Jul 102011

In a blatant display of his total disregard for society, and totally ignoring any sense of responsibility toward his fellow man, yesterday morning my buddy Greg White fired up the big diesel engine in his American Eagle motorhome, loaded his pretty wife Jan inside, and took off for parts unknown. That’s right, he left me without adult supervision until we meet up again somewhere in the Midwest before we go to Celina, Ohio for our Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally in September. Greg had some excuse about needing to get to a family reunion in southern Illinois or some such nonsense, and even made some reference to Miss Terry being able to keep me out of trouble for the next month or two, but that’s an awful lot to heap on one lady, if you ask me! 

Except for a couple of weeks, Greg and Jan have been traveling with us ever since we were in Yuma in March for our Western Rally. Some people have asked how two couples can spend so much time together, but all four of our personalities just click. And it’s not like we’re together all the time. Many days we are all doing our own thing, and maybe get together for dinner, and that’s it. Greg and Jan have worked really hard to help us make our rallies a success, and we sure appreciate all of their assistance.


There were a few misty eyes all around when they pulled out, but saying goodbye is always a part of the fulltime RV lifestyle. The great thing is that we always seem to get back together with our friends and families somewhere down the road again.


Miss Terry was feeling under the weather, so after Greg and Jan left, we spent the day at home. I worked on the sequel to my Big Lake mystery novel for a while, and then uploaded a preliminary schedule for our Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally. To check it out, click the link to the rally page, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Again, this is only a first draft, and there will be changes and additions made to the seminar schedule as we go along. But it will give you some idea of what we’ll have to offer. If you would like to present a seminar at the rally, please send me an e-mail at editor@gypsyjournal.net and give me a brief description. We especially need some crafts type seminars, as well as seminars on travel subjects.

We always try to have a good selection of door prizes for our rallies, many donated by local businesses, and others from our vendors and friends in the RV industry. At the last couple of rallies, Terry and I have given away a GPS unit as a door prize, but this time around, I decided to try something different. So one of our door prizes will be an Amazon Kindle e-book reader. Some lucky rally attendee is going to go away with a very neat toy! 🙂

From here, we were going to go to the Escapees Evergreen Coho Co-op, in Chimacum, Washington, but we are re-thinking that plan, and we may just stay here in Bremerton instead, and drive up to Port Townsend on a day trip, since it’s less than 50 miles. We are comfortable here, we have excellent internet and phone service, and there are some things in this area we still have not gotten around to seeing, so we really don’t care to move. Of course, I will have to go to the fairgrounds, about five miles away, to dump our holding tanks. We’ve been very conservative and have gone nine days so far, but it won’t be long. Since we seem to have the best spot in the campground for satellite TV access, I’ll park the Bronco in our site while we’re gone, so nobody steals it away from us. A man needs his TV, after all. 🙂

Thought For The Day – Did you ever notice how trivial some things that we never thought we could live without become ten years down the road?    

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  6 Responses to “Who’s In Charge Of Me?”

  1. We stay at the Bremerton Elks when we are in that area, too. Nice view from the Lodge, eh? I’ve been curious, though, whether the fairgrounds (with dump) has RV camping. Have you checked it out?

    By the way, Greg’s excuse for abandoning you seemed mighty lame. You mean, he has family he prefers to you???

    Safe travels,

  2. Nick, be careful you do not break to many things since your fix it guy has left you. take care and be safe. see you in Celina.

  3. Nick,
    I think I’ll just put the Explorer in our slot while you see if you can find someone willing to loan you their Bronco, Okay?? They may not want to wait around for you to come back before they leave. Love you, Honey!! 🙂

  4. You should reconsider going to the Escapee’s park. That area has alot to see, including Olympic National Park. And you can take the ferry from Port Angeles for a day trip to Victoria, BC. We were campground hosts for Crescent Lake for a summer and did a lot of exploring of the area, and really enjoyed it.

    John & Linda, your wine friends from the 2010 AZ rally.

  5. Nick;The poor guy may just need a break! I mean, come on now, your not the North Star.Your friend may just have another life somewhere.Personally, I’m jelous! We’d love to run with another couple that jell as I immagine you four do.

  6. See Nick, Terry really can look out for you when you go astray

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