Aug 232011

We had visitors yesterday! Chuck and Claire Rossbach, longtime subscribers from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, were passing through and stopped at Elkhart Campground to look us up and say hello. How nice of them to interrupt their trip, just to pay us a visit! Claire told us that they have been campers since the 1950s, in everything from tents on up to their present Tiffin Phaeton diesel pusher, which their son bought new for them as a gift! How did they manage that! I’m lucky to get a happy birthday e-mail from my kids every decade or two! We had a nice visit with Chuck and Claire,and we’re looking forward to seeing them next month at our Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, Ohio.

After our visitors left, we drove to South Bend to pick up the envelopes from our commercial mail service, then stopped at a post office to drop off a couple of orders, and in Mishawaka to pick up a couple of things. Back in Elkhart, Terry needed some things from WalMart, and while she was in the store, I waited in the Explorer and read my Kindle.

By the time she was done at Wally World, it was almost 6 p.m., and we still had not eaten all day, so we were famished. For a couple of years now, our friend Michele Henry, from Phoenix Commercial Paint,  has been recommending a Chinese restaurant called King Wha, so we decided to give it a try. Hey Michele, why the heck did you let us wait so long?

I had the Shrimp Fried Rice, and Miss Terry had Szechwan Shrimp With Peanuts. Both meals were huge, and beyond delicious. Since I am very allergic to onions, we always ask before we order if the dish has onions in it, and our very nice waitress checked to be sure my meal would be made to order. And then we heard her go back in the kitchen to ask the cook if the Hot and Sour Soup had onions in it, without us asking. I like that kind of service! We had more than we could finish, the service was fast and friendly, and the entire bill was under $19! I have an official new favorite restaurant!    

Helen, the owner of King Wha, came to our table to introduce herself and chatted with us a while. Terry and I always hold hands, whether we are walking, riding in the SUV, sitting in a restaurant, or even laying in bed watching television before we drop off to sleep. Helen noticed that and wanted to know if we were newlyweds. We told her that we’ll be celebrating our fourteenth wedding anniversary in January, but we are still on our honeymoon! To us, it really does feel that way. 🙂

Now that we have the envelopes, Terry will go into her workaholic mode, stuffing them faster than I can see her hands move. She has her own system and will not let anyone help her, because each envelope is bar coded, and if even one gets out of sequence, when they reach the post office everything comes to a screeching halt. My job is to haul in empty plastic mail tubs and bundles of papers as needed, and to tote the tubs full of stuffed envelops back out to the Explorer, and to stay out of the way the rest of the time.

While we were busy with all of that, Bad Nick went on a rant yesterday, posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled Bad Nick Is Pissed! Check it out and leave a comment!

Thought For The Day – There comes a point when you’re more important than your past.

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  1. Several times I have seen you and Miss Terry holding hands or exchanging those special little looks and it is always so nice to see a couple that is so much in love and does not hesitate to express it. I have also noticed that you ALWAYS open the car door for her! Hey husbands out there, take a lesson from Nick!

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