Jun 222011

Today is Miss Terry’s birthday, so before I do anything else, I want to wish her a very, very happy birthday. I love you very much, my darling. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

We started yesterday off with a visit to the Tillamook Air Museum, a former World War II airship base, from which blimps patrolled the coast, in search of Japanese submarines which preyed upon American vessels and released balloon bombs to drift over the mainland. The museum’s huge blimp hanger is the largest wooden structure in the world.

Air Museum

Inside the hanger is an impressive collection of thirty vintage military aircraft; everything from a fork tailed P-38 Lightning (top), to a Douglas Invader (center), and a German Messerschmitt (below). 

P38 4

Douglas Invader 2

Messerschmitt 2

The museum also has a beautiful old Douglas DC-3, which saw military service as a C-47, and remains one of the most popular aircraft in history.

Douglas DC3

After touring the museum, we drove back to the Elks campground, got the motorhome ready for travel, and hit the road.

The trip up U.S. Highway 101 was slow and bumpy. As much as we love the scenery along the Oregon coast, from the California border on the south, to the Columbia River on the north, the highway is one of the roughest we have traveled in all of our time on the road.

It was a beautiful day with a clear blue sky overhead, but a thick cloud bank hung over the coast, making a line about halfway down the mountains.

Cloud bank 2

Cloud bank 3

I drove the motorhome to within sight of the Astoria-Megler Bridge in Astoria, and then Miss Terry took the wheel and drove across the bridge, while I kept my eyes closed and tried very hard not to snivel until we were safely on the other side. It sure is good having a wife who can carry the load for me when I wimp out, and who doesn’t even laugh at my weaknesses. Well, not out loud, at least! 🙂

Astoria bridge washington side 5

A short drive later, we were pulling into the Long Beach Thousand Trails campground, where we got a nice, level 50 amp back-in RV site. The internet service is slow, but steady so far, and our rooftop satellite TV dish was able to lock onto a good signal. The biggest drawback is that the mosquitoes here are as big as hummingbirds, and as bloodthirsty as wolves! I swear that the one that landed on my forehead was carrying a canteen, and filled it with my blood. Poor Miss Terry tried to smack it, and sprained her wrist on the darned thing! 

We got parked and hooked up, and a short time later Bill Joyce and Diane Melde came by to welcome us and sat around visiting for a while. This is a regular stop for Bill and Diane, so they were able to fill us in on the local attractions, eateries, and things to do.

A couple of hours later, Greg and Jan White arrived, and the six of us went to dinner at Dooger’s, a seafood restaurant that has several locations on the Oregon and Washington coast. We have eaten at Dooger’s in the past and always enjoyed it, but this time around we were disappointed in the food and the service. The clam chowder was wonderful, but my steamer clams were bland and cold, and Terry’s Cajun seafood plate was greasy, with the razor clam just a little tougher than an old combat boot, and it was all cold. our waitress was friendly, but I had to ask twice for a refill of my Pepsi. The bill was about three times what the meal was worth, in our opinion, and we won’t be going back.

But that’s okay, there are lots of other places we’re looking forward to trying out! And we’ll choose one for Terry’s special birthday dinner tonight!

Thought For The Day – A ship in a harbor is safe. But that is not what ships are built for.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  31 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Miss Terry!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Terry! We really look forward to seeing you again in September.
    The museum was one of my favorite visits out there. I love the old planes and the history. We miss not getting back west this year, but we are staying mostly east and middle this summer.
    Enjoy Washington and the rest of your travels.

  2. Happy birthday Miss Terry, and many happy returns!

  3. To Terry,

    Have a wonderful day, Sweetie. We love you!

  4. A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Terry. Hope to see you guys in Ohio this fall.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Terry

  6. Happy Birthday Miss Terry! Enjoy your special day!

  7. Happy Birthday to Terry, and Nick, she doesn’t need a mosquito as a reason to hit you on the head!


  8. Nick,you do know if the bridge is going to fall it doesn’t matter who the driver is?


  9. Terry, here’s our wish for you to have a very Happy Birthday! Hope to see both of you in Celina this fall.

  10. Happy Birthday Terry. I have half a booth at FMCA in Madison for ya if you want to burn lots of fuel and time for a break from the beautiful NW — since you like their rallies so much NOT

  11. Happy Birthday Terry!!! Another great year. Enjoy.

    Jean and John

  12. Oh no .. mosquitoes are really that big and that hungry?? We have loved the Dooger’s in the past. Their clam chowder usually is amazing. However, maybe we’ll just bypass it this year and hope they get new staff. Since mosquitoes aren’t really our thing, we’ll just leave them to you to clear out of the park before we return there. Perhaps, we’ll head to the Seaside TTN after we pull out of the Bremerton Elks.

  13. Happy Birthday Terry! Sometimes ya gotta smack them critters with your fist. LOL!

  14. Birthday wishes to Miss Terry. Hope it’s a great day and an even better year to follow.

  15. Happy Birthday Terry! Hope you have a great day. We will be heading to Oregon next week, so we are enjoying reading about your travel in Oregon.

    Barb and Roger Maxey

  16. Happy Birthday Terry. I did not know I was only “1 day” older than you. I hope you have a wonderfull day.

  17. We have been at Doogers in two different cities in Oregon and have always loved their food. If fact we were there just last month. We have always had excellent service and food. They have about the best razor clams that we have ever had. Maybe you just hit an off day.

  18. Happy birthday, Terry. I hope it’s an extra special day for an extra special person.
    We have decided 101 is too rough for our motorhome so we try to only drive it with the Explorer. We long ago decided Doogers didn’t appeal to us–too pricey for what we got.

  19. Happy Birthday Terry, have a wonderful day. Sounds like the mosquitoes are related to the ones in Oklahoma, just ask Mike. All men need a smack in the head once in a while. Say hi to Greg and Jan. Stay safe

  20. Happy Birthday to Miss Terry, and many more!

    Nick, your whole “sniveling” deal about driving over bridges is a wonderful thing for you to admit so freely, especially when contrasted to the incident where you smashed the RV’s door on an armed burglar trashing your home.


    Snivel all you need to, but know that a number of your readers realize that “when push comes to shove”, you defended yourself and your wife MASTERFULLY.

    And, in the great scheme of things, that’s just powerful.

    Best wishes to you both, today and always!

  21. Happy Birthday Terry! Have a great day,,,

  22. I’ll add mine….Happy Birthday Terry!

  23. We were planning a trip up the Oregon coast this year, but your reviews have all been so negative that now my husband doesn’t want to go. Don’t you ever have anything positive to say about the places you go? There has to be more to the trip than bad roads and rain and dark clouds.

  24. You are a very complex man Nick Russell. You paddle an inflatable kayak in Florida waters full of alligators. A while back you beat up a younger bigger man who pointed a gun at you and yet you go weak in the knees at the sight of a bridge. I’m thinking that you would be an interesting case study for a psychologist. 🙂

    I have never been in a life or death struggle, but I love thrills like hang gliding and skydiving. However, I am terrified of crickets and lighting bugs. I mean I am run inside and lock the doors terrified if I see one, and if there is a cricket inside my house, I’ll call the exterminators and have them fog the place until the paint peels off the walls.

    I guess we would both be an interesting case study. Maybe we can get a 2 for 1? 🙂

  25. Denise,
    There is a LOT more to the trip than bad roads and dark clouds. Have you seen all of the many photos we’ve shared? Or the comments about how beautiful it is along the coast? It’s a trip everybody should have on their bucket list.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that the highay is in poor condition in some places, that it does rain, and get gloomy. There is a good and bad side to most things, and I try to report on both so my readers will know what to expect.

  26. Hope Nick takes you to a really special place for dinner, because you are really a very special gal! A word to Denise, read more blogs from people who are doing the Oregon coast.. Nick has a very balanced view of the roads and scenery, we think! Jeannie from whereseldo.blogspot.com

  27. Happy Birthday to you Miss Terry. Nick does realize what a LUCKY GUY he is catching you in his net. By the way, the camera is absolutely fantastic and I am having a field day taking pictures. It has renewed my interest in the photograpy field. Thanks again.
    I agree with the road situation on US 101, but all things considered, it doesn’t hold a candle to the PA/OH Turnpikes, and you get the privilege of paying a high price for them.

    Ocean Blue at Gino’s, 808 Bay Blvd in Newprt has far better crab cakes than Pier 101, and cheaper. But, if I can get you back to the Chesapeake Bay area in Maryland, I’ll get you some REAL CRAB CAKES Miss Terry.

    Keep up the great work on the paper Nick, and continue to tell it like it is.

  28. Happy birthday to you, Miss Terry! We’re looking forward to meeting you at the Celina rally.

  29. Happy Birthday, Terry!! You probably don’t know me, but I feel like I know you guys a lot. Been to 2 Rally, but so have hundreds of others. We are in Eugene and wanted to go to the coast and say hi, but you guys move too fast. Unfortunately I think you came 6 weeks or 2 months too early. Then you would have seen more sun. I agree, Oregon coast is beautiful, we spent the winter there this year. Also, Terry, you take the most wonderful, professional looking pictures. If I knew it was only the good camera, I’d buy one, but I think it takes a llittle more than just a good camera. I love all the pictures you put on the blog. I love you both.

  30. Happy Birthday, Terry. You also don’t know me, but I feel like I know both of you from Nick’s blog and from two Rallys. I love the review of Oregon and your recipes. See you in Ohio.

  31. Thanks to all of you for the great birthday wishes. Today was a beautiful day, spent with wonderful friends, touring some of the most fantasic scenery in the Northwest, starting and ending my day with my best and dearest friend of all, my husband, Nick.
    You all are not just my friends, but my family. I love you, too!

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