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Jun 052011

Yesterday was a much shorter driving day than Friday was, just 113 miles. It was shorter in miles, but it wasn’t a quick trip.

We left the Elks lodge in Eureka about 9:30, and stopped for fuel at a Texaco station a few blocks away that had a separate diesel fuel island, and looked like it had easy access in and out. Well, it did, except for the guy in the pickup who had already filled his tank, then sat there talking on his phone so I couldn’t get to the easy access island. So I pulled to the one on the other side, and then he moved! Go figure.

Diesel was $4.47 a gallon. Ouch! But I was below half a tank, and I don’t like to get too low. Unfortunately, it was one of those dumb places that would only allow me to pump $100, and then I had to put my card in and restart it again. When it cut me off at $100 the second time, I said the heck with it. That gave me plenty for now, and I’ll buy more someplace where they make it easier on the customer. Yeah, I’ve heard the arguments that it’s not the station’s fault, it’s the bank’s. I don’t care, there are other places where it doesn’t happen, and I can buy as much as I need with less hassle.

We drove north on U.S. Highway 101, passing through miles of dense redwood forests. If the legendary creature sasquatch really does exist, I can see why it would be hard to find him in this lush country.

Redwoods and sharp turn

We didn’t see Bigfoot, but Miss Terry got this neat picture of a Stellar’s Jay at one of our stops.


Just as on Friday, in some places the road was divided four lane, and in others it was just two twisty lanes. But unlike Friday, the rain held off and I could use my exhaust brake on the steep downgrades, including several 6 and 7% hills. We were in no hurry and wanted to enjoy the scenery, so we pulled over several times to let faster traffic get past us.

US 101 4 lane 

Twisty US 101

Before long, we started seeing beautiful views of the Pacific coast. This is some of the prettiest scenery in the world, in my opinion. We pulled over in a couple of places just to soak it all in.

Pacific Coast 2

California beach 2

A little south of Orick, there is a wide parking area where RVs were allowed to boondock years ago. But squatters moved in and set up housekeeping, staying for months on end. So the rules have changed, and now you can’t park there after 11 p.m. I’d love to have parked there a night or two, just for the view, and to hear the waves lulling me to sleep.

Orrick US 101 2

The redwoods aren’t the only giants around  here! This Paul Bunyan statue at Trees of Mystery in Klamath is over 49 feet tall, and weighs over 30,000 pounds.

Paul Bunyan

Babe, his pet blue ox, is 35 feet tall at the tip of his horns.

Babe Blue Ox

Besides offering a tour through the redwoods, Trees of Mystery also has a nice gift shop, and one of the best museums of Native American artifacts we have ever seen.


The museum is free, and includes everything from ornately beaded buckskin dresses, to baskets and cradleboards. It is well worth the stop.

Buckskin dress 2

Cradleboard display

We crossed into Oregon and arrived at the Brookings Elks lodge about 2 p.m. This is a nice lodge. We got a back in RV site with 30 amp electric, water, and a dump station, all for $18 a night. The lodge even has WiFi, and a laundry for RV guests! There are only two other RVs here, and one of them belongs to Bob and Gretchen Mattison, who were at our rally in Yuma in March. Small world, huh?

Brookings Ek lodge 2

As we were coming into town, we saw some folks holding a car wash to raise money for Relay for Life. Our Explorer was filthy, so once we got the motorhome parked and hooked up, we drove back and had them wash several hundred miles of road grime off the SUV. Hey, it’s for charity, and I don’t have to do it. Everybody wins!

Car Wash 2

When we’re in a new town, we always ask the locals for advice on places to eat, and the folks at the car wash recommended Sporthaven Marina, on the waterfront. They said it was a mom and pop place, with great food, and they were right! The restaurant won the 2009 and 2001 Oregon Coast Chowder Cook-Off, and after having a bowl with her shrimp tacos, Terry said she understood why. I had a seafood platter, that included fish, two kinds of shrimp, and calamari strips. Yummy! And I couldn’t finish it all. We put Sporthaven Marina on our “go back to” list!

After we finished eating, we walked along the marina for a while, admiring all of the boats, and stopping at a few vendor stalls selling arts and crafts.

Brookings marina 2

Brookings marina

It started to rain, so we called it a day and returned to the motorhome, where we had a quiet evening watching TV and relaxing.

Today we’ll just take it easy, maybe do some exploring locally, and then Monday we’ll probably start heading north again. We have reservations at the NACO campground in Florence starting Tuesday, and that’s only 150 miles, so we’re in no rush. Once we get there, I have to get the new issue of the Gypsy Journal finished, and then it’s time to relax and play for a while.

Thought For The Day – When creating husbands, God promised women that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of the world. And then he made the earth round. That God – he’s such a kidder.

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  12 Responses to “Eureka To Brookings”

  1. We have stayed twice in that rv park just south of the wide spot outside of Orick. Elk come thru the park early in the morning. One nite we had the windows open and i heard a noise. Looked outside and i had a cow elk that was eating the grass next to our rear tire. I could have reached out and touched her from my bed. This fall they were just starting to go into the rut and the bulls were starting to put on a show.

  2. thank you both for sharing your trip with us. we were going to head that way working our way from AZ to Michigan, but had to change our plans because of my illness. we plan to do it next summer after the rally in AZ. We love the sights along the coast it is breathtaking. be safe

  3. We have not seen that American Indian museum, and we’re sure it is wonderful. Have you ever been to the Amerind Foundation museum between Benson and Dragoon? It is fabulous also.

    Paul Bunyan and Babe have been standing there a long time. We visited them on our honeymoon 51 years ago. They are in pretty good shape for such old guys!

  4. We traveled those roads last year and visited some of the places you have mentioned. The clam chowder was great! Reading this post sure brought back memories!

  5. Don”t wait to late in the day when you move to TT in Florence as there are only a few sites with good access to satellites. And it a favorite for ATV owners who use the sand dunnes for recreation. Hope tou have better weather than we did as it was completely socked for most of the time we were there two years ago.

    Good luck!

  6. Ok, OK, now I can really taste Oregon. Keep the sweet details, pictures and perspectives coming!!!!! Weather commentary is welcome, too, and what the air smells like.

    Remember, Port Orford, The Crazy Norwegian, Gold Beach, Lake Side . Let us know what you like/dislike along that route.

    Also, don’t know if you are planning to route out near McMinville, OR, just SW of Portland but that is where the Spruce Goose now lives in the Evergreen International Aviation in McMinville, Oregon. Talk about a did it himself wooden RV, Howard Hughes built and flew it in 1947, but I am sure you already know all that.

    Be a shame to miss it if you’ve never seen it.

    Please try to enjoy it all (in between the pictures and narratives of the area) all up that coastline.

  7. Small world Nick, we know the Mattison’s from San Diego and the SMART Chapter that we belonged to down there. If you happen to see them again, give them our best.

    We traveled the same route that you are on in 2008 and really enjoyed it. Want to go back and see all the things that you are showing me that we missed.

    Safe travels to you both and continue the excellent pictures and narrative.

    Russ & Patty Frady

  8. Hey we thought Paul Bunyan and Babe were from MN – so those must be their cousins!

  9. We are planning to go up Rt 101 this summer. Thanks for all information of places to stop and see. We don’t belong to the Elks or TT, are there other not to expensive camp grounds in the area?

  10. Emery, I can’t tell you about the smells, since I have almost no sense of smell, but I’ll do my best to fill you in on the rest. We plan to see the Spruce Goose while we’re in the area.

    Joan, there are not a lot of free campgrounds in this area, but there are some nice Passport America parks along US 101 in northern California. Also, there are some casinos that allow RVs to dry camp overnght, and check out our fairgrounds camping book for more low cost ideas.

  11. I’ve got to say, you sure take good pictures!

  12. Terry gets the cedit for that, Dave. She’s the photographer in the family.

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