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Aug 132011

You all know Good Nick and Bad Nick, but yesterday, Lazy Nick was in charge. I needed to get a lot of work done on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, but I just couldn’t seem to get started. I checked e-mail, checked my favorite blogs, looked in on Facebook to see who was up to what, and basically just goofed off all morning.

In the afternoon, we had some errands to run. We stopped at the RV Hall of Fame Museum to drop off a bundle of Gypsy Journals, and so I could badger my buddy Al Hesselbart into buying me dinner, but that sly old fox was out of town. At least that’s what they told me. I suspect he was just hiding under a desk someplace, clutching his wallet to his heart.  

Our next stop was the post office, to mail off some orders. The street in front of Elkhart’s main post office is all torn up, and getting in and out was a challenge. The lady who waited on me said that the project is supposed to take a month or two, and as soon as it is finished, the city plans to tear up the sidewalks in the same block. I think I’ll start going to the post office in Union, Michigan. It’s about the same distance, and easier to get to.

Our next stop was at RV Surplus to pick up a couple of things, and to drop off another bundle of newspapers. Owner Trina Ambis is one of our oldest friends in this area, and she always makes us feel welcome. We pretty much built our MCI bus conversion with components from RV Surplus. If it goes on, in, or under an RV, they probably have it. We visited for a while, picked up a replacement part for our toilet and some 12 volt fluorescent bulbs, and told Trina we’d stop in again while we’re in town.

After a quick stop at the grocery store, we came back to Elkhart Campground, and I told Miss Terry I really needed to get some work done. But instead, I took a nap on the couch, waking up in time for dinner. I followed that up with a walk around the campground, and then basically wasted the evening. So I didn’t accomplish a darn thing, thanks to Lazy Nick. I wouldn’t blame Miss Terry is she booted me to the curb, because I sure didn’t earn my keep. 🙂

Okay, now that I’ve told you about how lazy I am, here’s a video of cousin Berni showing some real moves. When we were visiting Berni and Rocky in Muskegon, Michigan last week, I won two games of Mexican Train, but Berni managed to beat me by five points on the third game. She savored her victory with the official Gypsy Journal Happy Dance. This should get your laugh motor started for the day! And people wonder why I avoid family reunions!

I may have been lazy, but Bad Nick was at work yesterday, posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled Should We Bring Back The WPA? Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then, neither does milk.      

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  8 Responses to “Lazy Nick”

  1. Its okay to take a break now and then you know. Don’t you ever take an entire day (24 hours) off and NOT write or do anythng else work related at all? I think your readers would forgive you for being human on occassion.

  2. Are you kidding Liz? Nick NEVER misses a blog! I’ve been reading for years and I can’t ever remember him not putting up a blog. I think he’s the Energizer Bunny of blogging. If he didn’t post one morning none of us would know how to start our day.

  3. while you were goofing off and being nasty toward your buddies, many of us (Al, Walter, Geeks, Roger, Mac etc) are parked together and busy working in Madison WI at FMCA with booths and seminars. Your steak dinner may just become TUBE style. see ya Sunday Al

  4. Loved the Gypsy Journal Dance. Maybe you should give dance lessons at the next rally.

  5. We loved the dance, I agree you should do it at the GJ rally. Congratulation on taking an entire day off. If you missed doing the blog, you would have a million e=mails wondering if you were ill. See you soon

  6. Nick, don’t even worry about taking a day off. I felt so bad that you didn’t get a day off, so I took two. One for me, and of course, one for you. What are friends for. Really enjoyed all the dancing, and the kicking also.

  7. Hasn’t Berni learned by now that you will publish anything she says or does? Yeah, she probably has but just doesn’t care. Love that woman.

  8. Good Nick??

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