We All Get Hitch Itch

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Jul 132011

A few days ago, Pennie Walters had a blog post titled Dilemma, in which she lamented the fact that she was feeling hitch itch and longed to be on the move, though she and her husband are enjoying family time with their kids and grandkids. Pennie wrote: “A part of my heart wants to stay here and enjoy the rest of our summer with our family, yet another part of me is ready to hit the road and explore new adventures.  I find the more we live the full-time lifestyle the more I enjoy moving and seeing new places.”

This is something that I think we all deal with from time to time. I know we sure have. We love our kids and grandkids, parents, and other family members, and we cherish our time with them, but we didn’t get into the fulltime RV lifestyle to sit still, we did it because we love traveling, seeing new places, and revisiting favorite places again. It’s always hard to balance one against the other.

We try to have quality time with our family members when we visit them, and there are always tears and regrets when it’s time to go on down the road. It never gets any easier, but we are comforted knowing that the road runs in both directions, and we will return again.

The same mobile lifestyle that sometimes takes us away from our family members also allows us to be with them when they need us. Several years ago, we were in Indiana when we received the news that Miss Terry’s father was facing surgery for cancer. We pointed the nose of our bus west, and were able to be in Arizona with her family until the crisis had passed, and her father was healthy again. We currently have dear friends who are off the road in Missouri, dealing with health issues with an aging parent. They called the other day to tell us that they were suffering with a bad case of hitch itch, but were glad they can be there when they are needed.

How about you? How do you handle the conflicted emotions between your love for your family and your love for travel?   

On another topic, some of you who will be attending our Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, Ohio in September have asked if we will have an RV tech on hand. Kevin and Marla Mallory, owners of Cruising America RV Service Company, which is located in Celina, will be vendors at the rally, and Kevin is an expert tech. You can contact Kevin by phone at (419) 852-0791, or by e-mail at cruisingamericarv@frontier.com to  pre-schedule work before, during, or after the rally, so he can block out time for you on his schedule.

We’re getting hitch itch, too. Our time here in the Pacific Northwest is drawing to a close. Terry hasn’t been feeling well the last few days, and we spent yesterday at home, getting some chores done around the motorhome in anticipation of our cross country trip back toward the Midwest, where we have doctor appointments to get out of the way, a new issue of the Gypsy Journal to get printed and mailed out, and family to see before we head to Celina for the rally.We’ve got about ten weeks before the rally, and while that sounds like a long time, it’s going to go fast!

I also managed to write another 5,000 words or so in the sequel to my Big Lake mystery novel, and Bad Nick posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled No Problem, We’ll Send Him Back. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – The real measure of our wealth is how much we’d be worth if we lost all our money.

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  4 Responses to “We All Get Hitch Itch”

  1. This is such a timely subject. Last year we were called off the road several times and returned to Louisiana to assist in the care of Leonard’s mother, who died in September.

    This year we had planned to summer in the Dakotas but while in Houston in early June realized we needed to return to NJ due to the illness of my mother. We had just one week to visit with her as she died 4 weeks ago today.

    We are so grateful that we had the flexibilty to go where needed and were able to assist and spend time with our mothers before their passings.

    And on the flip side, we have been able to attend graduations, birthdays, etc. with our children and grandchildren spread out in five states – NJ, MD, TX, LA, AL.
    It works for us!

  2. While we are not fulltimers, we travel 8 months of the year. For many years we always spent the winter in Florida. My Dad was alive then. He was a super guy. So our compromise was to spend the 4 months of the winter in Florida visiting my Dad. When on the road, I called my Dad every day. Yes, every day. That was a real challenge. But he enjoyed the calls from places like Labrador, Alaska, a sail boat off Key West. It kept us connected. I sure would have liked to have Skype and the web cam calls you can now make. It would have even been more personal. I don’t feel guilty because we included him in our lives whether we were on the road or in Florida. I have so many wonderful memories of my time with him.

    Because we are now RVing we can visit my other family more often. While we were working we didn’t feel we had time to visit family very often. Now we stop by Kansas, Maine, Texas every year to see family. We actually see family more now than earlier in our lives.

    I don’t buy the argument that RVing takes you away from family. With RVing I see more opportunity to visit family and friends because we are mobile. If someone needs us, we just pick up and move there. When family and friends are busy with school or work we can go our own way and see them again when they have time for us. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  3. Hitch itch drives me completely crazy. Family reasons are better than one dang thing after another and it is out of your control. It’s been “just another two weeks” since the middle of April ( a series of eye surgeries) and we can only “suck it up”, “count my blessings” and ” make the best of it ” for so long . We are going to drive each other crazy.

  4. We took to the road fulltime in Sept. ’05. The first leg was taking Carolyn’s 92 year old mother back to Winnipeg to visit her husbands Canadian cousins. In Sept. ’06 she flew to RI where we took her through the New England states for the fall colors. In Jan. ’07, Carolyn flew home from Orlando to take care of her and her housemate when they both were having health problems. I picked Carolyn up in Idaho that April. When we got back to the NW in June of ’08, moms health had really started to fail quickly. We moved back into a rental house that we had, hated to loose the good renters, and spent the winter with her. We lost her on her 96th. birthday the first of march in ’09. Yes, it was hard being away from her and our 2 sets of kids and grandkids, but spend quality time with them during our summers back here in the NW. We really cherish the time we were able to take her mom on both the motorhome and on the sailboat that we previously had. But have to admit, hitchitch can only be scratched one way!!

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