Aug 222011

Yesterday morning Miss Terry decided that it was time to get some things done around here that we have been too busy to tackle until now. Since it was a comfortable day, with a very gentle breeze blowing to keep the mosquitoes and gnats down, it was a good day to do some outside chores.

The first order of business was to take our Trek bicycles off the ladder rack on the back of our Winnebago. The bikes have been sitting there too long and not being used, partly because my doctor at the VA advised me not to ride mine because the constant bumping of the seat on my tailbone was aggravating an old back injury, and partly because getting them on and off the rack is a hassle for short little munchkins like us. We need to haul a step stool outside to reach the cable locks we secure the bikes with, and then wrestle them off the rack and down onto the ground. I have tried three or four different padded seats, with no success, and I need to either find some sort of split seat that will not put pressure on my tailbone, or else sell the bike and get it gone.

With the bikes off, I could access our engine compartment door, and I took the opportunity to check the oil, and to add a little bit of antifreeze/coolant. Every three months or so, we seem to lose about a pint, and I don’t know where it goes. There is never any sign of a leak anywhere, and a couple of mechanics who have worked on the engine have not been able to figure out where the coolant is going. While I was in the engine bay, I also checked the air filter, and it was okay. That was about as far as I am authorized to do in that area, so I closed it back up.

Then Miss Terry climbed up the ladder to the roof, and spent a couple of hours cleaning the three Fan-Tastic Vent covers with 303 Protectant. That stuff is fantastic, and I’ll need to restock our supply when we see Dave and Jean Damon, who will be vendors at our Ohio rally next month.  While Terry was busy on top of the motorhome, I stayed down below, ready to catch her if she fell. Fortunately for both of us, my skills were not needed.

While she was up there, Terry discovered that the topper for our living room slide was full of water from the recent rains, so she scooped as much of it off as she could. I am really disappointed with the job the fellow in Mesa, Arizona did when he replaced both of our slide toppers two winters ago. The one on the living room slide has always pooled water on top, and after I complained when we were in Arizona last winter, he promised to come out and replace or adjust the topper fabric. But he stood us up, and never called to explain why he missed the appointment.

We need to go through our storage bays and find a new home for some things we no longer need or use, a chore that we do every year. You’d think that after thirteen years as fulltime RVers, we wouldn’t be hauling around any unnecessary cargo, but we seem to always find an impressive number of things that snuck in there somewhere along the way.

Yesterday I drug out a portable satellite dish tripod that came when we upgraded our Dish Network receiver last winter, and sat it out by the street with a Free sign, and found a new home for a folding chair we have been lugging around, as well as a box of books. We don’t drink, smoke, or use drugs, but books are our major vice. Even with a Kindle, an iPad, and all kinds of gizmos for reading e-books, we still love printed books, and find a lot of them that are not available in digital format. We’ll have a free book exchange table at our Celina rally, so bring yours in to trade for some new titles.  

Our friends Mike and Elaine Loscher are living in a hotel temporarily, while Michele Henry at Phoenix Commercial Paint gives their Winnebago Adventurer an exterior makeover. A little after 5 p.m., they came over, and we went to Ryan’s Buffet for dinner. Earlier in the week we had a very disappointing experience at Ryan’s, which is usually one of our favorite restaurants locally, but we decided to give them another chance. We were glad we did, because this time everything was very good, hot and fresh, and our faith in the place was restored.

We had a nice dinner with Mike and Elaine, and then came back to our rig at Elkhart Campground and sat around visiting a while longer before they went back to their temporary home. Though they have only been out of their RV for a couple of days, Mike and Elaine are really missing it. We know just how they feel. Even the best motels and hotels cannot compare to our cozy home on wheels, where everything we need is within reach. But they know it will be worth the inconvenience when Michele calls them and says their new full body paint job is finished. We have never met anybody who was disappointed in her work, and we’re looking forward to seeing the finished project!

Thought For The Day – Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.

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  4 Responses to “Clean Vent Covers & Dinner at Ryan’s”

  1. We know how Mike and Elaine feel. Today is day 6 living in a Red Roof Inn room with our cat. We have to have our engine rebuilt. In the number 4 cylinder the piston has two broken rings. So while they had the engine completely torn apart my husband and I agreed time for a rebuild (engine at 228,000 miles).

    So far room not so bad. Have found HyVee (grocery with great complete meals in deli), used book store, Walmart, used CD/DVD store, Salvation Army all close by. Have WiFi in room to work on projects. But I want to go home to my coach!!!!!!!!

  2. I had the same experience with Ryans last summer – great one time, not so great the next.

  3. The flower-waterers in Winter Park, CO have “John Deere-type tractor seats” on their city-work trikes. Now that you are in the midwest farm area, check out the used farm equipment sales.

  4. Tell Mike & Elaine we miss them here at LSC. Have fun at the rally. I know Elaine was really looking forward to it. And we can so identify with being without our home on wheels ~ 2x for 3 weeks each time due to a fire in the rig. Always so good to get back home!!! We also need to do some purging of stuff in our motor home. But it is so darn hot that all we want to do is collapse in the evenings once we are done with work for the day.

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