We’re working on that, and I hope to have an answer for you soon. Somebody also asked for the name and contact info of the RV tech who will be at the rally. Kevin and Marla Mallory, owners of Cruising America RV Service Company, which is located in Celina, will be at the rally. Kevin is an expert tech, who can handle just about anything you need done. Contact Kevin by phone at (419) 852-0791, or by e-mail at to  pre-schedule work before, during, or after the rally, so he can block out time for you on his schedule.

And don’t forget that the Geeks on Tour will be doing their popular Computer Boot Camp on the Friday and Saturday before our rally starts. Click the link and find out more abut this excellent program. Miss Terry and several other people I know have attended the Boot Camp, and all of them came away very impressed with the hands-on personalized instruction. 

Thought For The Day – It’s better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at that line for the rest of your life.

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  2 Responses to “Websites, Rallies, And Rain”

  1. Well Nick, as usual, it’s a shame that a few ruin it for the rest of us, but we certainly understand why you are dropping the free ads. We don’t want to see you having to argue with idiots over stuff like that, because we all know what can happen then.

  2. Nick,

    Regarding the guy with one phone number and 4 rigs to sell:

    — so in addition to not being ble to fix STUPID, looks like we can’t fix GREED either.

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