A Good Medical Report

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Aug 062011

Yesterday Miss Terry had her annual checkup with her oncologist, and her report came back all good. She is now 11 years cancer free! When you consider that the night she was diagnosed, she had already lost 2/3 of her blood, and the first doctor to look at her in the emergency room told us to start planning a funeral, that’s a miracle!

It took a lot of hard work by a dedicated medical team, months of horrendous treatment, a lot of prayers from hundreds of people, and Terry’s own strong will to survive to get her through the ordeal, but she did, and life is good. No, it’s not good, it’s WONDERFUL!

Every year when we come back up here to Traverse City for her appointment, Terry gets very scared, starts to stress out, and needs a lot of reassurance, which is completely understandable. I can only think that it would be like me having to go back to Vietnam. Except that I don’t have her courage, and I’d probably head for Canada instead!

With that business out of the way for another year, today we are headed for Muskegon, Michigan for a few days, to spend some time visiting my cousin Berni and her husband Rocky, two of our favorite people in the entire world. It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten together, and we’re really looking forward to the visit. If the weather cooperates, and we have time, we may even try to get our kayaks wet! But at this point, the forecast doesn’t look too promising. 🙁

After reading yesterday’s blog, longtime reader Ron Butler asked if I wasn’t possibly pulling my readers’ legs with some of those questions. I assure you they are all legitimate, and those were just a few examples. There are plenty more where those came from.

I left out the couple in Texas who e-mailed last week, while we were in Minnesota or Wisconsin, asking we could "take a quick run" down to Dallas to look at a motorhome they are thinking about buying. Or the couple who complained that they have been thrown out of three RV parks because of their aggressive dogs (2 pit bulls and a large mixed breed) who “only” get loud and snarl if people come into or near their RV site. They wanted to know why people couldn’t love their animals as much as they do. And then we have the solo lady who wrote to ask for the name and e-mail address of a solo man with a fifth wheel that she met at a Pilot truck stop. He gave her a copy of the Gypsy Journal, and she’d like to get to know him better.

Bad Nick has been quiet for a few days, but he’s back and in good form, posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled titled God Must Hate Women. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – I would rather do something and find out that it was the wrong thing, than never know if it was the right thing.

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  15 Responses to “A Good Medical Report”

  1. Congratulations to Miss Terry on the good report! May you have many, many more.

  2. So glad to hear about Miss Terry’s report. It must have taken a huge burden off her back.

  3. Good for you Miss Terry. It’s always great to hear the good stories about cancer.

    I groaned when I read the comment from one of your readers who wanted to know if you could make a quick run to Dallas. Did you answer him? I ask because we have a relative who continuously tells us that he and his wife are planning on taking a trip west with us now that we’ve got an RV. He thought that would be nice. I’ve never answered him nor have I encouraged him in any way. I’m dumbfounded when people say things like this, never realizing that they are inviting themselves…at our expense. Of course, the answer is no because we don’t care to live 24/7 with 4 people in our RV. I’m going to have to answer soon but I’ve been delaying starting a family feud. Any thoughts?

  4. Hooray and thanks to the Good Lord for the great news about Miss Terry!! Best wishes for you all to have continued great health. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.
    Take care and be careful on the roads.

  5. Terry we are sending you bigs hugs — so happy that you got good news!!
    Jean and John

  6. Great news Terry and as a survivor also I know how nerve wracking it is to wait for the reports from the doctors. in my case my mammogram. It has been 14 yrs. as for the lady with the vicious dogs, hope she has good insurance since she has not one vicious dog but three,when they bite someone. glad they get kicked out of the parks. Most of them have rules about certain dogs not being allowed and Pit bulls lead the list.

  7. Congratulations to Miss Terrry and you for being her support staff. I know that you have not been married as many years as others, but one can not imagine either of you having a partner other than each other. You are an ideal team that can be happy alone or with a crowd. Support of one’s partner is so important to the happy life.

  8. Vicki, tell them that your rv only sleeps two.

  9. Miss Terry’s clean bill of health proves once again that sometimes good things do happen to good people. Keep on doing exactly what you are doing, Terry.

  10. Wonderful news Terry! As a twenty year (last month) survivor I know first hand how nerve wracking these annual checkups can be. Almost like getting a ticket good for one year of life, renewal optional.

    Regarding the dog owners. They wonder why people don’t love animals as they do? Look in the mirror folks…

    Safe travels…

  11. It is always a relief to hear the good reports on Miss Terry’s checkups. We look forward to warm hugs all around soon! If your still around on Wednesday, the weather looks good for some kayaking on the White River.

    I loved the comment about Mobile RV tech charges. I always knew I was cheap,

    The Negotiator

  12. Thanks Ed. I thought about that and also thought about suggesting they rent an RV/camper and follow us down the road. I may have to pass “nice” and go straight to telling it like it is! I know…I’ll pretend I’m Bad Nick!

  13. Great news Terry! A big hug…

  14. Wonderful news for you Miss Terry!! I am so happy that you got another good report.

  15. I’m a little behind in congratulations and a big WHEW! for Terry… We’re very happy for her…Jeannie and Eldy

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