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Jun 102011

Yesterday started with some bad news. Our friend Paul Anderson, had been hospitalized after suffering cardiac arrest almost two weeks ago, and he came home under hospice care. Paul passed away early yesterday morning. Paul was an easy going guy who always had a smile on his face, who loved the RV lifestyle, never complained about his health issues, and never met a stranger. Rest in peace, dear friend. We miss you already.  

Paul Anderson  

I spent most of the last two days pounding the keyboard, working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. By the end of yesterday evening, I had ten out of 36 pages done. A good start.

Some people have been asking me when, and if, I’ll have a sequel to my mystery Big Lake, and if so, when will it be out. Yes, I have something in the works, but writing a novel isn’t the same as writing a blog, or even a newspaper, as far as that goes. But I’m always working at my various projects.

I took a break mid-day to run to the post office, and our mail had arrived. So we’ll probably leave here today, and go up to the Elks lodge in Newport. Or maybe not. I’ll know what I decided by this time tomorrow. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll have faster service on our Verizon air card there. Even though we have full bars of 3G signal here in Florence, the service is really slow. Overall, Verizon service is better than AT&T’s in most places, but I have seen a steady slowdown in service over the last year or two, just about anywhere in the country we have been traveling. Many other RVers tell me they have been experiencing the same deterioration in speeds.

The other day somebody sent me a link to the Stamp Pad, the newsletter for the National Park Travelers Club. Members of the club are dedicated to visiting our nation’s National Parks and National Historic Sites, and as part of their travels, collect stamps in their National Parks Passport books. I don’t belong to the club, but I have been filling up my Passport book ever since we started RVing. After reading the sample of the Stamp Pad, with its in-depth coverage of National Parks and Historic Sites, I think I’ll have to join.

I worked on the new issue of the paper until about 10:30 p.m., then stopped to write this blog, and to post a new self-publishing blog about our e-book sales numbers to this point. It’s been almost three weeks since I uploaded my mystery novel Big Lake to the Amazon Kindle bookstore, and since then I have added four non-fiction books, and overall sales have been very good. I appreciate the support of all of you who have downloaded the book, and especially those of you who have left such positive reviews on Amazon. That really helps sell books.

Thought For The Day – You are an angel. Beware of those who collect feathers.

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Nick Russell

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  8 Responses to “Pounding The Keyboard”

  1. I just heard a glowing review of Amazon’s Clearspace publishing operation. I can’t remember all the specifics, but it came out ahead of the other options for self-publishing. If nothing else, it’s another outlet for your books. I suggest you check it out at createspace.com

  2. Thanks Nick, Do look forward to you joining the club.

  3. Have you made any progress getting Big Lake up for the Nook? I keep searching for it but haven’t found it yet. They should get their act together – I’m really disappointed in them.

  4. http://www.smashwords.com/ is what many indie authors use and it sounds like Amazon is trying to emulate them. Why lock yourself into Amazon, who is sure to limit where your distribution?

  5. JerrieLea,
    At this point, I won’t be publishing with Barnes & Noble for the Nook. They have too many hoops to jump through and make it too difficult to get set up wth them. I will directly supply Nook owners with a PDF version of the book for now.

  6. We believe we see a slow down in Verizon mostly when we’re in an area where there is likely to be high usage–RV parks and truck stops. There are just too many of us who think Verizon is the superior carrier and they/we use too much bandwidth.

  7. Nick,

    We abandoned Verizon for internet service last winter and went with Millenicom. I’m still paying $60 a month but they gave me a new air card (January sign up special). The maximum is 20 gigs a month and the speed has been fantastic compared to what I was getting with Verizon.

    I found out later that with the plan I’m using, I’m also using Verizon towers. (But my service seems better now.) Apparently different plans use different service providers.

    One needs the 20 gigs because with the extra speed, we burn more bits since I can almost watch online video. In May, we burned 19 gigs because we were watching the Decorah (Iowa) Eagle Cam (obviously too much). One morning in early April, mother eagle had a half inch of snow on her, but she did protect and saved the three eaglets, only 1 week old!.


  8. Nick,

    Its great to hear that another long-time passport holder has found us! I look forward to welcoming you to our Club – and hope that you’ll enjoy using resources like the Master List and Master Map of stamp locations to keep adding new stamps to your adventures! And thank you for the nice compliments about The Stamp Pad! If anyone else is interested in checking out a sample issue, you can click here.


    John D. Giorgis
    President, NPTC

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