And The Thunder Rolled

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Aug 242011

Miss Terry has been working in a mad frenzy, stuffing envelopes as fast as I can lug bundles of papers into the motorhome and carry the filled mailing tubs back out to the Explorer. I tell you, that girl never stops! I get tired just watching her work!

We had visitors yesterday afternoon, and I am embarrassed to say that we were so wrapped up in the mailing that I don’t remember everybody’s names. One of our longtime blog readers came by with a friend to pick up a bundle of Gypsy Journals to take to the Escapees RV park in Summerdale, Alabama. I’m sorry, I’m having a brain fart my friend, but I appreciate you helping spread the word about the Gypsy Journal. We get a lot of exposure from our readers taking a bundle of sample papers to pass out in their travels.

A little later on, Ron and Verdis Knight, from Yorktown, Virginia, stopped in with another couple, whose names I also cannot remember. (Maybe I’m getting senile.) Ron took three bundles of papers to distribute, and while they were here, I showed them my Strongback Chair. I wrote a blog post about the chair a few months ago, and I said then, and still believe, that it is absolutely the most comfortable camp chair I have ever sat in. the chair is big and roomy, it will hold 300 pounds, and it has a lumbar support built in to make it even more comfortable, for hours of sitting under the awning with a good book, or visiting with friends. All four of them tried the chair out, and I see some sales in Strongback’s future!

Strongback chair

Ladd Lougee, the owner of Strongback, is such a nice guy that he is even donating two chairs as door prizes for our upcoming Gypsy Journal rallies! How cool is that? Thanks, Ladd!

About 6:30 p.m. I finally drug Terry away from her piles of envelopes long enough to go out and grab a pizza, and then we came home, and she was right back at it. She finally knocked off a little before midnight, with an impressive number of filled bins stacked up in the back of the Explorer and in the living room. I had her proof the blog, and then sat her down on the couch for a very well deserved foot rub.

Sometime in the evening, the thunder began to boom off in the distance and a storm came through, with thunder, lightning, and rain. The forecast is for strong thunderstorms all day today, with the possibility of large hail. We’ve been through some nasty storms in the Midwest this time of year, and we’ve also dodged a lot of bullets. We’ll sit tight and wait for the bad weather to pass on by. 

While Terry was working so hard, I piddled around at the computer, wrote a new post to my self-publishing blog titled The Importance Of Setting Goals, and tried to look busy, just so I would not feel so guilty with her doing all of the work.

Today will be more of the same, and we hope to get all of the papers mailed off to our Standard Mail and First Class subscribers, as well as those who use different commercial mail services, by the end of the week. The early feedback we’ve received on this issue, with all of our coverage of the Oregon coast from our travels this summer, from the folks who subscribe to our digital edition, has been very good.

We’re looking forward to getting this issue mailed out, so we can catch our breath, and maybe even get our Sea Eagle kayaks in the water, before we get too busy with our upcoming Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally. We always like to sandwich a little play between all of our work! 🙂

Thought For The Day – The greatest risk in life is not taking one.

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  5 Responses to “And The Thunder Rolled”

  1. Early this year my wife and I went to an RV show in Atlantic City doing research for out upcoming RV purchase and adventure. At the show we met Ladd Lougee at his booth showing off his new chairs. I was skeptical that it could be any different than any other folding chair but after I sat in it I was sold. We got his card and ordered two of them shortly thereafter. Glad to hear you got one too.

  2. I hope that the fool who would not send you a sample foot stool to evaluate reads this blog and sees what he is missing out on (if the product was worhty of a mention). People who sell products on the web can’t buy this kind of publcity. There might be on of those chairs in my future.

  3. Received our digital issue and as usual another good one! We purchased our Strongback chairs after your first comment on them. They are great and without a doubt the best we have ever had that fold into a bag.

  4. A well deserved foot rub? Does Miss Terry stuff the envelopes with her feet?? 🙂

  5. Hey, Nick,

    Thanks for the good info here today. We could use a couple more good folding chairs. I guess I’ve never heard of these Strongback chairs before today. They look GREAT and VERY interesting! I loved the hunky dude in the video, too.

    Side note:
    Yo! –Footstool Guy….I could ALSO use a comfortable footstool for traveling around the country, but, oh-freakin’-well….. THAT’S not happenin’ with YOU…. BTW, have ya signed up for any anger management classes yet?

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